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 "Didn't you see that first class suite with the seashell sofa within it?

Bro..... it was amazing!"

"I know right!!

And don't forget.... his majesty said that each room would have a personal butler assigned to it.

The whole thing screams out luxury."

"Wait..... but what did you think of the staff quarters?"

"To be honest, I was expecting the rooms there to look like a broom closet or something... since they basically came here to work, and not for vacation.

But surprisingly, his majesty had still requested for the staff rooms to be done as if it were a standard hotel room instead."

"Have you forgotten?

His majesty said that if someone lived in a depressing place, it could affect their work... and eventually themselves.

That's why he made the place as comfortable as possible for them."



Everyone chatted merrily, as they stepped out from the Enchantress... in their minds, they would definitely use their vacations to have this cruise experience.

Even if they had seen luxury before within the hotels in Baymard... seeing all this within the ships were still breathtaking nonetheless.

It was the same feeling people get when they visit places like Singapore or Dubai.


Back on earth, everyone had basically seen most of the features placed in those areas.

But why did they still look at those regions in awe?

Beauty, architecture, decor, scenic spots and so on..... played a major role in attracting everyone's attention.

So no matter who it was, they would still be blown away to some degree.


And even though some of the them had aided in building the ships, it was still a wonderful experience to actually step on board for a tour and seeing the complete look.

Because once construction was done, some of them hadn't even seen some parts of the ships yet.... as most parts were closed off once done.

So of course they were excited.


Landon on the other hand, was currently heading towards a newly built Cruise Management Company with Pulther..... who was the newly appointed Minister of Transportation.


This company was meant for the workers and staff only.

Here, the accountants, secretaries, cleaners, ship engineers, cooks and so on, would have their locker rooms, and even have project discussions here..... especially the engineers.

If some new protocol had been issued out, they would be made known about it within the company.


On arriving at the company site, they quickly proceeded towards one of the conference rooms there.

Today, they would have a grand meeting with all the 'heads' within the company.

Be it the Head of operations, Head of Accounting, or Head Quality Management personnel... everyone was present for today's meeting.


"Chief Sezar... you had just returned from Carona last night.

So... How far has Carona gone with completing what we asked for?" Landon asked the red haired man seated on the right side of the conference table, 3 seats away.

"Your majesty... it's done!

The Estate has just 2 massive 3-storey buildings within it, as well as 1 small one for the security men." The man replied while subconsciously stroking his thick reddish beard.


Landon had asked for a simple building to be made, so as to save more time.

Without cement, Carona had to construct buildings made entirely out if stone..... and this in itself was too cost effective and time consuming.

Hence, he had just wanted not more than 4 buildings within the estate.


With their office in Carona completed, their next agenda was Training.

"Chief Winifred... How's training going?"

"Your majesty, the Captains and engineers have been training using the Fishing ships, tug ships, and some of the cargo ships that were completed 2 months ago.

And we had also got them to train in simulated rooms that had all the controls within it as well.

Your majesty, so far..... only 48% of the Captains and navigation officers are ready.

As for the rest, they need a little more time before they would be able to confidently give out orders or solve problems on their own." Said a 29 year old woman.

"Hm..... not bad.

This is still good enough for the time being..... since each cruise will have a team of at least 60 of them on board at once.

Those who are strong will help those who are weak... while piloting the ships.

Also, for the next 1 year..... each trip would have 5 supervisors in it at all times, who will overlook everyone as well.

In this way, everyone would be able to learn and gain experience in the job.

But of course, just before we officially launch.... we'll have them take 5 examinations using the cruisers for the next 3 weeks."


Everyone nodded, as they listened on.

"Captain Darius!

Have you selected enough Marine soldiers for the job?"

"Yes your majesty!"

"Good... just like the rest, they too would have to take separate examinations as well."



Up next, they quickly tackled scheduling.

Boarding in Carona would take place on Mondays at 10 A.M and 3 P.M... as well as Thursdays \u0026 Saturdays at 9 A.M, 2 P.M and 6 P.M.

While Boarding in Baymard would take place on Tuesdays at 10 A.M and 3 P.M..... and Fridays \u0026 Sundays at 9 A.M, 2 P.M and 6 P.M too.

For now, these were the only time intervals for boarding on each day.

But of course when more ships were created in the future, more time intervals would also be added to the schedule as well.


There were 9 ships available, and a total of 16 trips to make weekly..... with each trip taking at most 2 and a half days to complete.

So after drawing up a proper working schedule, which accounted for the workers rest, weather delays and so on...  Landon and his team were now ready to officially launch the Bay-Caronian Cruisers.


--Somewhere on the Open Waters--


'Shwahhh! Shwahh!'

The waves gently rippled against each other.....  as they mildly rushed in from directions.

On a massive fleet, one could see a young girl currently training hard with her sword in her hands.

'Swish! Swish! Swish!'

She had placed her hair in a ponytail, as she continuesly sliced through the air multiple times.


"Your majesty..... it's time for your lunch!

If you don't go now, the good would get cold" Said one of her knights.

"I'll be right there Horris."



Soon, the young lady swiftly placed her sword in its sheath...and looked at the calm waters below.

It wouldn't be long before she would reach her destination.

She was of course curious about this land of  'milk and honey' that she had been hearing about.

Soon, she would see what this Baymard was truly like.


But unbeknownst to her and the merry Baymardians.....  several forces had already silently gathered around Baymard, as they too wanted to get their hands on this promise land.