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 'Cai!!! Puiiii!!!'

Sanders spat on the ground, while waiting for his men to set up everything.

They began by placing the black powder in tiny tubes, and using strong roles to bind them together with their arrows.

This was the mechanism that they would use to destroy their enemy's front gate.


Sanders looked at the ants above the walls in disdain.

Weren't they coming down to battle it out with their swords?... Or was everyone here an archer.

Only cowards would fight a battle with only archers.

Where were the sword yielding men?

He looked at their city gate again, but didn't see anyone leave the gates.

Rather, it was being tightly shut.... as if they were avoiding some sort of plague.


"Lord Sanders..... it seems that you were right!

Without any Knight Academy, these people haven't been able to train more knights as of yet

So they probably wouldn't send anyone out here  because they were small in number." Marder said, while grinning in satisfaction.

"Hmhm..... it seems like they plan to use archers to take us down instead.

What we need now is a good cover.

Nonetheless, with our tight shield formation..... we should be able to have few casualties before we successfully pry open their gates."


All this time, Sanders and Marder had been sitting under a tent... as they weren't joining this particular battle.

They felt like they had enough men for the job, so why should they join the battle?

While eating and drinking some Baymardian foods and beverages..... they quickly selected 50 knights to stand guard around them, while they prepared for the show that was about to go down.


Soon, all their men were ready, and both leaders sent some of their knight Captains to take charge of the battle.

"Nicodemus... I expect you know what to do." Sanders said, while looking at one of his most powerful Captains in pride.

The dude had never disappointed him before.

"I will successfully carry out your instructions my lord." Said the kneeling man before him.


Now... lead your team and destroy the enemy immediately!!!"

"Yes my lord."


The men lined up in several formations, as they formed several rectangular box-like units of 5 rows and 8 columns.

Each unit soon ran across the massive fields towards the city gates, while keeping a distance from each other.

Their plan was to have all these units bombard the gate with black powder first.


And right behind those units, were the rest of the knights....  who were waiting for the gates to be destroyed, before running onto Baymard in attack mode.

Sanders looked at his men who were almost close enough to attack the gates, and nodded in satisfaction.

'So far so good!'


Back on the city walls, Landon and the Baymardians looked at the men below calmly.

As for the Caronians, they couldn't help but wonder what Landon's game plan was.

And what the heck did all these large metal things do against such a massive number of people?


Penelope and Duke Samuel almost wanted to ask Landon if he needed any backup.

But looking at everyone else's calm attitude, they chose to wait and see what made these people so confident.

Landon kicked his dry lips and raised his hands in the air, and gave out instructions.

"Alpha team 3, 4, 5 and 6... you all know what to do.

Now attack!!!"


Marder looked at the city walls and frowned.

He hadn't seen any archers line up until now.

This... were they just giving up without a fight?

Or did they think that their thin metal gates were so impenetrable that they would be able to remain safe?


Marder squinted his eyes, as he tried very hard to gauge what their exact actions were.

"What do you suppose they are doing up there?"

"Probably thinking of an escape plan I presume.

Let's just forget...."





Just before Sanders could finish his sentence.... a loud ear-piercing thunderous sound echoed around the field, followed by a Blinding flash that made his mind completely black-out for a few seconds.

The ground trembled slightly, and for some reason, both leaders felt an immense heat touch the bodies.

In another split second..... a white colored mushroom cloud soon rose up into the air, accompanied by the screams of several men in agony who yelled out at the top of their lungs.

'Boom! Boom! Boom!'


Sanders' heart began palpitating..... as he couldn't see what was going on amidst the thick white cloud before him.


Immediately, both Marder and Sanders rose up from their seats and trembled in shock and fear.

What was all this?

Where did this white fog appear from?

Was this some sort of Baymardian sorcery?

Thousands of questions swarmed their minds, as they tried to make heads or tails about their present situation.


And what made matters worse, was that they couldn't see their men at all... as all they could hear the constant wailings of the men within the fog.

What kind of monster inhabited the fog, to make their men scream in fear?

Damn it!!








Standing on the walls, the Caronians were also somewhat fearful as well.

Even though they couldn't see what happened within the fog, hearing those men wail like that made their hearts fall right into their bellies.


"Seize fire!!!" Landon commanded, while raising both hands into the air.... as of he was a traffic officer.

