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 From a distant corner, several others were also watching the show.


"Young master..... it looks like he abided to your instructions.

But why didn't you just allow the boy to kill him?" One of the men said in a whispery tone.

He just felt like rather than allowing Alec live.... it would've bee  better to let James survive instead.


"Why do you keep asking the young master such questions?

Let me break it down to you again.

Firstly, whether he dies now or in a few months time..... sooner or later, his brothers would've killed him off.

Not to talk of his father, when he realised that the brat had traded off 60% of Arcadina to the Teriquens.

That alone is enough to hang anyone publicly.

Even if the young master wanted to spare his life, when news goes out.... the entire empire would hate on the boy.

His life would fall from heaven to hell.

And the people have even riot and ask for him to be disgraced and put to death publicly.

It's better for him to die like so... than the alternative.

He made his bed, and so shall he lie on it."

"Fine... I get that!!

But this is Alec Barn we are talking about.

Why not kill him now?" The other one said, while looking at Alec murderously.

"Calm down..... we all want to kill him.

But for now, he would have tostay alive.

Do you think that we are the only ones who want him dead ?

There are many others who would even kill us, if he took his life before they could.

Some of them had made it their life mission to personally kill him by their bare hands..... and all these people lived with him under the same roof.

Do not underestimate a woman's hatred."

"Speaking of which... is she here?

Yes.... the men had brought her in a while ago.."


At another location, several men were currently holding down a woman, and preventing her from revealing herself.


This woman was James' mother.... Third Queen Argenia.

She had just lost her Daughter last year.... and now, her own son had died before her very eyes.


She had just arrived on the scene when Alec told his men to come out.

And before she could even understand the situation, her son was pummeled to the ground a hundred times.


She mumbled through the hands that were currently placed on her mouth.

Of course, as several men tried to cover her mouth..... others who trying to pin her down, so as to alert Alec.


They wrestled with her for a while... and honestly, they were more shocked that she had such strength in her.

But of course, one should never come between a mother and her child.

Even mothers who were the weakest of beings, would fight to the death for their child.

The WWE match continued, as she tried to reach her son.


And when she heard Alec calling him a weakling and trying to crush his spirits, she almost successfully grabbed one of the men's swords.

As she wanted to go out there and kill the bastard herself.

How dare he?


For sure, the blow came when she saw her sons head dangle backwards from Alec's KILL.

She lost it!

"Little James!!!!"

She was basically screaming, yelling, and crying..... while kicking all the men away from her.

And while the wrestling match continued on for a while more.... back in the open, Alec and his subordinates were still talking.


"Your majesty, what do we do with the prince's body?"

"He's not my son anymore.... so why should I care?

Burn the body and throw the ashes far away from Arcadina."

"Your majesty.... erm...  what do we tell Queen Argenia?"



Argenia who was in the bushes, suddenly stopped wrestling, and looked at them intensely.

"Tell her that he was met with Assassins and kidnapped.

Anyone who dares to leak out what happened today will be hanged along with his entire generation.

Is that understood?"

"Yes your majesty!"


For Alec, whether the assassins took him to Terique, Carona or even any other continent... how would she know?

Plus, he had already experienced her madside, with Jenettes death.... Now picture what she would look like when her children were dead?

This assassin lie was perfect for keeping her on a leash

He would tell her that if she didn't behave, then he wouldn't send out teams to look for their 'missing' son.... and vice versa.

In this way, he would have her at his back and call.


On the otherhand, the woman he was talking about, felt like strangling him..... when she heard his stupid made up story.

She wasn't dumb, as she knew hat he was planning to do.

And to make matters worse, he didn't even want to acknowledge his son or even give him a proper royal burial.

What's more, her son's body would be burnt and taken far away from Arcadina?

The bastard!!!


She continued fighting with the men who were pinning her down, as she watched them carry het son's body as if it were trash.

She couldn't sworn that he called her name out during his last moments.

Call it a mother's intuition, but she could feel it... and every part of her body had vibrated then.


The men soon realised that they couldn't keep this wrestling match up, so they immediately hit her unconscious... like 12 times, no joke.

The woman just refused to faint.



Tears flowed down Argenia's beautiful face..... as she slowly lost consciousness.

And when she woke up again, she was in her room, comfortably resting on her bed.

'Was it all a dream?

Yes!!..... it must be', she thought.

Very quickly, she wore her shoes and planed to make her way towards her son's quarters.

But just when she wanted to leave her courtyard, some mysterious servant passed  a note to her.


2 minutes later, the water workd started all over again.

'Wooo!!.... Wooo!!!... Woooo!!'

She clenched her fists in hatred, as she remembered last night's saga.

she felt like if anyone dared to kill Alec before she did, she would find the person and tear them from limb to limb.

He was hers to kill..... even Cary Barn.


Previously, she didn't make any obvious moves on Cary... because she was afraid that her actions might affect James, and they might hold him hostage instead.

But with James dead, please!!!

She would give it everything that she's got!!


In short, those 2 were her life targets.

And no one.... not even the Gods or the ancestors could stand in her way.

After all, what else did she have to loose?

Her only children were dead!.... and the perpetrators were all living around her.




And so just like that, the while birthday Fiasco had finally come to an end.

The fight for the throne had now been narrowed down once more ..... and James Barn was no longer within the Hertfilian world.

But while all these events had occured, Baymard on the other hand.... had been experiencing a massive inflow of people within this time frame.


---The Empire Of Baymard---


Days were blissful in the newly established empire, with numerous people from Carona rushing in..... in preparation for the next Public school semester, which started on April 3rd.

Only 9 more days to go, and all classes of Caronians enrolled their children at the public schools.


For those who were poor, they got the cheapest apartments located in District H (which was the district just before King's Landing).... and even made payment plans, as well as looked for jobs as well.

As for those who could afford their own private homes... they too had several options as well, as there were villa's and basic homes available to them.


Of course, some people came early.... so as to get acquainted with the place before the Law Academy, and the Culinary \u0026 Winemaking Academy officially carry out their admission tests on May 7th till May 12th.


From what they heard, the competition was to be fierce and like a battlefield... hence no one wanted to be left behind.

So they had come to Baymard to understand the food here, and hopefully gain an upper hand in the tests.


Of course, these academies had 2 official start dates for the exams: May 12th and August 5th.

Those were the only entry dates available throughout the entire year.... as it was always better to have exams during the hot summer seasons.


Again, apart from those with the intentions of studying.... several new merchants had arrived at Baymard's shores as well.

They were drunk in love with Baymard's goods..... as all these items had sold out like hot cakes fast, especially the food.

Do you know how many times people went to buy spices, salt, butter and so on?

And one shouldn't even forget their drinks and snacks as well.

Forget it!!


As merchants, they usually worked like a bus..... as they stopped here and there, conducting business wherever they went.

Hence their ships always contained newly purchased goods within them, or goods that they wanted to sell out.


But in Baymard's case, the merchants had realized that when it concerned Baymard.... they had to take an empty ship to this empire for each trip, because everything sold out fast.

Even things like mops, soaps and so on... were really life savers to a lot of maids... and even housewives.


Landon was current driving his new Bay-X001 Jeep wrangler, towards the Coastal region.

The Cruise-type ships were finally completed.

And now, it was time for the Bay-Caronian Transportation Route To Be Established.