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 "Bam! Bam! Bam!"

Several of Billy's men, who were close to the gate..... had all mysteriously fallen down.

"Captain, I think there's a trap at the frontlines!" Whispered, one of Billy's men.

Billy frowned and viewed the scene with his binoculars, which were hanging around his neck.

He and some of his men, were currently laying low in the bushes.

Since he had to ensure the switch at the other perimeters, he couldn't join the battle yet.... until he was sure that the switch had been made successfully.

He looked at the scene and nodded.... indeed, there was a trap laid out at the frontlines.

There were several thin ropes of wire stretched around the area.

When the soldiers ran at full speed towards the gate, they were instantly tripped by these wires.

And once they fell, those terrorists around them.... would shoot them dead.

"Captain... not good!

Some of the men who tried to sneak towards the right wall, were caught in net traps."

"Hmmmm... Staying here any further would be risky for our mission!

How many spies have successfully been added?" Bully asked.

"3 at the back wall, 1 at the left wall... and none at the right wall."

"Hmmm... That's good enough.

Sound the command for everyone to retreat!!"

Immediately, one of his men got up and yelled.

Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!"

On the battlefield, everyone paused for a mini-second... and immediately ran back.

Of course as they escaped, a stream of bullets continued to rain on them.

How could these terrorists let them go so easily?


'Djii! Djii! Djii! Djii! Djii!'

The good guys ran as fast as they could, while jumping around like grasshoppers... as they tried to dodge these bullets.

Of course those that were shot, limped away in a sorry state.

Some 'died', while others were 'brutally injured'.

As the night passed by, both sides were constantly battling and injuring each other.

At some point, the terrorists had discovered the spies within their camp.... And at another point, both Lucius and Landon had lost a considerable amount of men.

Sunday was here and there were only 4 hours left before the deadline approached.

Lucius and his men were currently standing within Landon's estate.

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With only 4 hours left, they decided to go all out!!!

No matter what, they had to rescue those hostages.

Lucius and his men were standing on one side, while Landon and his own men were standing on the other side.

"We, the armed forces of Baymard..... are here to arrest you for several charges against our Home!

Do you know your crime?" Lucius yelled out.

"Ohh... what crimes could I and my family possibly commit?" Landon said.

"Dont play dumb!!... where are the hostages!!!" Lucius said.

"Hmmp!! If you want them, you'd have to take them over my dead body!"

"My thoughts exactly!

Mark.... focus on Gary

Josh.... focus on Trey

The rest of you, kill these terrorists and rescue the hostages.

As for me, I tackle their leader!!" Lucius commanded.

Landon looked at them and smiled.

"I was thinking the exact same thing... It seems that our minds really are alike!"

Instantly, everyone scattered about the estate.

'Djii! Djii! Djii! Djii!'

Landon ran up to Lucius and fired several shots at him.

Lucius immediately rolled on the ground and hid behind a pillar that was a little distance further from Landon.

As Lucius was about to poke his head out from behind the pillar... Landon shot several bullets at it's edges.

"Never would I have thought, that I would fight you like this old man!!"

"Brat!!... Watch yourself!!

Who are you calling old?"

Instantly, Lucius ran away from the column... and made several shots, as he ran backwards.

'Djii! Djii! Djii! Djii!'

Landon back flipped away, as he continued to dodge the bullets.

"Hey old man!! ... didn't you say that you wanted to know how painful these bullets are?

Just stay still, and I'll show you!!"

"No need brat!.... I already shot my shoulder with one 2 days ago.

Theres no way that I'll allow myself to receive another shot again!!"

As they fought, everyone within the estate was busy tearing themselves down.

Guarding the hostages..... were Ruby (Gary's girlfriend), Yara (Trey's girlfriend) and 12 other soldiers.

Footsteps slowly approached as they guarded their prisoners.

'Ava?', Yara and Ruby thought.

Ava was Mark's girlfriend... so of course she would sign up to be in his camp.

Ava came over with 14 soldiers.

"You all give up and return our hostages to us immediately!!" Another soldier said.

"No way!! not without a fight." Yara said.

"That works even better" Ava said smilingly.

Everyone immediately dispersed themselves.

Ava had decided to attack Ruby since she was one of the strongest within the group.

'Djii! Djii! Djii! Djii!'

Everyone tried to shoot their targets.

As Ava shot, Ruby front flipped in a zig-zag manner... while ensuring that she moved towards Ava.

Once she was close, she immediately fell on the floor in a split... and spinned her legs like fan blades, in attempt to trip Ava.

One would say that Ruby was as flexible as a gymnast.

In fact, her fighting style was a mixture of Eddy Gordo'(From Tekken) and 'Mystique' (From the first X-Men series).

Ava wasn't weak either.

As she was about to fall, she immediately used her had to do a hand stand... and swiftly landed back on her feet again.

But of course, Ruby didn't even give her time to breathe at all.


Ava had blocked Ruby's fist with her own fist, and quickly grabbed onto Rubby's left hand.

From there, she pulled Ruby towards her and used her left knee to hit Ruby's left side.

Ruby blocked the attack by using her other hand to block Ava's knee.


'Djii! Djii! Djii! Djii!'

Everywhere within the estate, one would find people running around and shooting each other.

And just like that, time was up!!

Only 6 out of 10 hostages were rescued, and both leaders from each Camp were still alive.

It was concluded that both sides had lost.

For Lucius' team, they lost because they couldn't even rescue all their hostages..

And they didn't even manage to kill Landon.

For Landon's team, they lost for exactly those same reasons.

They lost their hostages, and couldn't even kill the leader of the Baymard's army.

But even though everyone lost, they were still feeling pumped and excited.

"Dude!!!... I've learned my lesson!!!

Never will I shoot such a shitty shot again!"

"You're telling me!!

I fired 7 bullets towards Van, but he managed to dodge all of them.

By back flipped, front flipped... and even used some close combat moves to kick my gun away."

"At the beginning, that's how it was for me too... but as time went on, I could easily predict my enemy's next step"

"Sigh... We need more practice."

"Don't worry, his majesty had said that we will have short 2 hour sessions at least twice or thrice within each week."

"I got shot, and I swear that my heart almost stopped from the pain!

Look, I'm still limping!"

"Dude... if not of our head shields, I would have lost my head by now!"

"Bottom line, I never want to be shot again that's for sure"


"Me too"