When the tour group saw their tour guide, they were shocked.

What was he wearing? And where could they get theirs?

Hayden who was currently standing at the front porch, wore a thick grey form fitting shirt, thick black form fitting pants, black socks and a black Jacket.

The way he was dressed, his manner of speech, coupled with his neat ponytail, brought out his facial features even more.. and made everyone feel like they should respect him.

The men in the group all made mental notes to get their own as well... who didn't like to look good?.. plus the material was way thicker than the airy light fabric they had on right now.

Before entering the house, they took off their dusty shoes, and places them at the front of the porch.

"Alright....  if there's anything that piques your interest, or if you have any questions, you can always ask me while we tour.. I will always answer them for you all...Now, let's begin shall we?" Hayden said with a charismatic smile on his face... or at least that's how the women viewed it to look like.

They all nodded back and followed him into the house.

Before they had come in, Hayden had spread out the curtains across the windows, which made the room dark.

When Hayden flipped the switches on the wall, the light instantly came on and the room became bright.

What sort of sorcery was this?

"So it doesn't use fire?" Someone asked.

"No it doesn't"

"No fire?... so when we want to put it on, we just have to do what you did?"

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"Correct" Hayden said with a smile on his face.

He too understood the reason for their shock... how can one light up a room without fire?

Even in the entire Phno continent, Hyden was sure that only someone like his majesty could come up with such methods.

Heis majesty Landon Barn, was simply a once in a lifetime genius.

As the tour progressed, Monica and the others had been utterly taken in by the house design.

The smooth grey porcelain tiles, the black couches, glass tables, brown cupboards, the large glass windows, grey curtains... uhhhhh it was stunning for Monica to describe.

Even the kitchen looked like a place where one could sleep in.

"Wait wait wait!!!.. are you saying that if we roll this thing left, water will flow out?" Monica asked while looking at the tap.

"Correct, this is called a tap... turning the left side gives out hot water, while turning the right side gives out cold water... here.. try it."

Monica turned on the left side and the water shot of from the tap..

"Ahhhh", everyone exclaimed in awe.

She then frightenly placed her hand under the water... In her mind, this was definitely witchcraft.

Who knew if something else would flow out from the tap?..As his majesty had always said, better safe than sorry.

As she waited, the water kept getting hotter and hotter and she quickly turned it off.

Everyone had seen the steam from the water and knew that what Hayden had said was true.

Monica immediately opened the right side and cooled down her hot hands.

Everyone clapped as if they were watching a show.

"Hahahaha.. it works.. it works"

"So we don't have to fetch water at the wells any more? This is great!!!"

"Hahahah.. I used to go to the streams around the coastal region because of the long waiting lines.. Now I don't have to wake up so early any more..hahahaha"

"Good job madam.. good job"

Monica began to blush as people clapped.

As the tour continued, the excited people clapped whenever they saw something out of the ordinary.

Even when the toilet on the ground floor bathroom was flushed, they clapped so hard that their hands had become red and swollen.

Once they were done, they climbed up the stairs and headed up to the second floor.

One should know that the ground floor parlour, had high double height ceilings... Hence the stairway, led to the second floor that had an interior balcony which overlooked the parlour.

Standing on the balcony, Monica held the black rails and looked at the parlour below... From here, she had a better angle and appreciation for the interior design.

Amongst all the things that Jerry had seen, the Master bedroom too the cake for him.

It had its own Private bathroom, as well as its own balcony.

Plus it was the biggest bedroom in the house.

"Papa papa.. I want this room!!!" said their 4 year old daughter.

"No!! You can't have it" said their 6 year old son.

Jerry looked at his son and smiled.

'What a sensible lad... no wonder you are your father's son', he thought while smiling.

"You.. you can't have it... because it's my room, right papa?", his son asked.

Jerry's smile froze.

'What an insensible fellow!!.. you are definitely your mother's son!!', Jerry thought.

He then looked at his wife helplessly, and she in turn giggled and shrugged her shoulders.

Of course the tour concluded with them seeing the basement and the backyard

And of course the show finished with a tour of the backyard.


Once they left, Monica and her husband immediately requested for their own personal home.

Since they were born in Baymard, they could start viewing the other homes that weren't within those 70 tour homes and move in A.S.A.P.

So after another 3 days of viewing several other homes, Monica and her husband decided to go with the 5th home that they had seen.

They signed their mortgage plan, and were also told how much they would have to pay for all their utilities monthly.

For now, Landon had set up fixed utility prices, depending on the size of the house.

But of course in the future, all of that would definitely have to change.

Monica and her husband didn't have a problem with the price, as they thought that it was reasonable and fairly cheap.

Firstly, they themselves had way too much money than they could spend... and had always wandered why his highness increased their pay by so much.

Ever since Monica started working, she had only used not up to 1/7 of her pay every month.... while her husband also used 1.5/7 of his own pay monthly.

Every month, they would combine their money and plan on how much they need to spend for the month.

Of course they bought books and pens for their children, but that was only at the beginning of each semester..... And to be honest, it was still cheap.

They didn't have to pay for their housing, as they still lived in their thatched homes... They didn't have to pay for transport, as they walked everywhere...They only bought kitchen equipment, like pots, only once in a while....Infact, they could say that their money was mostly spent on food.

They had been working since May, and to be honest at this point, they had way too much money.

The second reason why they agreed to pay for the mortgage and utilities, was because they felt that it was only right.

Since they knew that the money was used to pay the workers who supplied heating, electricity and so on, wasn't it right to pay for something that they would use?

When they read through the mortgage, they were even pleased with it as it showed that they could make payment installments and so on.

There was even a section that asked if they were disabled or suffered from any serious illnesses.

This showed that even if something happened to them in the future, there would always be a way out for them.

Hence they immediately signed their contract, and took the numerous bundles of keys from the real estate agent.

The front door key, back door key and so on... plus they had also been given 4 spare keys for each door.

"Sorry, uhmm..... Where do we get those pieces of Furniture?.... And were can we get these clothes?" Jerry asked the real estate agent.

"Hmm... do you know the large estate by the 2 old date-marking buildings ?"

"Yes we do" Monica replied.

"Good!!.... you will find all the new products there.

Since some of the new products made are too big to be placed in sheds in the central region, that estate is now being used as the new the marketplace."

"Really?.... thats good then.... So when we buy the products do we need to carry them back?"

The real estate agent shook his head.

"For the heavy ones.... after paying, your house address would be noted down and the 'Movers' would bring the Furniture right to your home whenever you are free.

So if you choose Thursday at 'dzi' (10 A.M) , then they would be right there on time."

Jerry and Monica's eyes lit up

Once they sent the real estate agent out of their new home, they immediately hurried over to the new marketplace.

It was time for shopping.