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 "Duke Winchester!!

This is an Excellent gift.

But where exactly did you get it from?

And who was its creator?"



Those were the questions that had been ringing in everyone's mind ever since the watch had been revealed.

They wanted their own watches as well..... and it had to be another group of limited edition watches too.

After all, Winchester had said that those limited edition ones screamed luxury.... as a very minute number of limited edition watches were made, depending on the design, size, and so on.


Of course from what they also gathered, the regular ones were even common and accessible to peasants.

But for the rich and wealthy, Luxury was indeed the way to go.... lest they shared the same type of watches with those disgusting peasants.


Everyone's ears were alert, as they waited for Winchester to answer Alec's questions.

In fact, they had immediately regretted why they didn't bring a parchment paper, and their feathered pens.

Those who were seated, slowly leaned forward... while others who were standing, inched closer as well.

The room became dead silent, and if anyone even coughed right now.... all the nobles would have joined hands and beaten the person to a pulp.

Didn't the person know that his cough could be louder than Duke Winchester?

What would they do if they missed out on anything?


"Your majesty..... as for where I got it from, that would be from the Empire of Carona.

During the last mission there, I happened to see the people rave about all sorts of items.

Your majesty, it would shock you to know that there are at least 50 other Godly items there... . All ranging from food, clothes and so on.

They had things like butter, cooking oil, mattresses, alarm clocks and many more.

Your majesty, in truth .... all those items are better than anything that we have here in Arcadina."


Everyone opened their eyes widely in confusion.

Since when did Carona become so advanced?

Wasn't that empire usually ranked 4th amongst all 5 Pyno empires, when it concerned advancement.


Be it medicine, or even clothing attires.... Arcadina had always been the number one empire within the continent.

For one, its landmass was almost twice as big as all the other empires.

So its population was indeed a massive one.

Hence there were more famous healers, famous merchants and so on.... within the continent.


"So you're saying that all this came from Carona?" Alec asked inquisitively.

"No and yes my king.

To be more specific, Carona bout everything from a newly stemmed empire within the Pyno continent."



Everyone looked at each other in confusion.

Was the truly a new empire that they weren't even aware of?

Were they really that out of touch with the rest of the world, that they didn't even get a chance to know about this?


Alec frowned..... as he himself wasn't aware of such major news.

If the news was right, then he needed to access the strength of this new empire.

As for his spies in Carona, why didn't they inform him about this?

It seemed like he had kept them there for too long... and they had forgotten about the consequences of betraying him.


Some of them had even been tehte for more than 20 years now.

And in truth, nothing ever happened in Carona... so there was typically nothing to write about.

So it was understandable that within the span of these past 20 years, some of them had switched sides as well.

I mean... who would want a ruler like Alec?


Alec continued to ponder on this newly established empire.

Was it a small or large one?

Because if it were large and far away, then he would only choose to partner with them in delivering goods at a very low price to Arcadina.

After all, why should Carona be the only ones to develop within the Pyno continent?

He felt like it wasn't fair.


On the other hand, if the new empire was small and close by... then for the sake of getting all these treasures, he might have to make his move on them.

It's been a long time since his battle spirits were let out, and now..... he felt like he had to do this before handing the throne to Eli several years from now.


"So... what's the name of this new empire, and who is its ruler?"

"Your majesty...

It's the empire of Baymard.

And its Ruler is your son your majesty.

I mean your illegitimate son, who is now his majesty Landon Barn."



"Hahahahhahahahha!!"  Everyone laughed.

Some people even spat out the piece of meat in their mouths, while others spat out their drinks.

Some even banged their tables while laughing, and others clapped from it all.


What a funny joke.

This Duke Winchester was really a jester in disguise.

"Good one Duke..... hahahhaha!"

"My belly.... my belly.... hahahha.... I'velaughed so hard that my belly hurts so much."


Everyone found it hilarious, as it wasn't the childhood of Alecs illegitimate son wasn't something was hidden at all.

Heck!.... even the peasants knew of the matter.

As for the royals, they were also laughing too.

Wasn't this the brat that had been bullied by them for 15 years of his life?


Cary was almost brought to tears from all the laughter, as she remembered the little wimp who would always ball himself up in a corner when she whipped him fiercely.

Even Alec had a smile plastered on his face, as he found the whole thing preposterous.


True, the bastard was his son.

But he had only seen him no more than 4 times in his entire life.... and most of the time, it was only accidentally.

In short, there were times where he would spend more than 5 years without seeing the bastard.

So he didn't hold any special feelings towards the child, or that Whore mother of his.


He wasn't even interested in knowing mother Kim's last name for heaven's sake.

So why would he bother with her spawn?

He sent them to the most deserted region within the palace, which was even further from where the slaves lived.

And even when it concerned their daily needs, he just couldn't be bothered whether they starved or not.

Hence when it came to Landon, Alec treated him like an enemy's child in captivity.



Everyone continued to laugh..... and the unfazed Duke Winchester stood there without even a smile on his face.

After a while, Alec raised his hands and called for silence in the hall.


"Duke Winchester!

Enough with the jokes!

Tell us the truth!" Alec said with a rare smile on his face.

"Your majesty, this subject was indeed telling the truth.

The newly established Empire is Baymard, and its king is his Majesty Landon Barn.

And if you don't believe me my king.... then please look at the back of your watch."


Alec swiftly turned his watch and froze when he saw the engravings: 'Made In Baymard'


Seeing their king like this, even though they didn't know what was written on the watch.... they could at least discern that what Duke Winchester had said was true.


Landon Barn!!

It seemed like there was more to him than what meets the eye.

How interesting!