At this moment, everyone subconsciously leaned forward... as they watched the fog clear out.

Heck!.... even Marder and Sanders leaned in as well, as anxiety constantly filled their hearts.


The smoke finally cleared out, and everyone sucked in their breaths in fear at the gruesome sight before them.

How did this happen?

On the battlefield, there one could see numerous gigantic pot-holes that had been bored into the fields..... as if the heavens had poked the fields with their fingers.

But the most noticeable thing of all, were the knights who were either injured, dead or unharmed.




The men cried out in pain, as they tried to crawl away from this death trap.

Some of them had their intestines hanging out of their bodies, while others lost several body parts as well.

For others, it looked like they took these attacks head on, as even though they were dead... one could see their skulls, as the massive heat wave had completely peeled off their skins.


Due to the missile's heat wave, velocity impact and overbearing pressure... many knights had blood gush out from their bodies uncontrollably.

Their thick reddish-black blood trickled down their nostrils..... and even ears, as some had their eardrums completely shattered in one go.


Even those who didn't have any external injuries, were still affected by the missiles' waves as well.

In short, it was safe to say that those on the battlefield field whether dead or alive, had all been affected either internally or externally by the missiles impact.


The entire battlefield was painted red, with numerous body parts scattered around it as well.

The Caronians had their mouths wide open in shock and fear.

They couldn't help wondering..... if it were them down there, would they be better off than these enemies?

How does one defend against such weapons?

Just thinking about it made all of them break out in cold sweat.

Luckily, they were Baymard's allies not enemies.


Penelope and Duke Samuel on the other hand, both trembled from shock..... as they looked at the battlefield.

What sort of weapons were these 'Missile thingies'?

Thinking about how they were worried previously, they couldn't help but laugh a little.

Of course!!!

How would an empire that has all these otherworldly goods use something like swords?

Why didn't they think of that before?

They looked at Landon, as if saying: give my emotions back.

But when the latter met their eyes, he only smiled back at them instead.

How frustrating!!!


Down below, after connecting the dots and realising that all these attacks came from Baymard... Marder and Sanders couldn't help but smile bitterly.

Black powder?...What good was that when faced with such attacks?

They felt like they had just taken a big slap to their faces..... as they thought about how they had previously said that they would massacre these Baymardians.


But.... all of these realizations didn't stop their zeal at all.

Instead, they felt more pumped up... and were even more determined to own this newly established empire.

This place was a gemstone to them.... and no matter what, they had to get their hands 6kn it before that greedy king of theirs did.

Because once they did  wouldn't they also bomb Alec as well?

Hehehehehe... just thinking about what Baymard could offer them in terms of strength, food, development and power..... made their eyes twinkle brightly.


For them, if some of their men could reach the gates before the attacks, then they would still have a fighting chance in this war.

After all, would these Baymardians destroy their own walls with these weapons just to stop them?

No they wouldn't!!


So if they could get at a close distance that wod put these Baymardians in an awkward position.... wouldn't that be great?


Tell the men to get up from the ground AND ACT LIKE REAL MEN.

We will take over Baymard today..... so get the men to attack again!!!"



Landon looked at the injured men who struggled to stand up, and hesitated on his next attacks.

Kicking a man down was truly over kill.... but there was nothing he or they could do about it.

It was all their leaders fault, for not withdrawing from the battlefield.

If they didn't fight, their families might still have to suffer in the end.

Such was the life that they had chosen.







At this point, it was safe to say that with the massacre pushing forward.... more joined their fallen comrades, as their body parts and organs flew across the field.

I'm the end, only Marder, Sanders and 50 other knights had survived the battle.

From 15,00 to 52... that was definitely a colossal loss.


Marder held his head in shock, and almost started ripping out his hair.

"No! No! No! No! No! No!!!!!

My power.... Dammit!!!!!"

He had just used more than months to gather all these people.... And now, he was back at square one again.

He looked at Landon's figure with viciousness and hatred.

It was all his fault!!!

If not for him, how would he end up loosing his men just like that?


'I will have my revenge' he swore.


Sanders looked at Baymard silently, as the fires of desire grew immensely within his heart.

Even though he had lost today's match.... he had no intention of giving up at all!!!

'Soon.... you will be mine." He said, while looking at Baymard intensively.


Landon on the other hand, heard a loud beep within his head.


'The host has a new urgent mission.