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'The host has a new urgent mission.

Deadline: Tonight!'



Landon sighed helplessly, while secretly cursing the black-bellied system in his heart.

He hadn't even started the other side missions, yet he had another one already?

After going through all these worlds, he would definitely complain to customer service later on.

He massaged his temples and quickly looked at this new mission of his.


[Side Mission 7:

As Riverdale is the city in between both empires (Arcadina and Baymard).... the host is required to kill both leaders who escaped today, and take over Riverdale city for the time being.

Since the Gods frown upon stealing and taking what doesn't belong to you.... the host should remember that you are only safekeeping the region until the Ghostly Prince officially sits on the throne.


The land isn't yours to take..... so if host wants to add it to Baymard, host will have to take permission from the red ordained by the heavens.

So for now... it is important that the system drills this point into the host's head: Riverdale WILL NOT be part of Baymard!!!

Therefore, with all this in mind... here are the rules that the host had to follow:

1) Under no circumstance, should the host develop Riverdale City.

The host is only allowed to do so when he has successfully unified the whole Hertfilia.

2) since the most will take charge, he is required to straighten out all corrupt noblemen there... and rid the place of any injustice done to the poor.


The host should remember that the system had brought you into this world..... so as to develop it and liberate its people.

Everything that the host currently has is given by the heavens.... and can be taken back at anytime if the host doesn't comply.

At that time, the host's soul would be destroyed regardless.

Hence the host is required to use his current funds and resources in dealing with all these bibles within Riverdale city.


3) Even though the host can't make any high tech devices for those in Riverdale city.... the host is still required to better their lives.

Since the system doesn't want any concrete structures out of Baymard..... the host could create good wooden homes for the peasants there.

The host is to decrease the death rate within the city, as well as ensure that the people there could afford a decent meal as well.

The host can do whatever he deems fit there, as long as he doesn't expose or use modern technology there..... at least until peace treaties are signed throughout this world.


4) The host should note that this rule is the most important of them all.

If the host dares to mistreat the people there, the system would send thunder to fry and kill him instantly.

Many have died and had their souls dissolve into nothingness.... just because they let the negative emotions of this world get to them.

The system had picked someone from earth because earth had certain rules and guidelines that were aligned with the heavens.

The moment the host changes his viewpoint.... the system will completely destroy him.


Mission Deadlines:

•Deadline 1: Kill both leaders who escaped today... by 2 A.M max.

•Deadline 2: Take over and organize Riverdale City by the next 8 days max.



Landon looked at his mission, and soon realized that he was just an NPC to the Gods.

He had to act in accordance to his role, no and never deviate from it..... unlike the Hertfilians, who had the choice to be good or bad.

With him, there were no choices.

He squinted his eyes, as he looked at the stillhoutes of his leaving enemies who had ran off with their tails between their legs.

By the end of tonight, none of them would survive.

It was either they died, or he died.... due to the systems analogy.

So of course he would end their lives in a heartbeat if it would keep him alive for the time being.


Turning away from the battlefield, he was immediately greeted with several eyes that were all looking at him in reverence, surprise, shock, awe and even worship.

The entire place was dead silent like a deserted graveyard, as the soldiers all waited for Landon to give out his next orders.


Some of the Baymardian soldiers stayed calm and collected..... as this wasn't their first time witnessing the might of Baymard's attacks.

But ecn still, within their hearts..... they were jumping about like 5 year old children.

No matter how many times they had seen it... there was always a shock or amazed factor to the whole thing when one sees the damage that it had caused their enemies.


The Caronian soldiers were utterly lost for words about what had just gone down.

If they told others about it.... would anyone truly believe them?

Their hearts raced back and forth, as they looked at the man who had led his men to a one-sided victory.

How could one man think of such weapons?

What sort of freak was he?


Their complexions changed greatly, as they recalled the screams of those fallen knights.

It was just too scary to imagine oneself on the other side of the battlefield instead.

The poor fellows probably didn't understand how they had ended up dead to begin with.

Penelope stood there and looked at Landon for a good period of time..... as only the heavens knew what she was thinking of.


Once Landon gave out his commands to the men.... everyone soon began chatting and cleaning up the bloody battlefield.

"Oh my God!!.... did you see that?"

I must be dreaming right?"

"What dream?

Just look at all those bodies below and you'll instantly know whether you're hallucinating or not."

"(Gulp)... this Baymard is truly scary.

Luckily, we are their brothers from now on.

Or else it might be us down there someday."


Landon was about to prepare for his new mission, when Penelope walked up to him calmly.

"Let's talk!"


The woman was as direct as ever.



The door to one of the meeting rooms within Kings Landing.... was shut tightly, with only Landon and Penelope within it.

"Sister-in-law, what's up?" Landon asked while looking at the trembling Penelope.

Was she mad at him for not giving Carona such weapons?




The more Penelope stared at him, the more amused he became.

She stared at him as if he had just brought out an entire giraffe from his pockets.

Well, to be fair.... what had just happened was probably the greatest magic trick that most or them had ever seen.


Sparks flew in Penelope's brain, as she recalled the gruesome battle.

And even though she had so many questions to ask to Landon...  right now, only one question popped in her mind.

"When are you going to make some of these weapons for Carona?" Penelope asked calmly  while tapping her fingers on the table.

With such weapons, Carona would definitely be a hundred times stronger than it is today.


Sister-in-law... with these weapons, how confident are in safeguarding them?

If they fell into the wrong hands.... how sure are you that Carona wouldn't be at the loosing end of this matter?

Right now, even though I appreciate and respect Carona 's government.... one cannot simply deny the fact that the entire empire is filled up with ton of spies who are deep rooted into power.

Those people would be the first to steal and give it these weapons to their masters and allies without your consent.

So my dear sister-in-law, what you're requesting for is totally out of question... for now."


Hearing that last sentence, Penelope's eyes lit up as she.

"For now?

Do I take it that in the future you'll allow produce and even teach us how it's made?

And if so.... why will that be? And why wait till then?" She asked curiously.

"Well.... the main reason why I decided not to give anyone these weapons, was also because of the people.

If an enemy wields these weapons, the ones who would have their lives turned upside down the most, would be the peasants.

People generally got greedy with more power in their hands... so until I've signed enough peace treaties with others, then I'll allow the world to have access into Baymard's technology."



After dealing with his sister-in-law, he quickly made haste and selected 14 men for tonight's operations.

He could have done it solo, but if that was the case...  then the soldiers would wonder when he had gone out of Baymard under their watch.

Hence he had to make his attacks openly.


Firstly, from today's massacre.... the leaders had lost a massive chunk of their power, and the rest of their men were probably scattered around in different cities, within different hidden camps.

In Sanders' case, he had left his own city and had come here in hopes of acquiring Baymard.

So one could say that both leaders were somewhat vulnerable for now.


Time passed by quickly... and soon, it time for Landon and his squad to make their way towards Riverdale city.

It was time to end this.