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 --Riverdale City, Arcadina--


11 P.M

Several men fully clothed in black ninja attires... were currently stealthily passing several guards around the city lord's estate

They quickly leaped, crawled, ran and even rolled if need be.

And soon, they had finally arrived at the city lord's grand private quarter.... which was similar to that of a 3 storey home.

These black clothed men quickly separated, as they already knew what steps to take next.


Standing around the perimeter of this private quarters, were 20 guards.... who had formed multiple cliques around each other, so as to pass their work time.

"Listen! Listen!!

I saw the city lord return with just 50 me today."


How is that possible?

I don't believe you at all!!!!!"

"It's TRUE!!

I saw them approaching with my very eyes."

"Puiiii!!!!.... who would believe that made-up story of yours?

Jagan!... you've been drinking too much again haven't you!

I've told you to lay off the booze a little, but you've never listened to me.

You see it?!!!

Now you're just talking gibberish!!"

"No, what he said was true.

Master and that man had actually arrived with just 50 men by their side.

And when the lord arrived, he had been so furious that he began ripping and smashing things down.

Looking at it all, they had probably lost the battle instead.

So the rest of the men probably hot captured."

"No way!!

If that were true.... then wouldn't the lord have been dead by now as well?"

"Who knows... maybe the enemy took pity on them and spared their lives instead?"



As the guards spoke, Landon and his men quickly neared the guards..... and soon took aim with their tranquilizers.

'Pthieuw!!! Pthieuw!!!'


3 more minutes... until they fell deep in sleep.

"Bro.... let's talk another time.

I'm too sleepy to listen to anything anymore."

"Me too.... I..... just want to sleeeeppppp!!!!!!"


'Pthieuw! Pthieuw! Pthieuw!'

One by one, all 20 guards had soon dozed off completely oblivious to their surroundings.


Once the guards were out of the picture, Landon and some of his men swiftly made their way into the building.... While the rest stayed behind and acted as look-outs instead.

Stepping into the building, Landon quickly used the system's tracker to find Marder.

As for dealing with Sanders, he had already assigned another team to handle it immediately.



How did they do it?

Was it with black powder?" Marder was currently engrossed with thoughts of today's battle.

Holding a sample of black powder in his hands, he couldn't help but try to visualize what the weapons in Baymard would look like.

It was truly a pity that he hadn't seen the powder up close..... so he had no idea how they looked like, or operated.

And the more he thought about Baymard's power, the more determined he was at get his hands on them.


With these weapons, he was sure that he would finally be able get his revenge on Alec... as well as rule the western regions.

He looked at the black powder thoughtfully, as he continuously crushed it in his hands.

In fact, he was too engrossed in thought.....  that he didn't notice Landon closing in on him.



Marder jumped up and distanced himself from Landon in a frenzy.

Marder looked at the black clothed individual and immediately realized that it was an assassin.

"Speak!!..... who sent you?" He said, while holding a dagger that he had gotten from under his pillow.

"Take a guess" Landkn said, while taking an apple from Marder's table.


Cheuu! Cheuu! Cheu!'

He bite into the apple nonchalantly, and even offered Marder a taste as well.


I don't want any of MY apples, so can you act a little more professional?

What I want is to know WHO THE HELL SENT YOU!!"

"I sent myself."



At this point, Marder was almost loosing his mind from rage.

This was the first time that he had ever seen such a nonchalant assassin before.

Was he here to kill him or steal his food.

And Mr. Assassin... even if you want to lie, how can you say that you sent yourself?

If Mr. Sly here didn't want to tell him the name of his employer.... then wasn't it better to just say no, rather than telling him such an unbelievable lie?

Marder held onto his dagger anxiously, as he was waiting for any unexpected movements from this unpredictable assassin.

But on the other hand, if an assassin could be so carefree.... then it meant that he must have some renowned skills.

And the fact that no guard was around his hallways or floor.... meant that this dude here had probably

Marder wasn't sure if he could truly fight head on with this masked man.

This was definitely a problem!!!


After eating the apple, Landon looked at him and smiled broadly.

