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 Landon quickly made his way towards the Coastal port, as he had just been told that Lucius' team had arrived with more slaves, bags of money, food and so on.

Well, Lucius' squad was one of the teams that went to the empire of Deiferus.

And so far, all teams from there had already returned within these past 2 months.

But Lucius' team was sent towards the furthest camp, so they could only arrive now.


As for those that went to the empire of Yodan, only 1 team out of all the rest had arrived.

And from the distance to and fro each camp, and type of ship they had used.... most of them would be coming back around early September up till late November.

But of course all that was for the future, as right now... one of the most important points to Landon, was that Lucius was back!!!


Arriving at the Coastal region, he immediately went to the harbor..... so as to welcome the new refugees into Baymard.

They all looked amazed but somewhat frightened, as they didn't know if those that rescued them would truly keep their word or not.

This was a risk that some of them were willing to take.


Of course few of them had chosen to stay in Deiferus, as they never wanted to be slaves any more.

They were scared that Baymard would force them into slavery again.

Luckily, a large chunk of them had chosen to come instead, as they felt like these saviours of theirs seemed somewhat different from all the rest that they had met.


And to make matters even more convincing, these soldiers had given each of them enough money to pay for 2 months rent in Baymard, as well as feed.

So call them naive or too trusting, bug they were simple people.... who had hope lingering in their hearts daily.

As a poor person, one had to have hope to see a better tomorrow.


The slaves clung to each other and stepped out of all 13 ships in a daze.

This empire of Baymard was nothing like what their Deiferus empire looked like.

Its harbor, its building, and even the clothing choices worn by the workers, was all high end in their minds.... and looked even better than those worn by some nobles in Deiferus.


"W... where exactly is this empire?

Are we still within the Pyno continent?"

"Look at everyone else?

Do you think that we would get to wear such clothes as well?"


Look at those big ships over there that is made out of metal "

"Heavens!!.... it looks like a floating palace."


As the slaves came down, some of the workers quickly directed them away from the harbor, so as to give room for the visitors there.

And while all this was going on, all the spoils of war were also brought out of the ships.

Be it the bags of grains and seeds that had been placed in not less than 300 sacks, or the animals in metal cages, and even the bags of coins that were more than 200 as well.... everything was taken down and accounted for properly.


The returning soldiers on the other hand... had enough rest on the ships, so they had to go for a quick Briefing right now.

As they moved, the tourists and guests all marveled at how heroic they all looked.

They moved like a single unit with their legs moving in perfect timing, as it synchronized by an unheard beat.

'Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!'

They followed this beat, while maintaining straight lines, as they passed through the crowd that subconsciously gave way for them.

Im short, their entire entrance... coupled with their identical boots and camouflage outfits, truly astounded the eyes of many visitors there.



Look at how disciplined they are?

No one has even missed a step ever since they moved."

"Hmhm.... their leg movements are all the same.

Truly amazing to watch!"

"You see son, this is what real men should aspire to be like!!

One should always have enough discipline in them at all times."

"Daddy!... Daddy!...Are they the knights of Baymard?"

"Honey..... what has daddy told you?

They are called soldiers and not knights."

"Okay.... but what do soldiers do then?"



As the visitors kept pointing and talking about the soldiers.... the main stars of the show were currently walking towards a massive conference hall within the Coastal Port, while keeping their soldier-images in check for all to see.

But once they sat in the hall, they soon dropped their tough man act and kept smiling proudly... as they truly felt like kissing the ground.

There was really no place like home.


"Boys!.... we made it!!"

"Ahh!.... I've missed this place like crazy!!"

"Since we will be given a 3 week-vacation from completing our mission.... what do you guys say to going to our usual spot on Friday and seeing what new foods are available?"

"I agree!"

"I second that!!!

This is Baymard after all, so of course there'll be new foodstuffs available now.

It would be a real shame if we don't have a taste, you know?"



The soldiers all gisted away about how much they missed Baymard, as all they wanted to do now....  was eat a proper Baymardian meal, get on their nice warm beds, and have the best sleep of their lives.

Sure  they slept on the ships, but nothing could compare to their Baymardian beds.

At least those ones weren't made of straw, and didn't poke them while they slept.

In truth, this mission had really made them appreciate how comfortable their lives were in Baymard.

And this sense of security was something that they took deep pride in.


Some of the soldiers also discussed the articles in the newspapers piled around one corner of the hall.


Look at this newspaper here!!

It says that we got attacked a while ago."


We were attacked again?

Wait!!..... what does it say about the battle attacks?"

"Ermm... it doesn't go deep into the attacks that we used.

It only speaks about the bravery of the soldiers, as well as the general battle state.

It truly draws one in, as if it were a novel or something, as it only focuses on what the enemy, as well as the soldiers thought of or felt at that moment.

Of course since his majesty was leading the attacks, one wouldn't expect any less from the battle" one soldier replied proudly.

"Well..... it makes sense that they didn't give out our mode of attack.

After all, why would we tell any future   enemies that we use missiles and cannons?"

"Yeah... yeah... I agree!!"



As the men waited in the hall, Landon on the other hand, had already calmed the hearts of the new refugees.... and sent them on their way to the upper region.

They would stay in that refugee estate, and tomorrow, they would register and get their identity cards made.

Of course the day after that, those that didn't need medical treatments would be given jobs.... so as to provide them with a stable source of income while staying here.


With the theater undergoing construction, now was the right time to start training several new acts for the shows, as well as those that would perform on the cruises as well.

And with the construction of the Museum and others nearing completion.... Landon indeed needed a lot of staff workers for the job.

Of course in all of this, he had allowed for them to volunteer for positions within the army, marines, and other battle groups.... As well as safety and health jobs like firefighting, hospital trainees, caretakers and so on.


After dealing with everything else, as well as talking briefly with the soldiers.... Landon and Lucius soon drove back towards the barracks for their own private meeting.

Lucius detaily gave Landon a run down of what happened in his mission, as well as gave a detailed report that he had spent time writing throughout his journey back in ship.

And later on, they also discussed the war that went down within Baymard.... as well as the fact that Riverdale city was now under the command of Landon.


"Hahahhahhahah..... brat!!

Using these weapons on an actual enemy is so different from using them during training.

I have to admit..... this trip was exactly what I needed.

The men and myself have gained so much experience this time.

And even though a handful of them ended up with severe sword injuries from surprise enemy attacks, it was still a great experience for them overall.

Ohh.... and I left the note you previously gave me under a dagger.... after we had rescued everyone there.

By now, I reckon that it shouldn't be too Long before Nopline sees the note for himself." Lucius said, while crossing his hands in front of his chest.


With this note, he's sure to go on a wild goose chase for the time being.

I'm just glad that you all were able to come back in one piece..... even if some of you had been brutally injured."

"Same here!" Lucius said, while nodding his head agreement.

"With all that said, there is an urgent matter that I have to discuss with you about.

It's about your wedding"


Speaking of important things... didn't you tell me that you had something important to tell me?

So... what is it?"