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 But of course, Alec wasn't the only one who was affected by the news... as all the royals felt like they had just been smacked hard on the face.


Why him?

James looked like a volcano which would erupt at any moment.... as he felt like the heavens were being unkind to him.

How could they favor a useless seed like that fellow over him?


Landon had been denounced and still ended up as king.

But what about him?

He had been battling with his brothers from the get go, while Mr. Landon over there....was Busy enjoying a peaceful life in his new empire.


He felt that his whole life was laughable.

Should he have requested for his father to give him his own land, which wasn't under Arcadina's jurisdiction just to be king?

James quietly grumbled under his breath, as he was unsatisfied with what he was hearing.


Connor and Cary also thought the same, as they too felt like life wasn't fair at all.

Connor didn't know whether to laugh or cry, as that seemingly unlucky brother of his had ended up being king without even fighting for it.

While he on the other hand, had been going neck to neck with Eli for more than a year now.

It almost made him want to bash his head on a rock.



As for Eli, a lot of his personal questions had been answered today.

For one, now he knew that all the men he had previously sent were all dead.

He was supposed to receive their letters around last year August... and now, they were in the month of March.

No matter how he looked at it, they were dead!


Eli had previously dropped the matter because within this time frame, Connor, James and that bastard Ghostly Prince..... were all coming for him at once.

Hence he needed all hands on deck around him.

And due to that, he had never really confirmed the matter of his men's disappearances.

But now... he did.

Landon had killed them all!!


In his mind, this brother of his must have recruited at least 4,000 soldiers into Baynard.... over the span of these years.

That must be the reason why his men had lost so poorly.

But the issue was, how were the recruits getting into Baymard?

Because with all the spies that he had on route, no one had seen or heard any major groups or recruits going there.


So was it by sea?

Were the recruits from different empires?

Eli felt like he had truly miscalculated, when it came to Landon.

Sure, he had a hunch that something was wrong... but he thought that it would've been some old sage guiding Baymard.

But who would've thought that the sage in question was Landon?


Previously, Eli had a ton of questions..... like how they got more food, since no merchants or goods had been seen making their way into Baymard.

But when Winchester said that Landon had made the land barren again, Eli's answer had already been answered.


As for the nobles, they felt a little bit regretful now..... as some of them, as well their children, had 'accidentally' spilled, tripped, or made things difficult for the brat on numerous occasions.

But when talking about the merchants, their eyes bulged out..... and they inwardly decided to head to Baymard, even if then had to disobey their kings orders on the low.


"Duke Winchester... so you're saying that Carona has already allied themselves with this new empire?"

"Yes your majesty!" Winchester said, while genuflecting.

Very quickly, Alec bombarded Winchester with even more questions.... as he truly wanted to know every little detail concerning this newly established empire.


"Y..... your majesty, if I may.... I think that we should remove the ban on Baymard."

"Y... yes your majesty.

In doing this, we may be able to get even more benefits when compared to Carona."


The nobles and merchants all stuttered while giving their candied advice to their king  as they truly wanted these goods as well.


"Your majesty, even though you've disowned him...  you are still his father.

And even though erm..... you also denounced his mother, she was once one of your women, so of course she might still have lingering feelings for you."


Alec's eyes lit up, and he subconsciously nodded in agreement.... as he felt like what they said made a lot of sense.

He was still Landon's father, so the least the boy could do was give him some face.


But of course, he knew that such a person who could remain silent for 15 whole years.... would definitely not care about his opinions at all.

So he had no choice but to make his move on Mother Kim.

Yup! He planned to seduce her.


Even at 45, he was still a catch!

As he looked like a 30 year old man, with his ripped abs, handsome face, and muscular body.

Alec felt like if he displayed his full charm on mother Kim, she would think twice and make Landon over his every command.

After all, mother Kim was and is still probably Landon's main weaknesses.

So if he could get mother Kim wrapped around his fingers, then the rest would be history.


Step 1: Let Landon and Mother King see that he is remorseful.

Step 2: Send men to access Baymard

Stel 2: Seduce Mother Kim.... and even marry her back, so as to keep her on a leash.

Those were all the steps in Alec's mind.


Everyone soon waited anxiously, for their king to give a final verdict on the matter.

"Pass down my orders!

From today onwards, the ban on Baymard has been removed.

This king misses his son, and would like to reunite with him once more."



As the celebration continued in, all the Royals... excluding Alec, had just one thought in mind.

And that was to see this Landon fellow after Today's grand Finale.


'Landon Barn'

Those were the words in the minds of everyone here.

The dice had spun, and now..... the tables had turned.

It seems like they had to pay this new King a visit.