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 "Fight me!!"



Landon looked at Penelope and sighed inwardly.

Typically, anyone else who would've asked him this same question... would've had to fight his men first, before getting the 'privilege' of fighting him.... the final boss.

But in Penelope's case, he had already fought with the other royals from Carona, so it wouldn't be fair if she was left out.


Who knew if she would hold it against him and think that he was looking down on her because she was a woman?


He wasn't going to let any misunderstandings develop between them.



But with a sword, or just our bare hands?

You pick."

"Hmmm.... I do prefer sword fighting more..... but since we are here to improve our hand-to-hand combat skills, then why don't we test out the latter instead?"


"_" ..... [everyone else]



Penelope had taken off her sword from her waist calmly, and placed it on the black table before her.

She then stood up, removed her watch... as she didn't want anything to get in her way.

Landon did the same as well and rubbed his wrists while waiting for her to prepare.

Right now, they were currently standing within a massive training room... which was still located within one of the rooms in Landon's office.


Penelope squinted her eyes, and looked at the calm and relaxed Landon.

He smiled back at her, as he didn't take any of her aloof actions to heart.

Santa had Long told him about this future sister-in-law of his..... so he wasn't particularly displeased with her at all.

On the contrary..... someone as tough as her, was probably best suited with that goofball.


Penelope on the other hand, was also quite pleased with Landon as well.

Before coming into his office, she had first seen to the needs of her men..... and during that period, she had seen the way everyone communicated with Landon.


Even as they had walked towards the office, those within the palace hadn't been fearful of Landon at all.

The people genuinely felt happy being around their king.

This alone said a lot about what sort of person Landon was.


One could pretend outside.... but in one's home, nothing would be hidden under the sun for too long.

If he was abusive or bad, the servants would've instinctively felt like running, or trembling at the mere sight of him.

Well.... she was also pleased with how casual he treated her as well.

As if she was already part of his inner circle.


Gary who was used to fighting here with Landon, quickly volunteered to be the referee.

"We'll have 3 rounds in total..... and the person with the highest number of victories, will be declared the Winner." Gary said, while holding a whistle in his left hand, and raising the other hand up into the hair.


He further explained the rules of the match, as well as explained all the scenarios where one could forfeit or loose a match without even knowing.

Of course, since this was a friendly match, he also briefly spoke about the things that were considered foul play.

But if it were an enemy, it would be okay to use those moves on them.


Gary spoke quickly, like all those athletic referees..... as he hurriedly laid down all the rules.

"No nut hits!

No eye poking!

No serious fracturing!"



2~3 minutes later, he was done with his brief explanation.

"Round 1!



Penelope ran up to Landon at full speed, with a well thought of plan in mind.

She quickly decided to send a fast punch toward him.... and later elbow him under his chin.

But who could tell her when he had caught her hands and sent her flying?

And what was that move another move that allowed him to move so nimbly?





Within the next 30 minutes, Penelope had been destroyed over and over again .

They had a total of 9 matches so far..... and even so, she just couldn't understand how it had come to this.

"One more time!!"


"Another one!"





Penelope had never had an opponent whom she couldn't at least injure.

She wasn't the toughest person in the Hertfilia.... but even when she lost sometimes, she would still injure her opponents heavily.

But this Landon fellow was as slippery as an eel.

All his moves were things that she had never seen before..... as she was used to fighting like a musketeer.

In fact, she rarely used her bare hands in a fight... as she would subconsciously fight as if she was still wielding a sword.


Ambassador Victor jad hos mouth wide open, in awe at the skill level displayed by this young king.

Forget the fact that he was a chosen ambassador.

Before he was made one, he used to be a regular knight Capatin as well.

So since this ambassador job needed someone tk stay in Baynard.... just in case problems arose, he was expected to pick up a sword and protect himself or the Caronians here at all times.


His mouth hung wide open, and his eyes flew open as well.... as he tried to remember all the moves that he had just seen.

Of course without proper training, executing them would definitely be hard to accomplish.

His job as ambassador required him to be in the office at all times.

Hence he had decoded on requesting about joining this so-called training at least once a week.

In this way, he would be king 2 birds with 1 stone.


Duke Samuel on the other hand, kept on eating his snacks whole watching the match.... as if

It were a Television screen.

He watched the while thing in shock..... as this was the first time that he had seen Penelope loose so badly.

He kept making loud commentaries, as if he were in a WWE wrestling show.

"Take him down little princess!!"

"No! No! No! No!

Use your left leg to kick his lower belly.

No! No! No! No! No!!!!