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 "Whatttt?..It was already 11:30 P.M... who could be coming here at this time of the night?.. .And how far away are they from the gates?"

"Answering host, the intruder seems to be carrying a lot of weapons and is filled with killing intent.... He has just left his horse 2 km away from the gate and will arrive the perimeter of Baymard within 26 minutes"

"So its an assassin huh"


Dumbo had been very annoyed this past few weeks.

As a top assassin, his assasination prey were always important ministers, nobles, blood gangs, knights and other noble figures....

But to send him to kill a weak and disowned child, who didn't even have up to 400 knights under his command....was the height of disrespect.

They even paid a hefty amount for the little brat's head. It's either they had too much money, or this was their first assassination request... At least that's what Dumbo thought.

Just who did they think he was?

He was the fifth best assassin in the empire. Out of millions of people, he was the fifth. He had been trained and properly brought up by a former assassin... ..He knew all the tricks and ways to kill, torture and people.

He had never failed at any mission assigned to him.

For a city lord of a tiny city to call him, and dare insult him like this? ... This was the highest form of disrespect he had ever gotten as an assassin.

It was a rule of thumb, that he would only accept challenging and dangerous missions..

Just how was this one of those missions?

He had used close to 2 months to rush down here, to get the job done.

He didn't even put Landon in his eyes, that was why he decided that he would kill a patrol guard, switch clothes, so as to sneak into Baymard.

But what Dumbo didn't know was that in the eyes of Baron Rogers, his mission was a deadly one. If the king gets whim of what he had done while in Baymard, only death awaited him and his family.

He had already made up his mind that after killing Landon, he would kill City Lord Shannon and Baron Rogers as well. This was their punishment, heavily insulted his dignity.

From the information they gave him and what what he had gathered, it was said that Baymard lacked any potential threat to him.

He had heard that all the soldiers were the worse in the empire, and that Landon was bedridden with illness.

Many people testified that when he left the Capital, his complexion was so pale and blue that one could death calling onto him.

From what he gathered, his only threat would be Commander Lucius.

Nobody really knew why the Commander had quite his position in the Capital.... some claimed that he was Landon's biological father, while others said he was fired due to illicit actions with Landon's mother.

So overall, everything he knew about this mission really ticked him off... It seemed like a bore.

'What a waste of time', he thought.


Dumbo was walking stealthily by the perimeter of the forest, as he didn't dare to move further into it.

It would be funny if, he was suddenly attacked by wild animals while on a mission.

Only 7 minutes left before he could reach the empty fields.

In truth, at the front of the gate was a large empty field that resembled a large football field. The forest only began after the field.

Since the night was pitch black, Dumbo had planned to crawl accross the field until he was close to one of the patrolling guards. Then, he would make his move.


"Theh theh theh'

3 blades attacked him from behind.

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With his training, he could easily sense the killing intent from the blades. He quickly dodged the first two, but the last one hit him on his left butt cheek.


He seriously regretted dodging the way he did. How was he going to sit down now? And who the hell attacked him?

Again, he heard no less than 50 weapons coming straight at him from all angles.

He was shocked.

Did the Banished prince have a powerful force backing him?

Dumbo tried to dodge them but it was to no avail, more than 12 of those knives pierced through his body violently.

"W....who are you?" Dumbo asked.

"Who I am, is not important.... what's important is that your trying to take my prey".

Once Dumbo heard that, he was stunned, and became angry that those idiot nobles actually hired another person as well.

He closed his eyes and wished that he could strangle them to death.

He swore in his heart that if he finally left this place, he would kill them and dance on their graves.

Landon was talking through the system, as he laid down on his bed.

Dumbo tried to find the location of the voice.. and when he thought he had it, he threw knives towards the place, and Landon immediately pretended to be hurt.

"How dare you hit my knee and waist?" Landon said to him, while pretending to be wounded.

"Hahaha serves you right..."

"Dammn you....I will spare your life, and leave this mission to you then... I hope we never cross paths again.. or I will for sure take my revenge." Landon said while pretending to be heavily injured.

He almost wanted to give himself an oscar for his performance.

As Dumbo concentrated on the man in the shadows, he failed to feel the tree branches slowly moving around his boots.

When he wanted to finally move, he felt something tugging on his leg.

The more he pulled, the stronger the vines held unto him. And finally, his body was all covered by the vines.

After 45 minutes of struggling, he became fear crept into his heart and he decided to yell.

The rate at which the plant was chocking and binding him, was too scary.

It was better to die by the hands of any man whether weak or strong, than by a plant. How could he be content with that kind of death as an assassin?

At least if he got captured, there would be a chance that he might escape.

45 minutes later, Josh knocked on Landon's door

"My king, we caught an assassin"