'Snore!!... Snore!!..... Snore!!....Snore!!'


Within the Caronian barracks, all the soldiers were sound asleep.... as they had spent these past 3 days familiarizing with their new home.

They had been given a map..... as well as given an official tour, a booklet of the rules and regulations, class schedules, a barrack I.D cards which showed that they were students, and so on.

Of course, they made an oath to their empire and Baymard.

Just like many professions... engineering, medicine and so on, and oath was an important aspect of it all.


While touring the barracks, they had been thoroughly amazed at how massive and organized the place was.

Outside every door within the barracks, one would find a hall and room number to it... like B-11.


And to make it simpler, at the main entrance of all buildings, a directional map would be placed there as well.

In short, even within the premises, one would see arrowed sign boards that pointed the students to wherever they wanted to go to.


For their salaries, it had also been talked about.... as they would receive it bi-weekly.

Of course, Carona was footing the bill for that one.

And if the soldiers felt like the money they had wasn't enough... then they could do part time jobs within the barracks too.


Every week, several jobs would be posted within the barracks' newspapers... and these jobs will only have a 2 week contract to them, so as to allow others to get those same opportunities again.

If one wanted to be a dishwasher, barracks gardener, laundry helper, kitchen helper, and even janitor for the next 2 weeks..... they could apply at the Barracks' job office.


Also, outside volunteer jobs like helping the sick and whatnot..... will also be included in the list as well.

So every after 2 weeks, a new list would come up with new names.... or the same names if someone applied twice for the same job.

And in this scenario.... the earlier one applied, the more guaranteed they would be at getting it.


Again, so as to make these Caronian soldiers feel fairly treated, Landon had also requested for some Baymardian 'Privates' to live with the Caronain soldiers as well.

So right now, each room had 35% Baymardian soldiers and the rest were Caronians.


This way, they would see that how they were treated was the norm.

Of course for classes, they would hold some in the Baymardian barracks.... as well as in their own barracks too.

As for how they slept, males had their own rooms.... while females had theirs as well.


Within these past few days, one could see the Caronian soldiers roaming within both the Baymardian and Caronian Barracks..... as they had to know where their classes were going to be held.


"Look!.... the map says that if we go through George street and head towards Canterbury drive.... then we will arrive at our first class on Monday."

"Waaahhhh.... compared to our Caronian barracks, this Baymardian one he is so big that it even has numerous streets within it.


"Bro... you're getting distracted again.

Is that really important right now?

We have to know where our classes are being held, so that we don't come late tomorrow."

"Wait!!.... before we do that, weren't we supposed to get the results for our health checkups today?

Lets go to the main clinic first."



And that was how these soldiers spent their past few days.

Now, they had gone to bed in preparation for their classes the next day.



Several people were sleeping soundly, when suddenly.... several men barged into their rooms unannounced.


"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

5 minutes is all I'll give you all

to be fully dressed and assembled at the center of the rooms!" Warrant officer Hayden yelled out.


Of course while he was talking, 2 other officers proceeded to banged their doors violently.... while blowing whistles at them.


'Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!'

The sleepy men placed their pillows over their heads in frustration..... as they thought that those bangs were the most annoying sounds that they had ever heard in their lives.

The continuous whistle noise made them want to slice the owner of those whistles into half.


And after the warrant officers were done, they soon dashed out in a flash... leaving the room in a somewhat quiet state.

Within this moment, some people went back to sleep, while others lazily did as they were told.


But of course for the Baymardian soldiers who were currently staying within the rooms... they hurriedly dressed up, as if their lives depended on it.

And due to this, some of the Caronian soldiers quickly picked up their pace as well.

They had suddenly been enlightened by them.


3 minutes more, and Draymond was still lying in bed.... as he had given himself 2 minutes of extra sleep.

But when he opened his eyes again, he realized that he was immediately greeted by sever peo running left and right, while getting dressed up.

And soon, he felt a deep sense of crises arise from within him.


What was going on?

Why were they all so serious?

He looked around confusedly, and realised that he was one of the few who were still laying in bed as well.

3 to 8 bunk beds away, he could still see some of them snoring away, while others just sat on their beds.... as if trying to convince their bodies to move.


Thinking about how he had planned to impress his Queen and his majesty Landon.... he couldbg help but feel disappointed in himself.

Very quickly, he jumped out of bed.... and joined the chaotic group of men before him.


"Has anyone seen my socks?"

"Oh no!!.... I can't find my locker key!!!

Where the hell did I drop my key chain at?


Where could it be?"


Hayden struggled to wear his uniform... as well as arrange his bed and fold his sleeping wear too.

Right now, he wished that he could recover those last 2 minutes that he wasted on bed.


"Times up!!

Drop everything you're going and Line up immediately."