"Your highness, my young master sends his regards to you.... He's currently on his way to the empire of Terique, so he sent us here to deliver the goods that you had previously ordered." Santa's subordinate said.

Today was the first day of August and once again, Santa wasn't here.

Landon thought that it was very reasonable for Santa to first visit the customers that he knew way before Landon.

Speaking of which, Santa had over 27 ships constantly moving about the continent of Pyno.

There was no doubt that all this must have cost Santa a fortune, when he probably started his business.

He probably began with maybe 3 ships, and grew his way from there.

Landon had previously heard from Santa that when he started his business, he got some of his rich clients to reward him with a ships instead of money.

For Santa to have done that exchange, that meant that he had taken all this into account his capital at hand.

Landon really thought that he must have really had a lot of capital to pull those stunts.

His workers needed to be paid, and he was not running his business on love, so how that much was his capital to exchange his goods for ships?

But little did Landon know, that Santa was using his father's stolen money.

Santa currently owned the largest merchant organization in Carona, and also had several shops in every empire within the Pyno continent.

So of course he would have his ships constantly sailing all year round.

Santa's absence today was totally within Landon's expectations.

Santa did his business by carrying unique goods from one empire and bring it to the next.... Obviously, his goods were selling like hot cakes in these empires, hence his popularity.

For this month's goods, Landon had gotten all the animals and planting seeds that he had previously gotten in July.

And once again, Baymard had welcomed quite a lot of people this time around.

Landon settled the elderly, children and the new military volunteers, as well as assigning people to work as caretakers.

Once he was done, Landon was left with 5,400 new recruits.

He sent 200 people to the hospital in the upper region, were they would undergo intensive training by all the nurses.

Once they were done with their training, some of them would then be assigned to work in all the different clinics around Baymard.

Landon also sent 500 people to the food industry, 500 to the Alchemy industry, 1500 to the construction industry, and kept the remaining 2700 as construction workers at the sites.

Landon gathered all the supervisors and gave them their assignments for the month.


"Chief Wiggins, there isn't any new product that I want your industry to focus on for now... Currently, 500 new workers have been assigned to your Industry.

I'll leave you the task of allocating each worker, to any of the Alchemy departments."

"No problem your highness" Chief Wiggins replied.

Actually, during Chief Wiggins meeting with his supervisors, he had listened to their complaints and had also realised that some departments were really understaffed compared to the others.

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Now that he had 500 new workers, he would certainly try his best to settle them down.

"I've also made some corrections to the report that you gave me last week... If you follow it thoroughly, the problem with the alkyl group spearation should be fixed.....

Overall, the report you gave me was still very impressive.... Well done!!" Landon said as he handed over a notebook to Chief Wiggins.

"Thank you, your highness"

Landon took another file on his table and looked at Lyore.

"Chief Lyore.... For this month, your industry also doesn't need to make any new products as well. I have also assigned 500 new workers to your industry.

And like the case with the chief Wiggins, I equally expect you to allocate them to each department within the food industry.

I'm also impressed with your report, and have also made a few minor corrections as well."

"Thank you, your highness." Chief Lyore said as he took his report from Landon.

Infact, Lyore also had the same problem as Chief Wiggins.

The supervisors within the food industry had also requested for more workers within their departments.... especially the farming department, which Lyore thought was very reasonable.

Lyore thought that the supervisors within the food industry were hilarious... they literally fought over the number people who were to be assigned within the food industry.

Before he had come to this meeting, each and everyone of them had tried to sweet talk him, and even went as far as offering him food.....hehehe.

Although he took their food, he was still going to distribute the new recruits were he deemed fit.

Why did he take the food then?

Because he was a pure food lover.. was it the food's fault that they had tried to sweet talk him?

NO it wasn't!!

Since the food was innocent, there was no reason why he should deprive himself of eating.

All he told them was that he would try his best.... he didn't make any promises to anyone.

Hmmmp!! Serves them right!!

Who sent them to try and bribe him with food?Funny enough, all the supervisors were super tight with each other, and liked to tease one another daily.

But when it came to getting new recruits in their departments, they didn't mind cooking delicious meals for Chief Lyore.

Landon looked at Tim and smiled.

"Chief Tim, unlike other industries, this month I would require your industry to create a new department, and produce a new product called Toilet paper.

I also need the Porcelain and marble department to mold out 'sinks' and 'toilet bowls'.

And finally, I will also work very closely with those electrical engineers in training to create something called a 'fluorescent light bulb'."

Tim already knew that there was no way that he would be free... not that he minded anyway.

Toilet paper was essentially made from wood, so the toilet paper department would definitely have to be as close as possible to the wood cutting department.

Landon also specifically requested that most of the new recruits assigned to the construction industry, should be placed in department 6.

Department 6 alone had 4 buildings assigned to it... They basically did everything.

From fixing and creating industrial equipment like wheelbarrows, saws, rods, nails, and so on.. to creating metal house features like lockers, locks, door knobs, pots, pans, spoons.... To creating fuel driven heavy machines... To building any metal feature that Landon required.

These people were the most active within all the entire construction industry.

Department 6 had about 8 different sub-sectors all sharing 4 buildings within the industry.

The only sector that didn't share a building with the rest, was the one that created the fuel-based heavy machines.

All these buildings were 3 to 5 floors high, and all covered massive floor spaces.

The first floor of each building had really high ceilings as well.

When building build estates in this era, nobles always tried their best to make it look as Grand, as those within the royal palaces.

It sort of resembled the scene in 'Beauty and the Beast' were Bell was having a dance with the Beast.... The distance from the first floor to the ceiling, was that high.

Landon had destroyed 2/3 of the front walls to create a massive door for these heavy machines, so that they could pass out of the building once built.

Once successfully built, they would be driven and parked at the back of the estate in straight columns and rows.

Anyway, since the new industries would almost be completed, Landon needed to make sure that there enough door knobs, door hinges, taps, and so on.. that where created.

Department 6 also consisted of those workers who Landon had spent time teaching energy systems to. Those who learned were referred to as 'electrical engineers in training'.

These engineers in training, had worked very closely with the other workers within department 6 and created the heavy machines.

They had placed and connected all the wires for the escavators, trucks and so on.

With the second construction site being the power plant, it would only make sense to start creating the bulbs in advance.

So far, that was all that Landon required department 6 to do.

Landon further gave detailed instructions to Tim concerning the porcelain and marble department, on how they were to mold the sinks and toilet bowls.

Once construction was completed, these fixtures needed to be connected to the pipes and placed all around the buildings.

So far, there were already so many Porcelain and marble floor tiles ready for installation. Hence Landon just needed them to focus on the sinks and toilet bowls for now.

"But your highness, what is this strange board thing that you want department 13 to create?" Tim asked, as he looked at the notes in his hands.

"Its a game.... it's called 'Chess'...."