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 Landon blinked several times, as he stared at the system's monitors.

He zoomed in, looked at the men's crests..... and smiled.

He expected this to happen sooner or later.


One should know that only a while ago.... Baymard was still off limits to the Arcadinian citizens.

So for sure, those that came through the Landport would only do so if they were spies, or if they were running away from something.

So even though he allowed them to enter Baymard.... that didn't mean that he wasn't aware of their real agendas.


It could be seen that those spies had obviously reported Baynards growth to their masters..... who in turn thought that they could take Baymard before Alec Barn realizes it's worth.

But little did they know that a while ago... Alec had given the go ahead, for the citizens to enter Baymard.

But of course, it would take 3 to 5 months on horseback before the news could reach these parts.


And how did Landon get to know such information?

Of course it was paying the point thirsty system.

At the start of each week, he would pay the system to get international news for the citizens here.

Naturally, he had told them that he had gotten the news from 3 anonymous merchants.... who were supposed to be Baymard's secret spies.

Meaning that their identities could never be revealed.

If he said that he had visions, they would soon build a temple and worship him as Hertfilia's saviour.

Hence he chose to go with the spy lie.


Even James' death had been made known to him by the system.

In short, all International news were accessible to him if he could afford its price.

Arcadina's news was the cheapest, since it was closer to Baymard than the rest.

Hence the system charged him less for those ones.

The further the ace, the more fees he had to pay.


Landon looked at the incoming men, and estimated that they would be here in 1 hour and 33 minutes.

But the scouts within those glass posts outside the gates, should be able to see them over the hills with their binoculars..... when they were 1 hour away (4.5 miles away).


Still, this was good enough.... as even though it would take time for the scouts and the men to prepare for any battles..... by the time these visitors came by, he was sure that the soldiers would be ready for battle by then.

But what really surprised him, was that these group of strangers didn't even bother to send a messenger to inform them about their attacks..


Nonetheless, Landon decided to go with the flow, and act as if he wasn't aware of these incoming strangers.

He wanted to see how the soldiers would organize themselves when placed in a state of chaos, or met with any surprise attacks from their opponents.


--On The Road To Baymard--


The spring's sun greeted the grass Graciously..... as it caused the flowers to bloom beautifully.

The butterflies fluttered, and the bees buzzed.

Today was another fine spring day.

'Hoof! Hoof! Hoof! Hoof!'

On the wide rocky roads more than 15,000 men were gallantly riding towards Baymard.

They looked like a synchronized marching band..... as they travelled in lines of 5 besides each other.


And at the very front of the group, were 2 leaders and their most trusted knights..... who were busy chatting away about their plans.

"My lord... are you sure that we don't need to send a messenger forward to inform them about this battle?" Marder asked curiously.

It was always done with a messenger..... as doing otherwise would be belittling, and would also degrade one to a mercenary, thief or assassins.


Sanders looked at Marder and frowned in annoyance.

"Young lord, are you doubting my words?"

Do you think that this is a game?

Just as I thought....you're still too young to understand the importance of using a direct approach.

Nonetheless.... By doing so, we'll catch them off-guard and easily secure our win.

With Black powder on our side, we will definitely win this battle."

"More like a massacre." Marder added, while looking at Sanders' confident smile on his face.


He knew Sanders' deeds.... and was sure that with Sanders here, Baymard was as good as theirs.

From what he knew, Baymard didn't have black powder.... so for sure, they would be left at a disadvantage during this battle.

With the amount of black powder they currently had at hand, Marder couldn't help but grin as well.

He even felt somewhat sorry for these Baymardians who were about to be massacred by them.


Looking at the path before him, Marder rode his horse excitedly, as he couldn't help but think about all the stories that he had heard from his men about Baymard.

Finally, after the massacre..... he would deal with Sanders and rule over the entire Baymardian Empire.

'Let the massacre begin', he thought.


Back in Baymard, the scouts had already seen  the approaching men.... and had soon reported the matter to those at King's Landing.

"This is Tower 5 calling in!

We have a code Eagle!

The Eagle is flying!!

I repeat!!.... The eagle is flying.

And it would take 32 minutes to land.

Over and out!!"

"This is Tower 4, The Eagle is flying."

"This is ...."


Just like that, the news was sent to the military's base within a matter of minutes due to radio waves...  rather than driving back and forth all the time.


'RIng!!!! Ring!!! Ring!! Ring!!!!!'

The bells within both barracks, soon rang out... causing even those who took naps to quickly rose up confusedly.

While others who were in class, soon closed their books and stormed out frantically.

In fact, their teachers were the first ones to fly out of the classrooms speedily.... as the situation called for everyone's attention.


RIng!!!! Ring!!! Ring!! Ring!!!!!'

The bell would ring out, followed by a loud voice coming from all the speakers around.

"This is not a drill!"

The Egle is flying!!!!

This is not a drill!!!

All soldiers are to assemble within the fields immediately.

Whether you are a Baymardian or Caronian soldier... everyone should make their way towards the training field within the Baymardian barracks.

I repeat, this is not a drill!

All soldiers are to assemble within the Baymardian fields now."


'Din! Din! Din! Din! Din!'

The soldiers all ran towards the fields hurriedly, as they listened to the voice update them on the situation.

They all understood what 'the Eagle is flying' meant.

Hence they couldn't help but wonder who would have the balls to attack Baymard?


Penelope was amongst the group of soldiers as well.

As she ran, an immense surge of excitement completely filled her mind.... as she wanted to see how Baymard would defend itself when faced with enemies.

Were they going to fight with swords, or use those black stick (guns) things that they always carried around?


In truth, she was very curious about what those stick-rod things could do.

But no one had ever used it... so she had no idea what it did.

And another thing that she had noticed, was that these soldiers never carried swords at all..... so how were they supposed to fight this battle?


The more she thought about it, the more eager about the upcoming battle.

And it wasnt just her.... as even the non-athletic Duke Samuel and the rest of the Caronian men, ran like the wind as well.


'Din! Din! Din! Din! Din!'

Everyone had made it to the fields..... and had also formed several straight lines while standing at attention.

The wind rustled and gently massaged Penelope's cheeks.... as she focused at the front of the line.



Soon... several camouflage Jeep Wranglers drove in from all directions within the barracks... and parked at the sides of the fields.

Following that, Gary, Mike, the supervisors and all those with leading duties, all walked up on stage.

They briefly spoke about what was going on, and also permitted everyone from watching the entire battle.


Meanwhile back at King's landing, Landon and the soldiers there were busy setting up all their machinery... as well as getting enough gun powder, missiles and so on.

They also discussed their plan of attack and said a silent prayer to their ancestors.

Of course during the prayer, Landon just closed his eyes and stood silent the entire time..... since he didn't really believe in these ancestor Gods.


After the prayer, the men quickly scattered around and assumed their duty posts during the battle..... while looking into their telescopes.

Now, all they had to do was wait.


Time passed by swiftly... and soon, their esteemed guests had arrived.

"My lord.... this is Baymard."

Sanders looked at the masterpiece before him and smiled broadly.

'What a wall!!', he thought while subconsciously nodding in appreciation.

The city walls were something that no one had ever seen before.... as they were extremely tall, sturdy and smooth.


Sanders squinted his eyes, and looked at the figures above the walls.

With a proud smile on his face, he raised his hands in the air smugly.

It was time to show these Baymardians, that he meant business.

"Offload the black powder!"