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 --Loplin Coastal City, The Empire Of Carona--


June 10th

The last weeks of spring were in full bloom, as it prepared for Summer (on June 20th).

The spring day opened up with a gentle pace, as the sun unhurriedly spreaded its golden feathers across the city.

'Shwaaahhh!' Shwaaaaaah!' Shwaaaahhhh!'

The melodic tune of waves from the coastline, were like lullabies that calmed the minds of several people.


The Coastal city itself was busier and packed than usual.

It was clear that something had drawn over the excitement of multiple people.

The people could be seen with several sacks and metal boxes with them, as they moved within the coast.

The area was noisy and bubbling with excitment, as people gathered within a particular estate there.


"I need a ticket for 10 A.M tomorrow!"

"Please can you give me a ticket for 2 P.M today?"


I just bought my ticket!!"

"Waaahhhhh..... lucky you!!"

"Look! Look! It even has my name and even room number on it!!"

"What is that Economy thing?"

"Ohh... that's the cheapest trip there!

But from what they listed that it had.... it was still a little but extravagant to me!!"

"Ahhh... let me hurry and get my own ticket now."




They had been excited over the new Bay-Caronian Ships that have been coming to this Coastal city for over 3 weeks now.

At first, when those at the city's harbor saw the massive ship which was 5 times the size of theirs come forward..... they immediately felt like kneeling down and worshipping the structure.

How could metal float?

This had never been done before!!!


Plus the ship looked like heaven itself, so how could they not look at it with worshipping gazes?

And after fully understanding that this massive ship was a transport ship that took one to Baymard and back... they totally got excited and spread the word about what wonders they had seen.

And it wasn't just them!


The ship had come with Baymard's first group of travellers, who were heading back to Carona as well.

They excitedly spoke about how luxurious the ship was, as well as all the cool things one could do while riding on it.

Of course since the trip took 2 and a half days, they had found out that they didn't fully enjoy all the amenities.... as there wasn't much time to do so.


Some people regretted not going to the spa, while others truly wanted to go bowling, skating, shopping, swimming, game rooms, and many other cool activities.

Again, some people had also missed gym activities.... as well as missed the opportunity to use up their bar privileges, especially those in first class.


And the main reason why the missed most things, was because their rooms were too darn comfortable... as it made them sleep like a rock for an entire day.

The lavender calming scents, the serenity of the ocean's wave... and the ridiculously soft bed, made them feel like they were drifting away in a ball of fur.

They just had 2 and a half days to stay on the ships, so with 1 day gone... they still couldn't make up time to check everything out.


In fact, what surprised everyone within Carona..... was the fact that this ship could take people over to Baymard in a matter of 2.5 days.

This was truly mind blowing, as it made the people wonder what sort of men were beneath the deck rowing the ships away.

These men must've had herculean strength, if they were going to paddle continuously for 2.5 days straight.


But after they found out that no men were rowing the ships, the people were even more curious about this heavenly ship, as well as its heavenly city Baymard.

So, with all this publicity that went on... more and more people made their way to the Coastal city with each passing day.

After all, some of them had to go to Baymard for schooling.

So wasn't it wise for them to take advantage of this ship and go to Baymard earlier than the expected date?


George was currently 17 years old... had travelled alongside his sister, towards this Coastal city.

They had left their poor village with only 1 bag with them, which contained 2 extra sets of clothes for both of them, 4 sardines, a few seasoning spices, and more than 40 packs of noodles... which were extremely cheap (as 4 ramen noodles costed 1 copper count).

With 40 packs, they had decided to eat just 2 a day..... so as to make it last longer.


In total, for food... their parents had only spent 17 copper coins for everything.... which was absolutely ridiculous.

As that same price would only get 4 plates of food at most.... which would finish in 2 days, since they had 2 mouths to feed.

But with 40 packs of ramen, one had to know that this would last for more than 10 days if they wanted to be extravagant and eat 4 a day.

And one shouldn't forget that that prince also included the cost for the 4 sardines and spices which their parents had also bought.

These things were truly a life saver to them.


Alongside those items, their parents had also given them a few coins with which were just enough to pay them for their trip, pay their school entrance fees and enough to pay for  their housing needs for a week at most.

But all this didn't matter to him, as he knew that going to Baymard would definitely change his life forever!!!


He had already missed the first entrance examination for the Culinary & Bartending Academy.

So right now, he had planned to go to Baymard earlier, and prepare for the next entrance exam on July 1st..... which was just 3 weeks away.

The sooner he got there, the more time he would have to understand what the whole academy entailed.


He had heard that these exams were going to be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack.

So it was better for him to prepare himself than to be sorry.

After all, the improvement of his family's living condition..... depended on how much work he

Would put into succeeding at his first entrance examination.


As for his sister, she on the other hand was going to the ONLY Law School within Baymard.

It was called "Harvard Law Academy".

So she too had to go there and familiarize herself with some of the rules there as well.

And just like his own examinations, these ones would also be hard as well.


"Brother.... I think that's the estate over there."