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 The birthday feast went on for a while more, but due to the heavy news... Alec wasn't in the mood anymore, as his mind couldn't stop thinking about Landon and mother Kim non-stop.

If possible, he would like to give her the position of his first queen.....  so as to keep her grounded around him.


Alec held his goblet tightly, and gulped down all his ale down at once.

And soon, he decided to turn in for the night.


One should know that during these ceremonies, after receiving the gifts and eating 'lightly'.... the king would turn in and leave the guests to further enjoy themselves within the hall.

This period would be used for building connections, making business deals, and mingling with others in higher social classes.


The feast could continue till 2 A.M at most.

Right now, it was just 11:57 P.M, and Alec felt like he had to leave quickly..... so as to make proper plans for Baymard.

Even if he had to use all the gunpowder in the world to put that son of his in his place, then by all means he would.


When Alec stood up, everyone did the same....and only sat back after Alec's shadow wasn't visible anymore.

And right on que, all the princes who were scattered around the hall .... tactfully left the group of people they were talking to, and headed out of the hall.


It would be stupid for them to attack Alec within the hall, or in the midst of all these nobles... as hundreds of guards were currently surrounding tusk place right now.

But typically, when Alec leaves the party and heads back to his own courtyard..... he usually only uses 100 hidden guards and 12 guards around him.

So I short, Alec had left more than 95% of tonight's guards to stay behind and keep watch on the guests.


Typically, when Alec left the hall on such occasions..... he would usually go to his own courtyard, which was a 41 minute walk from the palace hall.

And he as king, had his own personal route that led straight to his living quarters as well.

Not even his wives, and children were permitted to use this pathetic without his permission.


At this point, it was a 'no brainer'...  that it was at this 41 minute walking route, that the Princes had planned to attack Alec.

Of course, where the attack would take place on the route..... was something that each prince decided separately.


Eli planned to go towards the gardens at the back.... while James decided to pass through the West doors, and Connor the East doors.

Cary who was also busy talking to the other noble ladies, also left through the gardens as well..... as she had to get a front row seat to the upcoming show.


As for the queens, they didn't have any chance to see their children's glory..... as they were obligated to oversee the festivities when their husband was away.

And due to this, they couldn't help but get a little anxious.

What if something went wrong and their sons were killed or locked up instead?

Alec was a beast, and to be honest.... they felt like he could even kill his own children if need be.


Within the hall, all Princes had been engaged in conversing with numerous nobles.... who in turn had been busy introducing their daughters to them, hoping that their families could be directly liked with royalty.

So while Connor and James tactfully left the group of scheming nobles and their daughters... Eli on the other hand decided to use them as his shield.


"Duke Nightingale..... if I may, I would like to ask your eldest daughter, Pascaline, to join me in the gardens for a walk." Eli said charmingly, as he looked at a particular blushing damsel before him.

The girl was standing in the midst of 11 other noble daughters..... and at this moment, she felt like she was the most luckiest girl in the world.

Her heart fluttered and tightened, as she looked at Eli's exquisite face and physique.

'All this could be mine', she thought.


For Eli to spot her from amongst the group of ladies, did that mean that she was way prettier than they were?

She looked at the other girls, who looked like they had just eaten shit... and sneered at them.

In particular, she sneered at another lady whose family was a little richer than hers.


So what if you are from the Borgos family?

At the end, the prince didn't even look at you.'



The other girls tried to contain their disappointments, as they too had been eyeing Eli all night long.

Even Pascaline's younger siblings from hers fathers other wives, could not help but grit their teeth in anger.

For many of them, Eli was their dream man.

But now, this Pascaline b**ch had seduced their ideal man.

How hateful!!


Duke Nightingale on the other hand, felt like he had just won the lottery... as he saw this invitation as an opportunity to get his eldest daughter to become Eli's first queen.

This was great!!


The other nobles around the Duke sized up his eldest daughter even more..... and compared her beauty with their own daughters.

And at the end, they had all labelled Pascaline to be a seductress.

Nonetheless, they weren't discouraged..... as Princes usually had 3 or more wives.

What was the rush?


In truth, Eli had singled her out not because of her beauty..... but because of her overly infatuated gazes.

For his plan to work, he needed to love-struck them Guinea pig... and she just happened to fit the job description.


"Prince, of course you can!!

I am your humble servant... so who am I to turn you down?

My daughter here is also willing..... so please enjoy your stroll." Duke Nightingale said, with a broad smile on his lips..... while gesturing to his daughter to move forward.


Before the newly acclaimed couple asked out, Duke Nightingale gave Pascaline a secretive look..... as if saying: 'Don't Mess This Up', to her.

Pascaline nodded slightly, and followed her dream husband out.


And once they were out of sight, several other nobles soon came towards Duke Nightingale and toasted with him.

Even those who hated him had to put on their best performance, as they too hoped to make use of this opportunity.... and send their own daughters to Eli using Pascaline.

"Congratulations you sly old fox!"

"Congratulations Duke!"


The people already acted as if Eli and Pascaline had already married.

On the other hand, the supposedly 'married' couple were leisurely walking around the gardens.


Eli closed the gap between them, as they walked.

And now, they were so close alongside each other... that their clothes soon began rubbing against each other, as they moved forward.

Soon, they found a stone bench under a massive tree.... and sat down underneath it.



'Boom! Boom!..... Boom! Boom!'

Pascaline's heartbeat quickly speeded up, as she heard Eli call her name out seductively.

"Pascaline, your beauty is truly awe-striking than before."

"My prince.... before?" She asked confusedly.

"Yes, before.

This isn't the first time that you're coming to the palace, now isn't it?"

"My prince, you're right!

I've come here more than 30 times already..... but its usually for birthdays and other festivities your highness.

But your highness you remember me?" She asked shyly, as her blush intensified.

"Don't you trust this prince?"

"I do your highness..... but it's just so shocking to me." She said, while struggling to calm her eager heart.

"Pascaline, believe me... I've been watching you all these years, and all I can tell you....  is that with each encounter, your beauty radiated even more brightly than before." Eli said, while deeply looking into her eyes.


Pascaline shuddered and couldn't help but wish that Eli would kiss her now.

Eli looked at the love struck fool, and leaned towards her ears.

"Wait here for me.... I have a surprise for you.

And don't worry, I'll leave 3 of my men with you.... just in case you need anything."


Pascaline's eyes lit up, as she thought that it would be a token of love or something close to that.

For Eli to give her a gift so soon..... that could only mean that he had truly been thinking of her for many years now.


She sat down on a stone bench and giggled happily..... as she quickly found herself daydreaming about the future.

Being the next Queen of Arcadina.... as well as producing the first heir to Eli's throne, were all the things that she had desired for a long time now.


Eli quickly used another path and exited the gardens undetected.

And just a little distance from his exit point, he immediately met with his his subordinates.... who were all dressed as like Alec's guards.


"How much time is left?" Eli asked, while hastily wearing a guard uniform.

"29 minutes your highness

But if we ride with the horses and take the path adjacent the palace library..... then we should be able to arrive our attack point before his majesty gets there." Answered Eli's head knight, Zarius


We'll go just that!"



While Eli was still making his way towards his attack point.... James on the other hand, was already hiding in wait around the route.

He clenched his sword eagerly, as he kept waiting for his father's arrival.

And soon, he heard several footsteps approaching him.


This was it!!!

It was time for him to finally solidify his position as king.