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 Every one was watching the match very attentively.... especially those from Carona.

When had this war devil ever lost So badly?

In a fact, she didn't even have a chance to show off any moves, as Landon immediately put her down on multiple occasions.


For people like Penelope, if their opponent didn't give it their all..... then it would be as if one was looking down in them.

Nonetheless... for those who knew her, such a swift defeat was surreal to them.

Hence every time she lost, they would wipe their eyes clean.... just to be sure if they really saw what had happened.


After 30 minutes, the match was finally over.... and everyone soon took their seats.

It was time to get down to business.

"Even though my father and grandfather had already thanked you... I still want to show you my deepest gratitude for destroying those camps within Carona.

As well as providing your foods at a cheap price to my people..... it has really improved their daily lives.

Once more, thank you" Penelope said humbly, as she bowed her head towards Landon.

Of course Duke Samuel and Ambassador Victor also bowed their heads as well.


"Please, raise your heads.

If Baymard and Carona are truly sworn brothers, then there's no need for such." Landon said helplessly.

Why did this scene look so famiar to him again?

They continued their little meeting for the next 3 hours, as they briefly looked at the treaty again....  as well as discussed diplomatic actions to take in the future.


Of course, they also had a brief discussion about the training..... and concluded their meeting by detaily discussing the role of the Caronian ambassador herein Baymard.

And somewhere within these few hours, they

had gotten somewhat comfortable with each other.

Landon now called Penelope, sister-in-law...while she in turn called him brother-in-law.

As for Duke Samuel, he referred to Landon as little imp.


"Little imp!..... just tell me honestly..... is the training really that tedious?" Duke Samuel asked, while acting all innocent and blue-eyed.

"Well, I'll be honest with you.

It'll be hard for your first few days.... but soon, you'll adjust just fine." Landon said confidently.


Duke Samuel on hearing this, still didn't feel relieved at all.

He had always hated training, as he felt that it was such a drag.

Right from the get go, he had hated all his classes... which had to do with how to rule an empire.

He was intellectually smart... but when it came to fights, he just felt lazy to give it a try.


One had to know that growing up, he was known as the mischievous and lazy prince.... as he was literally tied up sent for training, almost everyday.

He refused to go, and even when passing through the doors.... he would spread his hands and feet against the door frames, as the guards tried to haul him away.


And just to escape from training, he would sneak out of the palace the night before..... and return after training was done.

Adrian had truly had enough headaches that could last a lifetime due to him.


Because he had hated all this, he had pushed Carmelo to become king.

Even when he had his hearing for the position of Carona's ruler..... he had gone around telling people to vote for his brother.

The few that still chose him, were driven away by him on the 'hearing day'.

Adrian had been made speechless by this son of his numerous times.


What was the point of being king and fighting all the battles, when one could just be a wise counselor who comes up with tactics?

His life was way freer than Carmelo's and for him.... that was more than enough.


As for money, Carona had a rule which prevented rulers from mishandling funds.

Hence at the time that Carmelo was king, his pay was still slightly similar to Carmelo's.

So in essence, Carmelo did most of the work.... whole he did a few and still enjoyed his life.

He was lazy, and he knew it!!

But now.... this family of his had betrayed him.


In Samuel's mind, he had miraculously escaped training for the past 30 something years.... with him faking illness, travelling to a different city within the empire, and so on.

But now.... he was forced again?

He coudnt take it at all!!


"Little imp

Look at me?.... I'm all skin and bones.

I'm already this tiny, so from a medical point of view..... how can I go through this training?

In doing so, won't I end up working out until I finally disappear into thin air?

Just exempt me this one time alright?" Duke Samuel said, while pouting and acting pitifully.



Landon massaged his temples, as he felt like he was looking at an even more ridiculous version of Santa.

Duke Samuel knew that he had fallen into his family's trap.

But what other choice did he have?

He truly wanted to see Baymard for himself, hence he had taken the risk.

So after weighing the pros and cons, he decided to first come to Baymard.... and then talk his way out of training with the king here.

But who was Adrian?


"Brother-in-law, before you answer that question.... Grandfather and father asked me to hand this over to you." Penelope said, while taking out a letter from her chest pocket.

A minute and a few seconds more, Landon soon looked at Samuel helplessly.

Well, he got the gist.


Without even waiting for his reply, Duke Samuel began his overly dramatic display.

(Woo)... (woo)..... You.... you.... I thought you were my new favorite.

I don't want to go!

(Woo)... (woo).... why must I join you all?

Mt little Princess, please help me out alright?" Duke Samuel said, while looking at Penelope hopefully.

"Uncle..... just give up!

Training starts in the next 3 days, so get prepared."



Within the next 3 days, Penelope and her men began registration and other procedures needed to completely adjust into their new statuses as Caronian soldiers.

Now, they were ready for this so-called tedious training.


They felt pumped up and unbeatable... as they prepared to excel Landon's expectations.

But sadly, sometimes.... reality wasn't always similar to one's heroic imaginations.