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The entire room echoed with a loud bang..... as Lucius slammed his fists on the table with rage.

His heart was in turmoil, as he felt like someone was trying to take something extremely valuable from him.

Blood slowly trickled down his arms, as he had hit the table so hard from Fury.

He had waited more than 15 years just to get what he truly desired the most.

And now..... someone who had previously caused her harm, dared to show his face in front of her again?


His heartbeat speeded up immensely, as his emotions went between rage and anxiousness.

Even though he had eventually succeeded in wooing Kim, he still had a bit of a fear deep in his heart.

He was confident that she didn't love Alec Barn, but no matter what, they had a child together..... and most times, this fact alone could complicate matters even further.

Why the hell did that clown think of seeing her just before his wedding?


His every muscle clenched tightly, as he wanted to smash something so badly.

He also knew that Kim felt for Alec was fear and not love..... as when she was within his presence, she would even find it hard to breathe just from seeing him.

But Lucius also knew that it was time for her to take a stance as well.

She was the Queen Mother now, so..... it was only natural for her to speak to him eye to eye.

She had to face her demons and overcome her fear.


Lucius breathed in and out in a steady pace, as he tried to steady his racing heart.

Landon on the other hand, sat there quietly, and took in all of Lucius' expressions.

When the system had told him about the secret conversations Alec had with his advisers.... Landon thought it really funny.

This father of his was truly a first class clown.

What in God's name would make him think that they would welcome him back with open arms?


He smiled as he thought about the fact that his half-siblings were also coming as well.

Things were soon going to get more and more interesting.

But without a doubt, the wedding had to happen before they arrived here.

More precisely, it would have to commence within the next 2 months.

From the information he had paid to get through the system, the earliest Alec woukd be here..... was in late August.

So.... he had this June and July to get it down properly.


As Queen Mother, mother Kim's wedding had to be well planned..... with a 6 day celebratory scenario.

This was because the person she was marrying, also had to pledge his allegiance to Baymard.

So Lucius alsk had to have a title ceremony, where he would pledge to the people as well.


Also, before the actual wedding, they had to drive through every corner within Baymard..... as well as visit each establishment too, including schools, hospitals and so on.

From all these activities, the wedding itself wasn't the stressful part that the couple had to worry about.

But rather.... it was the other activities that came before or after the ceremony, that were seen as real time consumers.


And let's not even talk about preparing for a royal wedding.

Mother Kim's needed several unique royal gowns for all those activities, as well as the actual wedding itself.

They also needed a  massive supply of flowers  decorations and so on.

Plus every corner within Baymard needed to be decorated during those 6 days as well.


As for their honeymoon.... one should know that these people in this era really didn't have one.

They just simply got married and went straight into their husband's houses.

But ever since Landon had arrived here and modified the people's out take on marriage... even the citizens had now started planning their honeymoon trips.


One could take a leave from work for 9 days at most..... and plan their honeymoon trips right.

Some people would book the most expensive suites in Baymard and receive special honeymoon services.

While others moved into their new homes, and instead.... took the time to go through all of Baymard's touristic sites.


Of course with the new cruise ships now in service, many people had chosen to cruise to Carona, stay there for a bit of sightseeing..... before finally heading back just in time for work.

They chose the coastal city, as they were afraid that if they went to other cities, they might miss their booked Transportation back.... and eventually come late for work.

For some, they just did a trip back and forth... never leaving the ships.... as they had no desire to leave the ship at all.


Anyway.... Landon had previously asked mother Kim what she wanted to do for her honeymoon, and her first thought was to take a cruise to Carona and back.

Landon totally agreed with her, as he felt that if they were going to get 'physical' and let out all their steam..... then he didn't need to hear all that!

It was better for them to go crazy on a cruise that had good sound proof rooms.... and coupled with the sounds of the ships and the ocean's waves, who could really hear a thing?


This had also left Landon with another thought as well... and that was to locate the Duo in another private corner of the castle, that had its own stairway, living space, bedrooms and so on.

It was best for them to live as husband and wife far away from him and Lucy.


After successfully calming down, Lucius took out his handkerchief and gently wiped off the blood that had been trickling down his hands.

"So.... does your mother know that he's coming?" Lucius asked, while taking his seat once more.


But I think that it's best for her to know now..... so that she can prepare for his coming."

"Hmhm..... you just leave that to me.

I'll handle it from here.

But during that time-frame, the number of guards around her must also be doubled as well.... just in case he wants to forcefully make a move on her." Lucius said with disgust.


When it concerned Alec.... he had no respect for the man at all!!

When they were younger, he used to be a soldier and a close friend to Alec's brother... Oden Barn.

In truth, it was due to Oden's support that he had quickly rose up the ranks.


Yes!!.... talent was important, but having luck and meeting the right people also contributed to one's success as well.

But with Oden's death, he says forced to work under Alec and fight battles for the man.

And the only reason why he did so... was because was thinking of Arcadina's greater good.

All in all, he couldn't care less about that former king of his.

With Landon being his new king, why should he still care about Alec's opinions?


"We also need to tighten up security around the palace, as well as around Baymard in general during that time frame.

None of my so-called siblings are also trust worthy as well.

During this time, the police should be more strict and active than ever before.

I want no kidnapping or danger brought onto of innocent civilians during that time-frame as well.

Also... they are not to be given any special treatment just because they are related to me.

Only treaty signed nations can have such privileges.

Other royals or nobles should get in line just like everyone else."



They spoke for a while more.... and came up with more security measures that Baymard would undertake within that time period.

And by the end of it all, Lucius hurriedly went to see mother Kim within the school premises with a bouquet flowers..... as he had truly missed her dearly.

He was like a teenager, who was going for his first date ever.


Sure..... he and Kim went on dates frequently... but this was the first time that they had stayed away from each other for so long during their relationship.

In fact, even when they weren't dating, Lucius had always been by her and Landon's side... guarding them ever since they could remember.

So this was the first time that they had taken several months apart from each other.

So how could Lucius not be nervous?

He didn't even say goodbye to Landon, as he quickly left the barracks in a love-struck manner.


On the same wavelength as Lucius, Landon also went to the castle to make preparations towards his own personal matters.

Today, he had a well planned date with Lucy... so everything needed to be perfect!!


He had booked half of the park just for today.

As well as gotten the place entirely decorated.

He had also planned a canoe ride on the lake at the center as well.... just in case they got bored of walking.

In short... he hadalready planned everything out since last week.

Now.... he just wanted to see if everything was prepared and ready to go.


When he thought about Lucy's drop dead smile..... he couldn't help but giggle foolishly.

It's been 2 years and a few months since they've been together.

And although he usually ran all around Baymard daily.... a large chunk of his heart was always with her no matter where he went.