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 The new recruits were all lined up and dressed in their proper safety attires.

They were formally introduced to Chief Lyore, and 8 other new supervisors..... who would oversee work at every key point within the production line.

Of course Landon wasn't there.... as he had already trained the supervisors for the past 2 months, on how to work on each production line.

Hence he wasn't needed anymore.


To start off, they were given a briefing about safety procedures, hazards and zones within the buildings as well.

As well as asked to answer several safety Q&A's and take a brief health test within the work clinic.

And when they were done, they proceeded by having a grand tour of their new workplace.


With all those initial steps done, it was time for the workers to finally get down to business.


From the schedule roster posted on the staff board..... By now, you all know which point on the production line you'll be working on for these next 2 weeks.

So those in Zone 1, please stand behind Supervisor Edward.

As for those in Zone 2, please stand behind Supervisor Page....\"



The sorting continued for another 15 minutes... and soon, the chief Supervisor had properly placed everyone behind their zone leaders.

With that, they quickly dispersed.

And Lyore, Chief Supervisor Morris, and Supervisor Jim... quickly followed those placed in zone 1 to their station on the first floor.


Now, before they began, they further broke down the zone into different sub-sectors.... as there was too much to accomplish fast.

'Chun! Chun! Chun!'

The workers all heard the sounds of several trucks pulling over, while giving off a weird beeping sound.

Mia looked at the truck and felt a little but nervous.

She had been hospitalized for a while now after her surgery, so this was her first job in Baymard.


Needless to say, ever since she had arrived here..... she had been utterly shocked by everything around her.

Forget it!

Even the hospital she was at, was something she had never seen in her entire life.

The beds were soft, the food was too heavenly.... and everything just felt like she was in another world.

But the one thing that she wanted to do, was work!


Everyone within the hospital spoke about their jobs merrily, but she on the other hand.... had none.

So you best believe that when she got discharged..... she used up most of the money that was given by his majesty when they got rescued, to get an apartment.

And from there, she kept on looking for jobs in the newspapers daily..... and the rest was history.



The fishes had been dropped onto the conveyor belts.

\"In this job, one needs to be fast!

So please, gather around and watch what we're doing.

We'll explain along the way.\"



Mia quickly followed along on what the supervisors were saying, and gave her all in doing her job as well.

The job was fast paced, and not too strenuous.... which came as somewhat of a surprise to her.

She had initially thought that it would entail sitting in an office or so... like how those at the banks or the stores do.


But this couldn't be blamed on her, as she didn't know how jobs in the lower region were like.

But nonetheless, she appreciated the job even more....  as she felt somewhat special, since she was working within Baymard's 'secret area'.


And Heavens!!!!

when her first pay came through, she felt like throwing a party with her new found friends.

She had never earned so much in just 2 weeks before.

This... Hahahaha!!!

She felt like a millionaire!...as she wanted to shop till she dropped.


But of course, she wasn't stupid!

She quickly kept 50% of her income for any bills now or in the future, 25% for emergencies..... and the last 25% was definitely for having fun and shopping.

From what she had heard from a lot of her friends, this was what they did as well.


Now, she could pay for her driving lessons, save up for a car.... and properly treat herself.

She was a 16 year old orphan after all, and she bloody well had needs too.

But for sure, the first thing she bought were the Tuna cans.

As one of the workers there, she felt like it would only be right for her to taste her own work of art.


She quickly turned on her new radio to BBC radio 3.... and patiently waited for the program to come on.

From the station's weekly schedule brochure... Tuna cooking show be coming up any minute from now.


Of course, stations that told news couldn't be as detailed as those that focused on beauty, food, stories or lifestyle..... as news was always changing.

For those ones, the people only knew the times that local and international news woud be said..... but they didn't know watht the news actually entailed.


Mia sat patiently in her kitchen, while looking over the ingredients again.

As per the guide's instructions, she would need: green onions, oil, tuna.... and the list went on.

She looked at her time again, and soon... her eyes lit up, and she dashed for the electric cooker with the radio in her hand.


\"Good evening to you all, and welcome to Cooking 101.

And I'm your host for the evening, Celila Gramalto

Chop! Chop!.... we don't have time to waste of course.

Now, begin by washing your ingredients first.

Remember, hygiene is everything.\"

Mia hurriedly followed the instructions, as he washed up her green onions and peppers.

And when she was done, she held up the knife just as theh instructed, and tried her best to evenly out out the ingredients as well.

Like miss Cecilia from the radio had said, they shouldn't be too large or too thin for this particular meal.


\"Now, evenly spread ang oil of your choice on your frying pan... and keep it at a medium temperature....\"

Again, Mia quickly followed along, turned on the electric cooker..... and heated the oil up for a bit.

And soon, she opened her can, drained off some of the juices within it.... and poured the ingredients onto her frying pan, just as the voice had said.


The oil sizzled, and the sensational aroma quickly filled the entire kitchen up.


She followed the Cecilia's voice again....  and placed the spices, peppers and so on.... onto the dishes.

'Chwa! Chwah!'

Everything was coming together well, with the aromas from each ingredient .....perfectly blending with each other in harmony.

Mia's belly grumbled slightly, as she kept on swirling her masterpiece in the frying pan.


Needless to say, after placing everything onto her plate... she quickly dived in like a starved animal.

'Excellent!', she couldn't help but exclaim in pride at her own masterpiece.


It wasn't just her, who was enjoying this sort of delicacy as well.

All across Baymard, men and women had hurriedly listened to the radio and followed the recipes handed down to them.

Some of them also looked forward to working with the sardines and tomato pastes too.


And so, Baymard had welcomed its first canned foods.

5 canned foods.... as well as Ketchup!