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 'This.... this..... is this real?'


George subconsciously licked his lips, as his eyes beamed out in astonishment.

"Now boarding Economy class, floor 5 for the Oasis of the Ocean.

Please step up in an orderly fashion." Said one of the boarding staffers.

The duo looked at their tickets, and even though they didn't know how to read completely... they could still make it some words here and there.


For one, it would be impossible for anyone to be completely illiterate, as they would definitely get cheated on in market areas and so on.

All they knew, where some common words and springs that were placed in goods.... as well as how to read and spell out words frequently used by merchants.

So the duo could make out some words on their tickets.


And even when they didn't fully understand anything, the lady who had previously given them the tickets, and told them all that they needed to know about their tickets.

So for sure, they knew that they were in Floor 5, Room 98.


The duo followed the line, and even passed several signs which pointed and read: 'To The Ships' on them.

They had also passed a very massive ascending structures at the back of the estate.

In essence, the last building had 2 terminals, which all ascended steadily, towards any arriving or departing ship.


Landon had used the common incline methods for cruise ships that were used back on earth.... since if he made it too steep, several people would have trouble walking through it.

In essence, the structures moved back and forth in a zigzagged manner.

With some regions being leveled, while others had a slight incline instead.


When the duo had walked up the ascending structure that read:' Departure' on it..... several of them had been amazed, as they looked through the glass and saw their ship which looked like a floating palace.

In fact, it was even bigger than that!!

Sure... they could marvel at glass.... but was that really important when compared with the ship?


The duo soon arrived at the top of the structure, and soon presented their tickets to the boarding staffers there.

Stepping onto the ship, they truly felt like they weren't within the Pyno continent anymore.

How is it possible for something like this to exist?

They had thought that those tales about the ship were lies..... but who would've known?


The duo didn't even know how they got to their rooms, because the entire time..... their minds had been completely blank from amazement.

Since they were fairly new to all this, they.... alongside a bunch of others, had all gathered around several staff members who was busy explaining how to use the keys, when free food would be served... as well as other important things to note on the trip.


"So we just stick it in, and turn it slightly tk the right for opening and left for closing?"  Asked one of the guests.

"That's correct." Replied one of the staff members on the floor.

"So we can eat as much as we want during regular meal times?

"What about if we are extremely hungry and it isn't time to eat?"

"You said that we can do this spa thingy?"


The people bombarded the staf members with questions.....  and the more the duo listened, the more excited they became.


Free food and use of other amenities?

George subconsciously held onto his bag, as he was glad that he wouldn't be using any of the noodles here.

He could just save them for future emergencies.

Standing before the door that had the same room number on their ticket, they quickly brought out their keys and turned the door knob just as they had been instructed.

Again, this ship had still left them speechless.

How was this a place for the poor?


As they walked in, they felt pumped and more alive.... as they felt themselves tremble slightly.

All mundane worried had been muted, as all that they could focus on.... was this moment.

George's smile continued to grow on it's own accord, as he himself couldn't control what he felt right now.

Everything before them was like a miracle!!

The room was painted greyish-white, and had a seashell theme to it all.... as well as several massive mirrors within it.

Looking at the mirrors, they soon jumped back in shock when they looked at their own reflections.

Why the hell was it so clear?

Or was this how it was truly supposed to be like?


One should know that with polished silver or copper surfaces one could never see more than 60% of their reflection clearly.

So this was the first time that they had ever seen themselves so clearly.

They touched their faces, just to make sure that this was really them.... before proceeding to having a room tour by themselves.


The room had 2 twin beds sitting alongside each other.... as well as beautiful bluish curtains, a seashell themed bathroom, a closet, and a massive desk before the beds that had 2 chairs there as well and was meant to be a mini workstation.

"Brother! Brother!

I want that bed!

I want that one!" Emilia yelled excitedly, while tugging on her brother's sleeves.

She felt like shouting, jumping and even running around the room... as she wanted to explore the room right down to the every last detail.

George also felt the same way, and he kept turned around in circles while observing his surroundings.


That was all he thought of right at this moment.

Long story short, they were utterly impressed with this seashell themed room.


Over the course of their 2.5 day trip..... they had eaten well, played several games, and also enjoyed multiple free amenities.

They almost had a heart attack, as everything within the ship was jaw-dropping.

And when they finally arrived at Baymard, they truly didn't want to get off the ship.

After leaving the shop, the duo looked at the ship and truly felt like their money was worth it.

After all, the most important thing for them.... was that it was comfortable as HELL!!.


On their first night, they had slept like a log.

In short, they themselves were thoroughly confused too.... ... as they themselves were shocked by how tired they were.

Of course it wasn't just them, as several other peasants had also slept like the dead during their first night here.

And just like that, the Bay-Caronian transprtarion ships had become a popular mode of Transportation within carona.


--District D, The upper Region, The Empire of Baymard--


The streets of Baymard were still as busy as ever.... as tourists, visitors and the citizens mingled within vast crowds amongst each other.

Today, the newly remodeled ranch within District D would now have multiple interactive activities within it.


With the use of cars and motorized vehicles, the horses which  were more than 4000.... now had almost no one travelling with them.

Of course, some of the horses were kept for the military.... since they might have other missions out of Baymard in future.

So with these war horses in dire need of exercise and a proper run, Landon had requested for a racing field to be made for them.

To put it in perspective, Landon wanted there to be a sports betting sector here.


For one, it would be naive for Landkn to think that people would never gamble..... because it was part of human nature.

Making deals, bets and even exchanges, were things that occurred at least twice in one's entire life.

People made bets over food, snacks, juice boxes and even gambled when playing board games as well.

Right now in Baymard, people still gambled..... as gambling had already existed ages ago.

So why not open a controlled gambling area for them?


There were many advantages with this, but the most prominent advantage.... was the fact that no one would run away with their winnings.

As sometimes when they gambled with friends and others.....  these people would deny to pay them up.

And in some cases, they would only give them half of their winnings.

But unlike all these scenarios... the Ranch's gambling branch would definitely pay up no matter what!!


Also, one shouldn't forget that horse riding was still a sport.

So within this renovation time frame, Landon had specifically requested for several riders to be trained, briefed and told what to do in terms of safety when riding horses.

They also had their sport attires sewed, as we as their helmets and other safety gets made as well.

In a week, there would only be 3 racing games..... one of Monday, the other on Thursday..... and the last on Saturday.

Again within the ranch, just beside the large dining region.... there was another section there for those with membership cards only.

In short with all the preparations done, the gambling branch within the ranch was now ready for business.


"They did a pretty good job here Tim!

Hmhm.... It's just the way I wanted it to be!!" Landon said, while looking at the racing track.

"Your majesty, I'm also impressed as well." Tim said while nodding his head in agreement.

And just as they were about to continue their discussion.... a soldier quickly walked up to them and gave a deep bow towards Landon.


"Your majesty..... Army General Lucius has returned!!"