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 February 2nd had come, and Baymard had suddenly become full with numerous visitors from Carona.

Everyone was extremely curious about this place..... especially the nobles of Carona.

And from the stories that went around, the place was depicted as heaven.... as people couldn't believe that water could flow out from a metal stick whenever one wanted.

Or that the people there didn't use fire as light.


The crewmen from all the ships that had visited Baymard ever since it officially opened..... had been narrating their exciting tales in this mysterious city.

Not to talk about the guards, as well as the noble women who came with Santa previously.

Baymard was like a designated touristic or vacation spot to them.

And they had spread out its glory with their numerous tales as well.


And since January of this year, Baymard had been welcoming a ton of people from Carona.

With both the poor and rich coming here.

And with the talk of the public school, most people who could afford to... chose to send their children there to study.

As for those who couldn't, when they heard about all the student work programs..... they in turn smiled gleefully in joy.


They had learned that the next semester would start in April.

So they had planned to be there sometime in March with their children.... so as to get there on time, and prepare their children for school.


They had also heard that if one's child was registered here..... then they as parents, would be permitted to find a job around Baymard as well.

This was definitely an option they were looking to invest in.


It was also said that once a Caronian child finished schooling here, their services would be highly needed in Carona.

From the looks of it, they would be the new pillars that would lead Carona into its new era.

This point was the most important one of all.


So whether poor or not, how could anyone pass up that opportunity to make their children's future shine brightly?

In their minds, their kids had already been admitted into the public school.


As for those who were already adults, when they heard about the Culinary & Bartending Academy.... as well as the Law Academy that was open to all, they immediately chose to sign up for those in the spring.


The first Semester for both academies, was in May.... so many people had already noted down the dates in their minds.

As they had been studying hard to get in.

Because unlike the public school, they had heard that this one's were the hardest of all.


So only those who pass their entrance exams, would be able to attend.

Hence, people from ages 15 to even 50.... had been studying their asses off for this grand opportunity.

Even at 50, everyone wanted to leave their mark in Carona..... as well as better their families lives.



The buzzling sounds of people talking, smoking, exclaiming and laughing..... could be heard from all corners within Baymard's Coastal Check-in port.

It was a complete contrast to the almost quiet port several months ago.


And when looking on the streets of Baymard, now... one could easily see people walking around pointing, screaming and walking excitedly.

Even the public buses and trains.

Looking at the progress rate, Landon knew that soon..... the rest of the Pyno continent would turn it's eyes on Baymard.


--Riverdale City, Arcadina--


\"So it's TRUE?\"


Marder looked at his spies in shock!

He had just sent them to Baymard to find out about the situation there

He felt like they should've settled down properly.... and were now ready to allow people to trespass on their territory.

After all, the last people he sent there... had all turned out to be mad.

So with several months passing by, he now felt like it was time to know more about his new neighbors.


\"My lord.... we didn't see any so-called weapon that would make one shake.

But my lord.... judging from how extraordinary the place was, it's highly probable that they would have such weapons.\"


Marder sucked in his breath in shock.

How was that even possible?


\"My lord..... these are the things that we got from there...\" said one of the men, as he handed over a pack of noodles, 2 spices, 4 Sardines, 3 pens, 2 notebooks, and a bottle of wine.

In truth, it could've been more.... but they ate most of the goods away.

Marder's eyes bulged outwards, as he looked at the items before him.


Soon... the men began to narrate how they had used these items in Baymard.

And after cooking up noodles and giving it to their lord...  Marder but into the food, and floated away in bliss.

He followed up by tasting the whine, and was completely stupefied.

What was this food?

It was the best thing that he had ever eaten since he was born.


After eating, he quickly used the pen and book before him... and couldn't help but nod in appreciation.

And at this point, so many questions popped into Marder's head.

How did they get glass to make the bottle?

How come their own ink is different from what he knew of?

