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 "Your majesty..... She's a beauty!!!

No..... they are all beauties!!!"



Standing before several massive cruise ships, were all the workers who helped transport the ships over... as well as all the royals, overseers, heads and main assistants of all workplaces within Baymard.

Today, they wanted to see what these so-called cruisers were.

And of course, as usual..... his majesty Landon's designs never disappointed them.

Truly outstanding!!


The ship was way larger than regular ships... as they realized that even royal ships would be seen as child play, before monstrous beauties.

And what was even more surprising, was that it was all made out of metal?


If it were before.... they would've thought that it would sink.

But having studied a tad bit of the sciences for a while now..... their doubts quickly casted away, as they started forming their own speculations in their minds.


Was this buoyancy?

Did they calculate, as well as take into account the atmospheric air and water pressures as well?

Their minds were currently spinning, as they looked at the large ship before them.

Tsk!..... knowledge was truly power!


Lite Momo and Linda looked at the ships eagerly, as they were waiting for the 'Go ahead' sign from Landon.

There were 9 ships in total before them.

And with each ship, its upper half.... starting from the Deck upwards, were all painted white.

But what made them different, were the colors used to paint their lower halves.

Some were painted dark blue, just like the bottomless ocean... while others were painted red, black and so on.


Of course, the ships all had different names..... like 'The Enchantress', 'The Sovereign', 'Oasis of The Ocean', 'Queen Kimberley', and so on.

Of course, Landon would never name any of his ships the Titanic..... one never knew what would happen.

So Landon would be Damned, if he ever brought such bad luck to his passengers.


Tim and the rest almost knelt down in worship, as they gazed at Landon with a revered look.

"Your majesty..... do you know that you're a national treasure?"

"No.. National Treasure is beneath you.

Your majesty.... you're a Hertfilian treasure!!"

"Hmmp!..... What do you know?

He's definitely a heavenly treasure!"


Once again, Landon shook his head wryly..... as he was left helpless against these citizens of his.

"Alright alright!.... let's take a tour on The Enchantress shall we?"


Very quickly, everyone made their way towards the ship... as they wanted to see what these beauties contained.

Right from the get go, each ship here had:

•3 floors below the main deck level.

•1 Main Deck

•8 floors above the Deck level

•And 1 open roof top floor as well.


Of course the tour started with the 3 bottom floors below deck.

Of the 3, the last 2 were meant for storage of all guests items.... as well as all in-use ship items like foods, toilet papers and so on.


Stepping onto these floors.... everyone was taken aback, to how organized they were.

Stepping in, they could see several massive garage sized doors within the floors.

And each door had a number, lock system and name on it.

Of course rather they called it a garage.... as they had never seen anything like it.

But in actuality, it was a shipping container.


For simplicity, Landon had divided up the residential areas into sections..... and assigned storage units to them.

For example, those living on the 3rd floor... from room 10-30, would all have their stuff placed into 'Residential Container F3-R1030'.. where 'F' represented the floor, 'R' the Room.

In this way, storage and even identification would be made easier for all.


Stepping into each shipping container, they realised that it had shelves with various sizes within it ..... which could accommodate small to massive sized guest bags.

And the shelves also had several straps and other fall prevention mechanisms..... so as to keep the bags safe and secure during the trip, lest they fall and something within them gets broken.


There wasn't much to look at with these 2 bottom storage floors.

But the floor above them, which was also the 1st floor below the deck.... was meant for

WAR, that is if someone dared to attack them.

There were missile launcher all positioned around all points within the floor..... as well as the main security office base within the floor.


This floor also had its own storage area, which provided ample ammunition and other important weapons to take down the enemy.

Of course as the ships were going to travel out and about, Landon had obviously equipped the ships with RADAR systems.


In simple terms, this system would allow them to know if incoming ships or objects were approaching them.

In essence, Radio signals would be sent out from all angles around the ship.


From there, these signals go out and get reflected back to the ship.

And of course, the system would convert the radio waves, and estimate how large the incoming object was.

And if it were any danger to the ship, the alarm system would go off within the War deck.


Also, on this floor, there would also be an engine and electrical 'Monitoring \u0026 Maintenance' Control Center as well.