Even though Marder couldn't see Landon's face, his eyes gave off the feeling of seriousness.

It was like he was a wild animal, stalking its prey.

Marder swallowed in saliva in anticipation, as he watched Landon slowly get up from his bedside table.


As Landon inched in, Marder on the other hand, stepped backwards instead.


I have a proposition for you!!" He said, while trying his luck out.

Landon paused and looked at him in an amused manner.

"Ohh?... do tell" Landon said playfully.

"I'll pay you double of what your employer is paying you.

No!!..... i'll triple it!!" Marder said anxiously.

How could he die just like that?

He hadn't even killed Alec yet... as he knew that it was definitely Alec that killed his father.


"Hmmm..... doubling the price sounds good.

But sadly, it doesn't matter to me at all since I value my own life as well.

If you don't die, then I'll die instead.

So you see.... there's no other way." Landon said, while raisinghis hands up helplessly.

The system would kill him without even batting an eyelid if he let Marder go.

Sorry bro!..... if you ever see the Gods when you die, blame them for your fate", Landon said while increasing his speed.


He leaned forward and ran speedily towards his target, and started off with a fierce kick.

Marder on the other hand, was still astonished that Landon hadn't accepted his offer.

Seeing that Landon's kick would soon sweep over his body..... he quickly raised his hands in attempts to block it.


Marder felt like his bones had been broken with iron bars.

What the he eat daily to give off such a powerful oppressive force.


In that split moment of shock.... Landon bent downwards and kicked Marder's sides violently.



The sounds of bones breaking could be clearly heard within the room.

Marder clenched his teeth and swung his dagger toward Landon's neck.


Landon had ducked and punched Marder's lowet belly instead.

"Dammit!!!!" Marder yelled, as he now started swinging his dagger around like a mad person.

But each time he swung, Landon would dodge and give him a fierce hit instead.


It was frustrating as hell!!


As the fight went on, Landon's attacks grew harder and tougher with every hit... and at this point, Marder was almost at his breaking point as well.

"Ahhh!... I'll kill you!!" Marder yelled out angrily, while limping towards Landon.


Landon looked at him and gave out a fierce kick... which sent Marder crashing into the walls with a loud thud sound.

Marder fell to the ground powerlessly, as he truly had no more energy to continue on.

He gasped for air, while struggling to get back up.

Landon looked at him and felt that this beating was enough.

This was the last courtesy he would give Marder.


One should know that as trained knights.... dying in the hands of an assassin was still a shameful way to die, because assassins usually gave surprise attacks.

Hence people preferred to die under a worthy opponent, rather than a sneaky opponent.

So fighting with no under hand tricks, was the best way to go.

Even if the victor was the assassin... if he/she proved that their skills were superb, then they could somewhat rest in peace.


"Y..... you are indeed a worthy opponent." Marder said, while trying to calm his breathing.

"Can you promise me something!" He asked.

"Say what it is... and if I can do it, then so be it."

"Can you promise to kill Alec Barn for me?" Marder asked.


"Because he had killed my Elder brothers when I was still little.

And also because he had killed my father."

"And who is your father?"

"The former city lord of this city..... City Lord Shannon."



Landon looked at Marder and smiled bitterly.

"I'm sorry... but I can't promise you that."


Is it the money?" Marder asked eagerly.

"All I can do for you..... is to wish you all the best in your next life." Landon said, while stooping towards Marder.... who was currently leaning on the wall.

Before Marder could even raise his head and look at Landon, he heard another loud cracking noise.


Just like that, his neck had been broken by Landon.

Marder lost consciousness amd never woke up again.

Landon sighed at the sight of the now dead Marder.

"I can't kill Alec because someone else would do it anyway.

As for who truly killed your father, it was best for you not to know... as your souls would've been more chaotic than it was now, if you realised that you died under that same person's hands." Landon said to the dead body before him.

He quickly buried the body, as it was the least he could do for killing the boy's father.


One down, one more to go.

Now... it was time for him to check out the situation with Sanders.

His men should've been done by now... so why the delay?