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 Landon quickly made his way down to the Food industry with Chief Tim.

The sooner he finished his missions, the earlier he could make cathode TVs.

Today, he was going to tackle production of all his rewards first.


When Chief Lyore saw Landon and Tim.... his eyes lit up as he smiled happily at him.

Typically, 70% of the times that Landon had come down here....  was to create something

New in Baymard.

So as a natural foodie, how could he not be excited just from seeing Landon here?


"Your majesty..... what brings you here?

Is it to create something new?

What do you have in mind?

When do we start?'  Lyore asked eagerly, while grabbing Landon's shoulders tightly.

"Yes.... we're going to create 5 new products: cheesy Doritos, Ordinary Pringles, Crackers... salted and unsalted, Sweet \u0026 Salty Protein bar and Died \u0026 Roasted Cashew Nuts."


What were those?

Lyore looked at the notebook that Landon had given him.

Overall, the procedures were very easy to follow up.

And from the looks of it.....  the main problem came from hiring new people for the job.

With what Lyore was seeing, each snack production line will need at least 300 people working on one shift alone.

This included truck drivers, workers, and so on.


As they walked side by side, Landon went to inspect the empty buildings and rooms available within the industry.

The food industry had been expanded on ages ago..... so now, it had several new buildings within it.


Anyway, as they walked by each building... Landon continued to access their space and functionality.

He was looking for a building that could handle all the machinery from these processes.

"So your majesty..... what do you think about this one?" Lyore said, while pointing towards a newly constructed 3-storey building.


Landon looked at it and nodded in agreement.

He had decided that this building would be a snack based one..... with each massive room dedicated to each snack.

The building was large enough to accommodate other future snack projects as well.... and the most important thing to note here, was that it had several conveyor belts at its ground floor.

There, the trucks could offload and load the seeds on the belts, which would then take them into the different snack departments within the building.


"Your majesty..... when do we start these projects?" Lyore asked while stroking his chin.

It would be best if he could start now, as he wanted to eat them so badly... and add them to the list of all the things that he would use to make his future food house.

"Hmmmmmm...  before we start, I'll ask Chief Tim to first start remodeling the rooms as soon as possible.

These goods need a proper production line, so as to maximize the efficiency and quality of the goods."


Baymard was at this point where their goods needed to be top grade quality, for things done competently.

So there was no way that Landon would compromise and give out low quality ìtems instead.


"Tim.... I need those in department 6 to start making and equipping all the machines needed for the manufacturing of these snacks.

In the meantime, Chief Lyore.... I expect you to use those steam powered machines and try creating them yourself.

Call it experimentation if you will.

I need you to be somewhat familiar with all steps within production..... so that you can better teach the workers as well.

Also.... once you succeed, I'll need you to send a sample of each snack type to my office immediately."

"Yes your majesty."



They spoke about what to take note of when doing production..... as well as what the finished products were supposed to look like.

"Ahh.... lest I forget.

Chief Lyore..... how are the Cocoa trees coming along? Landon asked curiously.


One should know that typically, most cocoa trees would bear fruit only after 3 to 5 years.

In Landon's case, it had been 1 year and 11 months, since he began planting cocoa seeds.

That's almost 2 years.... as next month will make it exactly 2 years.


Each month, he would check the conditions of these trees, as they were very essential in chocolate manufacturing.

Yes... chocolate manufacturing was always at the back of his mind.

It was just that getting his hands on a steady supply of these cocoa beans (seeds) was something that not even Santa could provide steadily.


He would need thousands of bags of cocoa beans per month... just to keep up with the minimum amount needed by the Baymardians, and all the rest of Hertfilia.

But so far, Santa could only send him 3 to 4 bags instead.

This amount was chicken feed, if one wanted to go on an industrial level.

This point alone was what had always held him back.


If he started creating chocolate and the supply was limited, then wouldn't that be worse instead?

People would value it too highly, and its price would have to be raised higher as well.... since it would be seen as a scarce commodity.

Landon didn't want any these to happen.... hence he had decided to supply himself with the seeds, by growing them himself.


The only issue was that they took bloody too long to grow.

Hence he could only patiently wait for his 'babies' to grow.

And the great thing about these trees... was that each tree could continuously bear fruits for the next 25 years, before they completely maxed out.


"Your majesty.... the cocoa trees are growing at a healthy rate.

And with 3 massive greenhouses all filled with cocoa trees..... maintainace is fairly easy for the workers as well.

Your majesty, at the rate at which they're currently growing and the soils properties, acidity \u0026 basidity... ..... we've estimated that by August next year, Baymard would get its first batch of cocoa.

But your majesty..... what do you want to do with all those seeds?" Lyore asked inquisitivley.


He had always wondered why they were planting such large amounts of these particular seeds regularly.

What was so special about the fruit that they bore?

No!!.... rather than the fruits.... his majesty seemed to be interested in the seeds instead.

Plus he didn't understand why, because he had previously chewed on one..... and it was bitter as hell.


And with the way they were going, they would be able to produce over thousands of seeds monthly.

But what exactly was his majesty hoping to accomplish from getting all these seeds?

No matter how much he tried to pry information from Landon's mouth, nothing ever came out.

Landon would just smile at him.... instantly making his curiosity double.

As a foodie... it was important for him to know these things alright?


After talking with Lyore, up next... they headed towards the Alchemy industry.

There, they met with chief Wiggins, who was also excited to see them as well.

He looked at them with the same eyes that Lyore previously did..... as all that Wiggins thought about, were new products.


"Welcome your majesty!

Welcome! Welcome!

Please sit, sit, sit.

Errmmmm..... Your majesty, do you have any new products in mind?" Wiggins said excitedly, while looking at Landon as if he were gold.

Finally, he would create something new.

It had been a long ass time since he created something new.


Landon helplessly shook his head, as he knew what they were excited about.

Every time he went to any industry, their overseers would ask him if he had any new projects in mind.

And sometimes, he could clearly see the sadness in their faces when he told them that: not yet.


"Hahahhaha.... it's a great day indeed your majesty.

This time, you've given me more than 5 new products to create.

Your majesty... I will definitely be able to complete any task assigned to me no matter what." Wiggins said while smiling foolishly, while kissing the notebook in sheer joy.


They spoke for a while more, and ended up arranging plans for creating makeup and shampoos.

He spoke in detail about how many people would also get hired, as well as all the important points to note within all product production lines as well.

Of course, Landon had also arranged for Tim to create and equip the alchemy industry with enough machines for the entire production.


Once he was done with the Alchemy industry, he was on his way to the Pharmaceutical industry.... as he now had formulas on 5 new drugs to create .

He still had Tim arrange for the production limes to be equipped with the necessary machines to create these goods.


And just like that, everything was set into motion.

Landon had taken care of production of all new products.

He looked at his time, and realised that it was 11:21 A.M

It was almost time for his weekly meeting with the government officials.


But when Landon was on his way out, several

alarm bells continuously rang out in his ears.


'Warning! Warning!'

Over 15,000 incoming strangers with weapons coming toward Baymard.

Host should prepare.'