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 'Din! Din! Din! Din! Din! Din! Din!'

Everybody swiftly shoved themselves in between others.... as they rushed towards their beds.

As per Hayden's instructions, they were to stand at attention in straight vertical lines just besides their beds.


The sight of these lined up men was truly a funny sight to behold.

Some still had their P.J's on, while others he stood there with no clothes, socks or even boots on.

For others, they were missing their pants or shirt..... while for others, it was their belt that was left out.

Of course in all of this, there were still many who ended up being fully dressed and ready for action..... although 85% of them were the Baymardians.



As they stood there at attention, the warrant officers began scrutinizing them one by one.

And in the end, most of them were due for punishment.

They felt their hearts beat anxiously, as the inspections began.


In truth, even though they had been knights ever since they were 7..... they found that they looked up to these warrant officers in awe and  a hint of fear as well.

More specifically, it was the air of seriousness around these officers that made them stay alert.

Since they had arrived, they had never seen any of them slack off before... not even once.

The level of professionalism here, was truly something which they had never witnessed before.


Draymond's mind was nothing but a mess, as it grew more chaotic within every passing second.

And when he saw warrant officer Hayden inch in calmly towards him, he felt like jumping into a pit of fire instead.


He was scared shitless of this broad burly man, who looked like he took steroids for a living.

The man was cleanly shaved, and had muscles that protruded out of his greyish shirt like a well sculptured herculean.

He looked like he could kill any one with just one punch.


"Private Draymond... where the hell are your boots?" Hayden asked, while standing face to face with Draymond.

"S... sir... they're in my locker." He answered in a whispery tone.

"Private!...in this camp, we speak our minds as loud as we can.

Fear... is not allowed here.

Now I'll ask you again!!!

Where the hell are your boots?!!!!!"

"They are in my locker sir!" Draymond answered somewhat confidently.

"God-Dammit!!... speak up clearly Private!!!"

"They are in my locker sir!!!!!!!!" He yelled out.


Let this be a lesson to you all.

In here, we always speak up no matter what.

We do not train people who cower in fear.

Suppose I was an enemy, would you be intimidated to give it Carona's secrets just like that?

Hold your heads up high, calm yourselves and use your brains to get out of any situations.

Is that understood?"

"Yes Officer Hayden!!!" Everyone replied.

"Now, Private Draymond.... after this morning's training, you'll receive your due punishment as well."



The scrutiny continued.... and even those who slept around those in their P.Js were also punished as well.

Like his majesty had always said: 'they are one!'

So they were required to be their brother's keeper while staying here as well.


Soon, they all ran out of their living quarters and headed towards a large training field for their morning drills... and of course after their drills, those who needed to be punished, did so in tears.

Their body already felt like it was at its breaking point prior to the punishment.

But now, they felt like slapping their former selves who were busy enjoying 1 or 2 extra minutes of sleep.


Due to this lag, many of them had even missed breakfast.....  as time was up when they arrived from doing their punishment and freshening up.

Their bellies grumble slightly, as they sat in those early morning classes.

Luckily, the buildings all had cafeterias that sold things like sandwiches and so on..... so they

All in all, they had thoroughly understood the importance of time in the military.


If someone wanted something done in 10 minutes, then they bloody hell had to do it by then.... or else they could be punished again.

And this in itself would create another lag to their schedules too.

They weren't willing to take those chances again!!!

Especially Duke Samuel.


He felt like he had been dropped intohell all kn the name of training.

From frog jumps, push-ups, press-ups and so on... he had felt like his legs numb out a while ago.

But he had to say, his best classes were the ones in the classrooms.... as they were things that he had never heard about.

He was actually looking forward to those ones in particular.


But of course, while others remained stressed out about the whole ordeal..... one particular female was rather enjoying herself a little to much.


Penelope felt like playfully skipping around today.

What she loved most was a good challenge.

And today, she got one.

She had messed up in almost all classes, but she was excited rather than deterred.

These were all things that no one apart from these Baymardains knew of.


It was like sacred knowledge, that had been passed onto her and her soldiers free of charge.

She had attended first aid classes, obstacle course classes, camouflage classes, terrain and weather identification classes, combat classes and so on.

And all she could say, was that she freak** loved the barracks.


One important thing that she had also noticed, was that the soldiers here looked after each other.... compared to her own.

For example, while the Baymardian girls in her dormitory woke up, they did their best to wake everyone close to them.

But most of her own men didn't bother at all.


She used to think that she and her family did a great job with them.

But just by staying in the barracks, she had seen numerous flaws in her 'perfect Caronian' soldiers.'

From discipline, to cowardice to even attention to details... they were all truly lacking in numerous aspects.

This definitely had to change!!!!!!


Of course, while Penelope was in sheer joy and awe of the barracks' system..... Landon on the other hand, was also in joy as well.


"Congratulations host, for completing your main mission."