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 As for the Natural History Museum... When it came to extinct creatures, Landon could only say that they had a 20% similarity to those back on earth.

Take for example, dinosaurs.... Hertfilia had what were called Preganios.

They were way larger than Dinosaurs, had very vibrant colors, ... and also had 6 pairs of limbs.


With all these Museum attractions, Landon felt like this would be enough for now.

And in the future, hopefully..... Baymard would also add Aviation Museums, Telecommunication Museums, and many more.

The possibilities were endless.


\"Your majesty, so you want all 11 buildings to be renovated to at least 3-storeys tall?\"


And they also have to be connected to one another from their 2nd and 3rd floors.

I'm essence, you all would need to build very WIDE connecting bridges.

This way, the visitors would be able to move towards different buildings ..... even when it rained.

Ohhh!..... and make sure that the connecting bridges are wide.

This way, less traffic would build up as the people moved from one building to the next.

Also, I need you all to build 2 more glass buildings as well.\"



Of course, apart from these 6 Museum attractions, the Museum also had to have a food court, bathroom, staff rooms, conference rooms, Locker Rooms, small first aid room, security rooms, and so on.

Hence, more room was essential for the day to day running of the place.


Now, looking at everything so far.....Landon knew that by June of this year, the Museum renovations, construction and artifact creation should be completed.


Up next, Landon decided to dive into Theater construction.

For sure, the theater would be in District D...  where all the luxurious hotels, go-kart racing tracks and other entertainment activities were.


This theater would host Broadway shows, Musicals, Plays, Magic Shows, Circus acts, Stand-up Comedy..... and even have Dance Shows: like Ballet shows, things like Disney on ice, and many more.


So for sure, it had to be as big as a vegas Show.

After all, people from all over the world might come just to watch these performances.

Hence, Landon had decided that the entire Theater.... should be made into something like an Academy.



He needed a place where he could train people properly, while they performed.

Doing these jobs weren't easy at all!!

It took dedication and practice, to master all ballet steps, perform circus acts.... or even do something like Disney on ice.

Even gymnasts who swing and swirl from rope to rope needed sheet determination to pull through.

Hence, opening an Academy wouldn't be a bad idea.


As for the theater set up.... Landon wanted to build 10 three-storey buildings around the Theater's estate.

And each building would have 2 high ceiling stages within them.

The first floor would be where popcorn, drinks and so on would be sold..... and on the 2nd and 3rd floors, the audience would find a massive stage on each floor.

So, with 10 buildings in total... Baymard would end up having 20 stages at the end.


In essence, when one comes into the estate, they would pay or show their tickets.... and towards the stage number or building on the ticket.

Just like how one would do in the cinema.

So per night, from 6 P.M to 11:30 P.M....  up to 20 different shows could be hoing on, if they were truly busy.

And depending on the schedule, the might only be 5 shows on some days.


Schedules of various shows would definitely be made several weeks ahead of time.... and placed in the newspapers, as well as in the Theater's monthly brochure.

It would give a brief summary about what the date, place and time for the show..... as well as inform the people on what the show is about.

This way, the Baymardians and visitors..... could easily book their tickets prior to the event.


Be it magic, acting, musicals, broadway shows, or even circus acts.... Landon was sure that the audience would definitely be well entertained.


Of course, for musicals.... since Landon literally came from earth, you best believe that he would be bringing all the classics here.

From Celine Dion to K-Pop and so on.


He would make the shows as engaging and energetic as a Beyonce Concert.


As for stand up comedy, they had jesters in this era.... but Landon wanted to relive modern comedy, so he had to change the game.

And let's not even talk about plays.... whether from Hemlet or even modern movies, Landon had a million plays accessible to him.


In fact, everything..... including Circus Acts, Broadway shows and many more... would put Baymard on the map as the new Hollywood, for all rising stars.

With light show features, water Fountain features and so on..... it would be hard for anyone to recreate what Landon had in mind.


Moving back to the matter of the Academy, it had to be close to the Theater estate.

And would have it's own residences, and student theaters as well.

With numerous shows coming on every night from 6 P.M to 11:30 P.M..... all the students would have a chance to get on an of the 20 stages at least once a week.


As for their pay, that one weekly show.... would be equivalent to having a week's pay here in Baymard, since there would be thousands of seats before each stage.

So depending on how many people showed up.... their pay for that one show, could even be equivalent to a month's pay.

But no matter what, from the minimum wage in Baymard...  it would never be less than what others make here..


All in all, Landon expected both the theater and Academy to be done in July.

Which was good, since around that time... some of the rescued slaves from either Yodan or Deiferus, would be arriving by then.



\"So.... that's all for your new assignments.

If anyone has any other questions, contact Chief Tim immediately.

Meeting adjourned!\"




The sounds of chairs being moved could be heard for a brief minute.

And soon, everyone got up, picked up their files and walked out hurreidly.

In fact.... they ran out of the place like lightning.

What was the hurry?


\"Quickly! Quickly!

Bro... we'll never make it on time!\"

\"Damn!!... Only 2 hours left before it closes!