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 "Your majesty... Army General Lucius... we found several coins and apples on the bodies of all the men.

In addition, the leader was carrying 3 letters and a map on him." Said one of the soldiers, as he reported back to Lucius and Landon.

[*Lucius was in charge of the entire army, so the men called him Army General... since he held the highest title as 'General of the Army']

The soldier handed the letters and map to Landon, and stepped to the side.. waiting for further instructions.

In essence, the first letter spoke about the mission and reason why these slave traders came to Baymard.

It even went as far as to specify if they were allowed to sleep with the young boys and girls.

Of course the letter also warned the traders on pregnancy, as it gave a variety of solutions... like making the women baren and so on.

Bruhhh.. it was really too detailed!!

It was definitely a 'Rated 19' scene!!!

It also spoke about the rewards that they would get for acquiring knights as slaves and so on.

The knights were to be taken into Nopline's army, and trained there for the rest of their lives.

The second letter spoke about the various demands of several money churches... as well as the needs for some noblemen across the Pyno Continent.

Landon gave the first 2 letters to Lucius, and looked at the map.

It said [Carona], on its top left hand corner.

Apparently, this map had the detailed ins and out of all underground tunnels within Carona.

Carona was presently the only empire that forbade sex slaves from working in the empire.

They allowed normal slaves that would work in the fields, in their master's shops.. and so on.

But if a slave was subjected to rape or sex, then they would essentially freed by the law.

It looked like these people had still been going past the noses of the royal family.. and sneaking sex slaves into several areas within Carona.

Plus it seemed like they kept the slaves hidden underground forever.

So when rich clients wanted to please themselves, they would sneak underground and do those deeds.

Truly disgusting!!

It seemed like these tunnels were made without the knowledge of the royal family.

They were probably done within thick forests and bushes.

Landon had already made up his mind that when Santa came again, he would present the map to him immediately.

These sort of businesses had to stop!!

He was sure that there were probably some girls and boys there, who had stayed underground for 7 to 8 years now.

Heck!!... maybe they even died after 3 years underground.

Without sunlight, the body would grow weak on its own.... and for sure, those people wouldn't live for long.

The sun gives Vitamin D, which helps the body absorb Calcium... which essentially strengthens one's health and bones.

And let's not even talk about air circulation underground, coupled with the fact that they were having sexual activities daily like machines.... there was no way, these people would live for long.

Plus if they weren't treated well or eating well, then 1 year would be their limit.

Maybe the reason why slaves were constantly needed there, was because the slaves had very short life spans underground.

It seemed like these men planned on taking the people of Baymard to Carona.

Over his dead body!!!

Obviously, they would first stop at their hideout, then put them in prison-like wagon cages.. and ship them off to Carona.

Landon put the map away, and looked at the last letter which was attached to the map.

This letter spoke about how the slaves going to Carona, would be distributed.

Apparently, they had several underground entertainment centers that only involved women.

They would put the women in large cages underground, and give them daggers.

Not swords.. daggers!!!

Then they would release one or 2 animals into these cages, and ask the women to fight to the death.

The worst part of it all was that.... they would spread mud all over the cage, so that the animal and the woman would constantly fall down, when they were fighting.

To them, this was entertaining, funny and sexy.

Of course this was all done underground, so that the royal family of Carona wouldn't know.

If a woman won more than 300 times, then she would have her slave status revoked.

Slaves who were men, weren't allowed to fight these sorts of battles.... because they felt like it was a waste of resources.

In this world.... Men were more valuable than women, since they were the ones who would go out and fought several wars.

Amen were usually needed to strengthen their armies.

So how could they let their powerful resources to waste just because of entertainment?

Women were seen as baby making machines, cooks, sex relievers and so on.

So if one or two women died, why should they feel sad about it?

In these underground tunnels, there were also games like 'Shackles'.

Where naked slave women, would be tied to several poles.

The goal of the game was to see how long these would stay alive if they were torn into several pieces by animals.

The audience would place their bets.... and  those who better on of the last woman to die, would obviously win.

If the person one chose dies first or second... then duh..  they'd loose big time.

Of course at the end, all the women would die.. but what they were looking for was the last woman who died.

The animals would come in and bite off the women's legs, heads and other body parts.

This was the game!

Other times, the game involved sexual activities.

They would see how long it took, for the naked women to faint when being raped by multiple men in front of everyone.

Some women died after 4 men, other after 20.

The audience would all place their bets and watch everything unfold in front of them.

They truly were sick!!!!

Landon could almost imagine what would happen, if these mental people ever got their hands on his technology.

He was sure that this world would destroy itself on it's own.

Just reading the letter made him almost give up on this world.

What a trashy Place!!!

Well... Landon knew that he couldn't condemn everyone.

Technically, there were also a lot of good people in this world as well.

But the issue was that the good ones weren't the ones in power.

They were usually poor, hopeful, simple, and in dire need of help.

Only a small amount of good people, had powerful positions.

And even at that, those ones were usually killed here and there by other bad people.

In this whole continent, the royal family of Carona.... were the only ones that Landon knew of that him feel like rulers of this world have hope after all.

Either way after reading everything, he had a deep gut feeling.... that Baymard had once again made another powerful enemy.


"Your majesty, what should we do about the bodies?"

"About that... you guys should load them carefully at the back of the trucks and send them over to the medical academy.

I'll drive my own truck right behind you guys.

Also, some of you should take their horses and quickly send to the stables."

All this time, he had been teaching the lectures about the human body and biology.

So it would be good for them to dissect these men tomorrow.

Sometimes, seeing was  believing.

To preserve their bodies, there were several chemicals that he needed now.

But since the industry was closed for today, he decided that he would buy them from the system.

These sort of men don't deserve a proper burial... they should be dissected for medical research instead.

Lucius looked his shadow and deduced the time.

Damn! It was already 1 P.M.

"Your majesty, I hope that you don't take too long there.

You need to start heading back to the castle immediately.

It's your birthday after all, and your help and expertise is currently needed at the castle.

The celebration will start at 6 P.M, and I'm sure that your mother has already been looking for you ever since we came here." Lucius reminded.

They had already used up an entire hour and a half discussing these letters, and Lucius was currently helpless at the moment.

Just remembering Mother Kim's pouting angry face, made him feel like he should personally drag this brat back to the castle.

"Hehehe.... I know, thanks for the reminder.

Please.... Stall mom for a little while.

I promise I'll be back before 3 P.M"