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 James looked at the eerie dark narrow road ahead, and a smile slowly crept onto his face as he envisioned his glorious victory.

Finally, he would get rid of his biggest stumbling block ever.

Alec Barn!!!


For James, Alec's death was something that needed to be dealt with quickly.

Firstly... one had to know that for close to 2 years now... everyone had been trying to convince Alec to change his mind about Eli being his successor.

But of course, Alec was adamant about their suggestion.

Hence they couldn't only smile bitterly, about the whole matter.


But thinking up to here, if Alec was truly dead.... then all 3 princes would have a chance to become king.

He would take a 33% chance any day... over a 0% chance.


Plus with Alec gone, Eli wouldn't have enough noblemen supporters.... as he had never gone out of his way to gain their favor.

This in it's own, already showed that he or Connor would have a better chance at being king over Eli.

So with Alec dead, Eli would definitely loose his biggest supporter.


Secondly..... . killing his father was for the best, as this father of his was a greedy man through and through.

Other kings in other empires have all stepped down from their thrones already.

But this 45 year old father of his planned to do so when he reached 55 or 60.

By that time, won't all the princes be in their early or late 30's?

What sort of crap was that?

Who would wait that long?


Looking at it now, even if he killed Eli.... his father would still sit there for many more years to come.

So.... it was better to kill him now.

Yes... Alec had to die!!


'Din! Din! Din! Din! Din!'

The sounds of synchronized men could be heard getting louder and louder from James' hiding place.

They waited until the group of unknown men had arrived at their targeted attack spot, before they swiftly dashed out from the bushes in a flash.


"Protect the king!" Someone yelled out, as they watched numerous men dash out from the trees and bushes.

The whole scene became chaotic, as they tried to surround Alec.


As for Alec, he just stood there unfazed..... like a magnificent statue brought to life.

His pose was similar to all those Olympian bull riders who had red capes on during their fights.

He pushed his chest forward, lifted his ear snobbishly into the air.... and he held his sword, as if it were a walking cane.


James walked calmly, and smiled... as he looked at his men, who greatly outnumbered Alec's.

Alec stared at his youngest legitimate son's face for a long time unmoved.


"Good evening father" James said teasingly.


Alec remained silent, as he coldly watched his son with utter disappointment in his eyes.

"Father... this son greets you, so shouldn't you reply this son back?" James said, why playfully touching the tip of his sword.

"WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING. HERE!!!!!" Alec asked coldly.

"Are you blind father? or is your old age, that's making your mind to not functioning well."

"Good!.... Very Good!

You dare to talk to me like that?" Alec bellowed in anger.


This was a side of James that Alec had never seen before..... as this son of his would always agree to whatever he said.

More than that, James always wanted to please or curry favor with him whenever they met.

And even when Alec would scold James sometimes... the boy would shover from fright, or act weak and timid just to gain his sympathy.


But surprisingly, apart from Landon..... this son had also received him too?

Having his 2 sons play him like a flute in the span of a single night..... made him feel like a fool.

Was he so useless that everyone could fool him if they wanted to?


He couldn't help but wonder if Connor and Eli had hidden masks as well.

But he quickly pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind  as he knew that James was the exception.

He would like to think that Connor and Eli had inherited his late father's gentle nature... while James on the other hand, had inherited his scheming nature.


This situation was somewhat hard for him to accept, because deep down..... he also loved James as well.

In fact, he loved all his legitimate sons..... but sadly only 1 could be king.

And he gave it to Eli, because he was the oldest and the most caring of the lot.


Now looking at James' face..... for the first time ever, he saw the past and present self, staring him right in the face.

Yes, he had killed his own father in the past..... and even if it were the present him, he would still do it over and over again.


He used to be like James.... as he always acted nice to his brother, while having murderous intentions at the back of his mind.

He had also tried everything to curry favor with his father back then....  and when it didn't work, so he killed him instead.

For him, killing was the best way to solve a problem.


One could say that after killing his father, he began a killing spree to clear his tracks, and as time went on..... his seemingly cowardly persona changed into what it was today.

That's looking at James now, Alec could see a 90% similarity to his former self.

The 10% difference between them, was obviously for James' stupidity.


He also blamed James' mother as well.... as he knew that the boy hadn't been given the proper guidance while growing up.

If he had been given enough attention from the start, then maybe he would've been as good as Connor or Eli... who were pampered silly by their own mothers.

The child was rather a pitiful one.

So, rather than blaming James... he decided to blame the 3rd queen, who had suddenly gone mad after Janette's death.


"Son, I'll give you a chance to redeem yourself.

Answer me truthfully, and I will spare your life.

I want to hear it directly from your mouth, so I'll ask you again.

What are you doing here?" Alec asked indifferently....  with a hint of anger in his voice.

"You'll give me a chance to redeem myself?


I say!.... Old man, you're really too funny.

Take a look at your situation will you?

Does it look like you can threaten me with that Bullsh**?

Fine, as a last act of charity towards you..... I'll humbly go along with you for the time being.

Like you've already guarded..... I'm here to kill you father." James said with a smile on his face.

Immediately as James spoke, a tiny fraction of Alec's heart broke into pieces.

[Alec: Author-san.... is this what my father felt when he killed him?

[Author-san: Erhhh..... no Mr. Alec.

Only a tiny piece broke for you, but your father's entire heart was broken..... Not the same dude.



Alec's body soon began vibrating, as he felt his interior being go hungry for destruction.

He was as mad as a hippo with hernia.

But of course, the anger from his eyes also showed a unique pain underneath it.

He placed his right hand on his chest, and tried to calm his saddened heart.

His throbbing heart, slit entered a serene state of calmness one more.

And soon, he had retained his previously cold aura.



"What sort of question is that?

You of all people should know the answer.... right father?"

"Yes... I do.

But again, I want to hear it form your own mouth."


Well, I don't mind telling you, since you'll die anyways.

You see.... no matter how much I tried to please you, I was never good enough in your eyes.

We could've had a great relationship between us, but you chose to leave me in the dust for your favorite child.

Aren't I also good enough to be king?" James said emotionally.


His lips trembled, as he remembered all the work that he had put in, into making his father recognize him.

"It was always Eli this, or Eli that!

But what about me ?

What about what I wanted?"

"So, let me ask you this.... Did you ever lack anything growing up?"


"Then why do you want to want the throne so badly?

Of what use is it to you, if you have everything you needed?"

"Father ..... I could ask you the same.

Why kill grandpa when you had everything you needed as well?



Silence stayed on for another minute or so... as Alec stared hard at his son.

"How did you know?"

"Father..... you're truly naive!

Did you really think that no one would ever find out?

Trust me father... we all have our ways." James said, with a mischievous smile on his face.

"Indeed..... we all have our ways.

So to be clear... no matter what I say, you won't listen to me anymore?"

"Isn't that obvious?

Father.... why are you so slow?

Forget it!!... let's just get this over with shall we?" James said impatiently.

"Yes... let's.

Men! Come out!!"