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 "Congratulations host, for completing your main mission."


Landon grinned in sheer joy, as he hurriedly looked at his stats.

\u003eHost name: Landon Barn

\u003eAge: 17

\u003eStatus: King of the newly established empire of Baymard

\u003eLevel: Upgraded Novice (Level 3)

\u003eCurrent Situation: Healthy



•Personally perform and teach;

▪All 5 medical techniques for treating patients.

▪\u0026 all 10 surgical procedures.

•Produce 5 other drugs, and allow your people to use them.

•Lastly.... produce 10 different classical alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from earth.

Mission Status: Completed


\u003eSide-Mission 1: Sign Treaty

Mission Status: Completed.

\u003eSide-Mission 3: personally treat king Adrian

Mission status: Completed


\u003cRewards: Host will receive;

•Recipes to make 5 classic snacks from earth.

•10 other medical procedures, as there are at least 3,500 surgeries procedures that the host needs to do before he dies.

•Instructions for producing 5 new drugs as well.

•700 development points (DP) and 4,300 Technology points (TP).

•And lastly..... the exact formula for creating 2 types of Lip glosses, 5 colored lipsticks, and 2 types of shampoos.

(*The system is reminding host to not take this lightly... as the people now used unsafe beauty products that had things like iron filings and harmful metal oxides in them.


\u003eFor creating Diapers, female sanitation essentials, cruise ships, war ships, new academies...(the system listed everything that Landon created)... Host will also receive 870 DP... 7,200 TP...and 4,629 BP.


\u003eFor using the system's monitors to view regions that do not fall under the host's territorial markings... as well as buying knowledge on Zoo animal care, Upgrading to level 3 and so on...  the host's current balance is 658 Development Points..... 2,790 Technology Points... and  212 Bonus Points.



"System.... what are the requirements to upgrade to level 4 again?"

"Answering to host.... the host will need 1500 TPs and 6,000 DPs.

Right now, the host's current balance is: 14,290 TP.... 2,228DP and 212 BP.

Host currently falls short of that requirement.

Does the host wish to receive his rewards now?"


"As you wish host."


After 30 seconds of pain, Landon used up 42 minutes to digest everything that was given to him.

He lightly rubbed his temples, whiw looking at his next missions.

\u003eMain Mission:

•Produce 5 classic snacks:

▪cheesy Doritos

▪Ordinary Pringles

▪Crackers... salted and unsalted

▪Sweet \u0026 Salty Protein bar

▪Died \u0026 Roasted Cashew Nuts.

•Create safe and Healthy makeup:

▪2 moisturizing lip glosses

▪5 colored lipsticks: 1 shade of Red, 2 shades of nude and 2 shades of pink.

▪2 types of Shampoos.

•Use rewards to perform and teach all new medical procedures to the medical staff in Baymard.

•As well as produce 5 new drugs again.


•Formula for 6 different breakfast cereals.

•All knowledge on how to create an electrical, as well as solar powered Cathode Television.

Plus, knowledge on how to create film, Cassettes, Cassette players and solar energy power bank.

•5 random medical procedures

•20 new drugs

Mission deadline: Not specified

\u003eNew missions:

▪Side-mission 5: Sign a treaty with the new king of the Yodan empire.

Mission Deadline: 2 years.

▪Side-mission 6: Stop the Temple of Anobis from setting sail into Arcadina.

Note to host... .. with your war ships ready, locate them and blow them away into smithereens.

Host should read their bio within the mission's page, in order to get a better understanding of them.

The system will notify the host when they are 2 months away from Arcadina's Ocean perimeter.

Of course for the host... since you'll be using engine ships, then you'll get to them in a matter of days.

Mission Deadline: 1 week after the system has notified the host about their whereabouts.



Looking at his rewards, Landon couldn't help but smile a little.

Finally.... they were going to make proper snacks in Baymard!!

He had been missing a ton of them since he had come here.... especially his favorite, which the system had just given it as a reward.


He had been dying to get his hands on the 'original Pringles' again.

Just remembering that classical crunchy taste in his mouth, made him salivate and drool foolishly.

Sure, bread and eggs were good and all..... but what was breakfast without some good old cereal?


As for the Lipsticks, Lip glosses and shampoos.... the system had been specific about wanting it to be done properly.

One should know that these people in this era weren't very knowledgeable about the dangers of what they put on their faces.

Their powder was grounded from white and brown clay stones.... and copper or silver filings would be added in it, to give it that soft highlighted glow when their faces came in direct contact with the sun.


And worse but not least, some of the things that they used... contained certain degrees of mercury and arsenic powder in them, which were harmful to their skins.

Many of them had already suffered from metal poisoning, and had even died young due to it.

But of course they didn't know that the problem lay in their makeup.

Hence the system was here to give them healthier alternatives.


Landon nodded while looking at the monitor before him.

What really excited him, was that he would be able to make Cathode Televisions after completing all the missions.


Even though he had bought knowledge on several things from the system..... some of the things that he required were denied, as they were to be given out as rewards at some point.


Previously, he had tried to buy knowledge on submarines, cameras, cellphones, iPods, gamboys, Amusement park rides \u0026 setups, and so on..... but he was told that he couldn't access all knowledge on them right now, because they were under the system's 'rewards category'.

Meaning that they were meant to be rewarded to him instead.


The cathode TVs would be watched in black \u0026 white... and he would be sure to make at least 10 cable channels on it, as well.

And with the Cassette players available... he had decided to make several movies, as well as animations too.


Of course for classical Disney movies and others..... he really wanted to do it in color, so those would have to wait for now.

But some old school animations like Mickey mouse adventures, the flintstones, Casper the friendly ghost, Astro boy, the adventures of huckleberry Finn, Popeye, Looney tunes, Tom \u0026 Jerry..... and many more.

Heck!!.... he even wanted to start  the whole Dragon Ball, One piece, digimon and pokemon franchise in black \u0026 White as well.


Just thinking about how the people would react to seeing tiny people in a box... made him grin a little.

Soon.... he would let these people see the beauty of television.