Wasn't ink supposed to be a mixture of charcoal, blood and other minute substances?

How come theirs felt and looked so light and clean compared to his?


Looking at everything before him, Marder just had one thought.

And that was to conquer Baymard.

With his army properly reformed, and from the reports from his spies about Baymard..... he felt very confident in owning the place.


As he sat there listening to his men's tales about Baymard, his mind slowly began drifting into his own fantasies.

And they were all about Baymard.


--Prisdon City, Arcadina----



A majestically crafted silver door was pushed open..... and in came 12 men.

'Boum! Boum! Boum! Boum!'

They marched forward until they were just in front of their lord, before kneeling down in respect.


\"My Lord!!\" They exclaimed.

\"Are the men prepared?\"

\"My lord.... we're all good to go!\" One of the men replied.

\"Good!... we'll set out First thing Tomorrow!\"

\"Yes my Lord!\" they all replied.



As soon as they left, City Lord Sanders leaned back in his throne..... and  let out a crooked smile, as he envisioned his upcoming victory.


A few months back, he had sent 2 of his men to Baymard to find Baron Rodgers.

Long story short, even though Rodgers was dead..... the things that they brought from Baymard, as well as the stories he had heard, had all made him want Baymard even more.


Baymard was only a 3 week journey from his City.... so for sure, his spies already came back ages ago.

And all this time, he had been regrouping and calling most of his secret and elite forces for the job.

He unhurriedly walked towards his balcony, and  looked around his territory in great pride.


Judging from the number of guards around, as well as all the things that his spies had heard..... Baymard should have about 5,000 knights in total.

This number was definitely nothing to him.

But of course, his spies had estimated Baymard's power... from how many security guards and police men were around the city.

So they were definitely off the mark.


For Sanders, a place without a Knighthood academy was definitely weak?

No matter how he looked at it, these Baymardians were stupid tk beiliev that they could progress without knights.


Even if they had a magical metal stick that could make someone wet themselves, so what?

If he used sheer numbers to push them into a corner, then they would be doomed.

And with the help of the snow powder he had just purchased. ... he was sure that he would blast them away with his own magic as well.


As Sanders looked at his busy knights below who were training tirelessly..... he couldn't help but hum loudly from excitement.

Soon, the land of milk and honey would all be his.


Of course, Sanders and Marder weren't the only ones who were shocked by Baymard's progress rate as well.


--Unknown Secret Hideout Somewhere in Arcadina--


A young man was currently eating dinner at one of his secret hideouts, with several of his men... when suddenly,  someone walked to his side and whispered something into his ears.

[They've arrived young master!]

[The young man: Good!... usher them into my chambers.

And send them some food too.]

[As you wish young master!]


The meal continued, and when the young man was done..... he calmly made his way to his bedroom chambers.

\"We humble ourselves before you, young master!\" Said 2 men, who were currently bowing before their master.

\"Tyler... Brock..... welcome!

So tell me, is what you write true?\" William asked curiously.

\"It's true young master... and to prove it, we've brought several items here as well.\"


25 minutes later, they had literally downloaded everything they had seen... as well as explained how to use several of the goods they had brought back as well.




William laughed from excitement, as he was utterly surprised at this cousin of his.

For the first time in his life, he had miscalculated and misjudged someone.

He used to think that Landon was a very weak person, who would break down from extreme pressure.

But who would've thought that it would be that same pressure, that would unlock his full potentials?


Luckily, from what his men were saying..... and judging from the rules placed in Baymard, William could still see that this cousin of his still had a good heart there.

Was this the types of world that his cousin had wanted to create for his mother?


William looked at the goods that he had just received, and smiled.

Instantly, he had decided that he would have to personally see this cousin of his very soon.

But definitely not now!


A storm was brewing in the Capital......and it would definitely be a darn shame if he ever missed it.

After all, as the Ghostly prince..... he was obligated to attend this get together, No?