Which was off limits to everyone except those who worked in this particular control center.


And finally, it contained an incinerating room.... where the all waste would be recycled, destroyed or managed.

Here, engineers would be called to play their part on the ship.

So far..... These were all the things that Landon had placed below deck level.


Moving on from the lower part of the ship, the upper part... which entailed the main deck and the 8 floors above the deck, would for sure be the limelight of all future trips..


In essence, the deck floor had a massive hotel-like building on it which took 3/4 of the floor space..... leaving the other 1/4 as open deck space, which would be spread around the hotel building.

So one can imagine it as a hotel surrounded by a lot of open space.


And within this open deck space one would find:

•A large Theater at the back, were one could watch shows and plays

•Several large open lounge areas with chairs at different locations.

•A man made-Garden


Landon the rest had currently finished touring the deck space... and now, it was time for them to look at the massive building before them.

They walked merrily and chatted amongst themselves, until they finally stepped into the main Lobby.

"Your majesty... it's indeed like a hotel."

"It's... it's extremely huge!"

"Your majesty... at this point, I wouldn't even mind living in this ship forever!" Said another, as he knelt down and kissed the white crystalline looking floor before him.



The floor designs, patterns and decor all made one feel like they were at a 5 star luxury hotel.

Just from entering the place, most of them felt like they should spend their vacation days cruising on these ships with their families as well.

Who knows, maybe they could go to Carona just for the cruise experience.

Soon, the helpless Landon continued his tour..... as he led the overly excited crowd around the floor.


One should know that the hotel-like building had 9 floors in total:

•Ground or Main Deck floor for guests services and entertainment.

•Floor 2 entertainment as well.

•Floor 3 for Staff Sleeping Quarters

•Floors 4, 5 and 6 for Economy class Sleeping Quarters

•Floors 7 and 8 for Business class sleeping quarters.

•Floor 9 For First Class Sleeping quarters


Currently, Landon and the rest were viewing the deck floor..... where one would find:

•A massive lobby for Check-ins, bag services, room allocations, help desks, and future bookings.

•A large indoor Lounge

•A massive Restaurant, which had escalators and stairs which led to its upper half at the 2nd floor.

•A Clinic, which also had its upper half on the 2nd floor as well.

•An indoor theater which also had its upper half on the 2nd floor too..... even though there was an outdoor theater, if rain fell the show would be pushed in doors.

•A massive Casino.

•A hidden Kitchen for staff only.

•A hidden Laundry room where the staff could clean beddings and so on..... as well as to take down requests from those guests who pay for laundry services as well.

•And finally, another hidden room which monitors those who request for extra services.


One should know that each room would have a  red bottom against the wall..... which should only be pressed if they needed anything.

Once pressed, the guest would have to speak into the speaker there.

From there, those in the room would be able to listen in and reply to the customers needs immediately.


If they needed food at night after restaurant closing hours, then those at the rooms would use their Walkie Talkies to talk to those in charge of such duties.

In such a massive ship, communication was always key.


Of course, the 2nd floor was also solely for entertainment..... as it had:

•A bowling Alley


•Gym, Tennis and basketball courts.

•Several Stores that all sold Baymardian goods

•Arts \u0026 Studio for children and adults

•Day Care Center

•Cafes, Bars \u0026 Lounges (open 24/7)

•The upper half of the clinic

•The upper half of the Restaurant.

•The upper half of the Indoor theater.

•And finally.... a library.


Looking at these entertainment spots, everyone subconsciously nodded their heads, as they started thinking of their future vacation trips with their families.

Everything was for relaxation.


They finished looking at the main entertainment floors.... and finally, it was time to view the residential areas.

Landon had to round up things fast, so as to officially discuss the Transportation route system with the Minister of Transportation.


Soon, the Caronian knights would be coming to train, and Landon needed to hurry things up.

From the message he had gotten from one of Santa's merchant friends.... Queen Penelope was currently on her way here, even now as he was touring.

As per the contract, he had already promised to deliver before the arrival of the knights.

Hence time was not on his side.


"Alright... let's look at the residential floors next."