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 Sanders looked around he room swift... and soon  his eyes instantly lit up.

'That's it!!!' He thought.

Very quickly, they started tying drapes and other fabrics to gather... as they planned to make their grand escape.

'We can make it!

We can make it!

We can make it!' They all thought, as if reassuring themselves of their own safety.

But just when they were almost done, the door was forcefully pryed open.... and in came men dressed in all black.




Sanders looked up and felt his heart sink even further, as he watched the men point their weapons towards his face.

"Baymardians!', he thought..... while trying to contain his anger and envy at the mere thought that these people could use such futuristic weapons, while he couldn't.

Life was truly unfair!!!

Nonetheless, his only thoughts right now... were to stall them until another brilliant idea popped into his head again.




Before killing a man, shouldn't you at least give him some time to pray.... as well as listen to his last wishes?

And as trained men, how could you just sneak attack us just like that?

Have you no shame as warriors?

Even if I'm to die, I don't want to do so in the hands of people who can't give a fair fight!!!" Sanders said with a firm tone.



Underneath their outfits, the soldiers all smiled while looking at Sanders as if he were a clown.

"For your prayer request.... we can give you 2 minutes max to get it done.

And at the end of that, we can listen to this last request as well.

But.. for us sneak attacking you, don't you iu find those words of yours a little bit funny at all?

I mean..... weren't you the one who attacked Baymard without even sending a messenger over?

So are you just insisting yourself by saying that YOU are a coward?

So Mr. COWARD.... is that all you would like to say?"



Sanders' mind was now in disarray, as he kept thinking of what to say to these Baymardian men before him.

But sadly, nothing he could do would change these people's mind.

After 2 minutes of prayer and an extra 1 minute for staying his last wish..... the men all pulled the trigger at the same time.


"Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!!!"


Sanders grabbed his chest in disbelief, as he soon saw blood ooze out from his left breast.

They had targeted his heart.

Sanders soon lost consciousness and fe to the ground in disbelief.

His last thoughts still dwelled on the weapons, as his greedy mind slowly wandered off from the attacks.


1 A.M


'Mission 6 has now been completed host.

This storm wishes you the best in straightening out the city.'

Landon sighed from relief, as now... the system wouldn't threaten him with that whole 'destroying soul' B.S again.

Now, it was time for him to go back towards home and make preparations.


Time went by swiftly, and just like that... it was already April.

Landon had sent 4 of his officials as well as some soldiers, to take over several government positions within the city.... as well as keep the peace within the city.


Landon realized that even tbough his men would obey him without a doubt, deep down... they all truly didn't want to leave Baymard for long yearly periods of time, as some of them had their own families im Baymard.

Plus... they were all used to Baymard's water, electricity, heating utilities, and many others.

So going back to the timeof fire torches and stream water, wasskmething that none of them truly wanted.


So to solve this problem, Landon had decided to give all of them rotating shifts.

Essentially, everyone would go to Riverdale city at some point.

To start off, the shifts would change at the start of each week..... and a certain number of government officials and soldiers would come over and stay in the city for the week before heading back at the end of the week.


This way, at least once a year or more..... every soldier, as well as government official would've stayed within riverdale for the time being.

And this wasn't a permanent thing anyway.

Once The Ghostly Prince took over, he would pull out from the city A.S.A.P.


--On The Arcadinian Roads--


Several unidentified luxurious carriages could be seen travelling hastily.

No one knew who was within the carriage, as its security was way damn tight.

In one of the middle carriages, a man looked at the carriage door, while being lost in thought.

"How much longer before we arrive?"

"Your majesty, it'll still take us another 3 and a half months to get down there." Replied one of the man's trusted knights, who was sitting adjacent him.


What about the Friar?

Is he well rested and treated properly?"

"Yes your majesty, he is."



Alec leaned back in his seat, grinned and closed his eyes tightly.

Soon... he would marry Mother Kim again.

Even if he had to do it by kidnapping and forcing her to say her vows in front of the Friar.

He had even treated the friar properly, just to ensure that he would have his way at the end.

Indeed, this was also one of the key steps in controlling that unknown alien son of his.

Soon, Baymard will be his!!!!


Another several roads which ran parallel and sometimes adjacent to Alec's own, several other carriages were making their way towards Baymard as well.

One road had Connor, another road had Cary and Eli.... and the last one had the Ghostly Prince in it.

It seemed like they too are coming for this family reunion.


Connor chewed on some fruits while also thinking deeply

He had heard too much about Baymard, after digging things up a bit.

And in truth, he couldnt hel nut wonder if his basted brother of his had always been pretending around him.

What a crafty brother!!

Nonetheless, he too had decided to see this land of milk and honey as well.


The same thoughts ran through the minds of everyone else.... except the Ghostly Prince, who was somewhat happy for this cousin of his.

Soon... he would see the little brat again.

From his report, he knew that the other royals were also travelling alongside him.

And of course, their destination had to be Baymard.


It looked like a storm would blow towards his cousin's peaceful city.

And he was so here for the drama!!