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 The tour continued.... and bottom line:

▪For Staff Quarters:

It covered the entire 3rd floor floor, and had 180 rooms within it... 80 to the left, 80 to the right, and 20 on the sides.


One had to know that Landon's cruisers were smaller than most cruisers.... and could be said to measure up to 70% of those massive ones back on earth.

So when concerning these floors..... most cruise ships would have a minimum of 260 wide rooms within the residential floor.


But since his were smaller, of course the number of rooms would differ as well.

Nonetheless, the rooms were set up like hotels..... with their own bedrooms, toilets, closet spaces, and even a cozy sitting area.

Of course, the higher one ascended.... the more spacious and luxurious the rooms would be.


Anyway.... each staff residential room had 2 bunk beds, hosting a total of 4 people within a single residence.

Of course, Landon had designed the rooms in a way that wouldn't make the staff feel cramped up.....  as everyone had ample breathing space around them.

To sum it up, this floor would host 720 staff members overall. (180*4)


If anyone was thinking that this number was too much, then they really didn't know much about cruise management.

Most cruisers got at least 2,500 staff members for the smooth running of the ship.


From the security guards, to the ship engineers, mechanics, floor cleaner and room cleaners, kitchens, casinos, restaurant, spa and all other aspects within the ship.... one could even argue that the number was too little instead.


One shouldn't forget that the staff had to be alert to attend to any customer needs... no matter what time it was.

Hence they needed ample staff around the clock at all times.


▪For Economy Class:

It covered floors 4, 5 and 6 within the ship.

These ones also had 180 rooms as well... but were more luxurious than the staff ones.

So rather than having bunk beds like the staff members, these ones would have regular hotel beds.

And those who booked earlier.... could choose what sort of room they wanted.


Also, depending on how large their families were...  their rooms could either have 2 beds or just 1 within them.

Of course for economy class.... their rooms would only have single, twin, full or double sized beds.


Bottom line, just like how airlines did it...  if one booked early and requested for a particular type, then it would be reserved.

But if one booked late, and the type of room he or she needed were all reserved.... then they would have to settle for another option instead.


Of course, so as to give more options for those with extremly large families....  Landon had made a rule that no one traveling in their own could book a room that had more than one bed within it.

For now, this rule would stay... but in the future..... for sure, it would be dropped.


▪Looking at Business Class Residences, one would find them in the 7th and 8th floors.

Rather than having 180 residences/rooms, these floors had 100 instead.

And right off the bat, one could immediately spot several major differences from those in economy class.

The most obvious one, was that every residence was far larger than those within economy class.... and had several rooms within it as well.


The seating area was now in a separate room.... and even had a dining table within it.

And there was also a walk in closet, as well as separate rooms for those who needed 2 beds within 1 business class residence.


Also, these residences now had balconies..... that either overlooked the ocean, as well as the surrounding deck below.

Of course, the beds within these rooms were all Queen sized as well.


▪For First class guests, they only occupied HALF of the 9th floor..... with only 25 suites in total, 10 on the left, 10 on the right, and 5 at the side.

In short, one could almost fit in 2 business class residences into each First classroom.

Here, each room had its own private butler, or attendant... who would be on their back and call throughout their trip.


The high ceiling Suites were extremely massive.... and had been designed just like a 2-storrey house without a kitchen.

The suites had balconies the size of outdoor patios, astairway which led to the bedrooms above, another room which acted as a second bedroom, a Jacuzzi, and a wine and beverage spot with a complementary Deluxe Beverage Package consisting of 2 Champagne bottles, and 2 other beverages.


It also had an even larger walk-in-closet, an entire living room area, a massive sized bathroom, a private office, and V.I.P access to everything on the ship.

This included unlimited spa treatments, which could be performed right in their suites..... rather than going to the Spa on the 2nd floor.


Long story short, they would always get the best of everything..... like: priority boarding, priority departures, and specialty dining where they could be intimate with the gourmet chef and have their meals cooked right before their eyes.

Also, they would have access to V.I.P sections within the gyms, front row seats to all shows, and so on.


▪As for the other half of the 9th floor..... this region was the residential areas of the Ship Captains, the doctors on board, as well as those War soldiers below deck.

The floor had a wall at its center, which blocked those from either sides from seeing each other.


As Landon didn't want the first class V.I.Ps to see them.

Also, he had made a private elevator from the deck level... which would lead them to the captains, doctors and soldiers straight to their residential sections at once.


As for how their rooms looked like, within the sleeping chambers of each V.I.P residence there..... Landon had essentially placed several bunk beds there, as if they were in the army.


Again, on this floor, at a well hidden region....  one would find the Captain's Control and navigation Center here.

One had to know that the soldiers below deck only had to ensure the safety of the ship.

But when it concerned those actual stirring it.... those would have to be the Captains.

The control center had an upper floor and lower floor within it.... as well as high ceilings and glass windows, since it was within the First class floor.


▪Up next was the last floor..... which was essentially an open deck region above the 9th floor.

There....  one would find a swimming pool, several lounges, an outdoor bar, another garden, and even 3 outdoor snack restaurants there.


Of course to use the pool, one had to buy any of the fully covered up swimwears before they hopped into the water.

No swimming with stockings, boots and so on.

As for those who couldn't swim, they could sign out arm floats free of charge as well.

And just to be sure that they were alright, had decided not to make the pool too deep.


With these many features in the cruisers, Landon was hoping that everyone would have fun during their trips.