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 Still on the matter of cathode TVs, another thing to note of..... was that the system had also offered a solar power bank as well.

One had to know that the current gathered from solar energy could only produce a limited amount of Watts compared to electrical.


So when the Cathode power levels were low, then they could power everything with the power bank as well.

To charge the bank, of course they would have to leave it within a place that received a lot of sunlight instead.


One thing that Landon loved about this reward, was that the system had provided 2 options for both the cathode TVs and cassette players.

For those who were based in Baymard and had electricity, they could just use the electrically powered ones.

But for the visitors, if they really liked it and wanted to watch some of these movies back in their empires, then they could buy the solar powered ones and take them away as they pleased.


This was definitely a big plus in Landon's books.

The only thing was that, if they bought the solar powered ones and left Baymard, they wouldn't get cable anymore.

So they wouldn't be able to see the news, movie channels, sports channels or any live shows in Baymard.

All they could do is watch what they got from their cassettes.


As for whether Landon was scared about them copying him..... the answer was not a chance.

This was because these cathode tubes were lined with several specific chemicals like phosphor, to get the electrons moving.

In addition, one needed to create a proper vacuum, oscillator and so on.....  within the whole setup for it to be a success.

So they could try and even dismantle everything.


But where would they get all the specific chemicals in those high quality grades from?

It wouldn't work without those chemicals, even if they placed everything back.


Also, they didn't have the right materials like plastic, rubber or glass, to make the solar panels, cassette players, cathode TVs and so on.

Even the cassette itself, which had film tape inside... would be a struggle for them to come up with.


Looking at the other rewards, Landon was also pleased with the fact that Baymard would soon have its own cereals as well.

Indeed, he had missed fruit loopes and frosty flakes the most.

Baymard already had milk within the empire... Hopefully, the system would add one of them in as a reward later on.


Moving on to his new side missions..... the only one that really piqued his interest, was the last one.

[Stop the Temple of Adonis from setting sail into Arcadina.]

What exactly did this temple do in order to make the system stop their visit here?

Landon clicked on their profile and read through it swiftly.

45 minutes later, he was stunned and outraged by how narcissistic these people were.


The temple of Adonis!!

They were a temple that prayed to their founder, Adonis.

The temple was now ruled by Adonis' lineage.... as they were now seen as royals instead.

They went about forcing everyone to believe in what they did.... and if one refused to comply with Adonis' teachings, then they would kill he/she immediately.


They offered up human sacrifice yearly..... as they believed that doing so will give them more blessings  all year round.

Each village, city or town was to sacrifice 20 new born females, 30 new born males and 40 virgins above the ages of 15.


They also believed in eating the burnt flesh of all sacrifices.

And this was just the tip of the iceberg of what this so-called religion believed in.

If their laws complied with the system's vision for the Pyno continent.... then it wouldn't have been a problem.


But these Royals under Adonis, forced and did everything one could possibly think of that was bad.

From raping one's own blood sister and mother, oand calling it a tradition of manhood.... to prohibiting people from going to the healers, since 'Adonis' would cure everything..... to many others, there was no way that the system would allow them to come over and undo its plans.


So far, these temple guys had successfully taken over and unified the entire continent of Lambe..... which had 4 empires within it.

Now, the entire continent was under their rule.

Speaking of how the people there looked like... one could say that they had extremely pale skin, and almost everyone there had light greenish hair and brows as well.


This church believed itself to be sent by the heavens to rule the entire Hertfilia.

Hence they had started their mission of trying to take over other empires..... and sadly, they had decided to start with the Pyno continent.


From what Landon had been told, a fleet of 46 ships would be making its way here soon.

As to when they would be getting here, he had no clue about that.

But when they were about 2 months away from Arcadina's perimeters...  he would use his motorized engine ships and meet them there in a matter of days.


And even though they had 46 fleets, those fleets didn't have any cannons or weapons of destruction right now.

In these times, everyone typically acted like pirates when they were under attack.

Ships would get close to each other, and people would jump from one ship to another..... with their swords in their hands.


But for Landon's men, who would do that?

Send missiles and blow their asses away.

And even if they wanted to turn around, it would be hard to do so, as they used rowing-men for that task.

Hence Landon was sure to Catch up with them no matter what.


Landon continued to read all he could about this temple that plans to over run Arcadina.

The system already had people it needed to run each empire..... and right now, these Adonis people were not one of them.


And so, the system had set him up to pick a fight with the Temple of Adonis..... which had an entire continent under their control.

He hadn't even finished 2 of his side-missions, yet the system is already throwing more at him.

Did he ever offend this system in his past life?