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 \"Your majesty, here are the overall statistics.\"  Said Councillor Gregory, from the Council of Agriculture.

Landon took the documents and quickly looked at the pie chart before him..... and well as several other tables and charts.

\"What about the tomatoes and fish?

Are the sales any better compared to last month's?\"



Landon had realized that even with a population increase, some foods still caused them to make losses.

Take for example Fish.

With the new fishing ships, one could carry thousands of fish at once.

And even though Baymard's population was over a hundred thousand... after the goods hit the market, they still had too many excesses left behind, as not everyone enjoyed fish.


And within this time frame, they had just been keeping the fish frozen for months in the freezers.

One could deep freeze fish for 10-12 months at best..... but for Landon, he didn't want the industries or market places to have so much useless stock at hand.

So he had come up with another way to get rid of the excesses.


\"Your majesty, so what do we do about the excesses?\"

\"Don't worry.... By the end of this month, we'll start producing several new items.\" Landon said, while circling some information on the documents.


Of course Landon had been monitoring the 'excess' problem since August.

That was why he asked the construction workers to construct and equip several new and old buildings within the food industry.

And even though construction was completed a while back, he wanted to see Baymard's consumption rate of these goods were.... with the addition of the new refugees.


Looking at everything now, even with the winter coming..... Baymard would still have several excesses as well.

For food like tomatoes, they could only grow well during hot climates.

Of course they could still do so in the winter, but the yields would be devastatingly low.


Nonetheless, with the addition of 19 more massive greenhouses around and within the food industry.... this wasn't an issue anymore, as the greenhouse mimicked the ever sunny weather of the summer.

Hence leaving Baymard would roughly about the same yield that it had during hot climates.


So with all these greenhouses, foods that could only grow in hot climates, were also planted there as well.

And with Baymard's growing population, the people and markets needed to constantly be stocked.

So greenhouses were definitely a must!


\"Your majesty, as we currently lost over thousands of rotten tomatoes per month.

If we can minimize these losses, then that would be perfect!\" Gregory said agreeably.

If some of the tomatoes were packaged, this would reduce how much would be put into the market... and in turn, reduce the losses from rotting and so on.


\"Hmhm..... I've decided that we'll start by selling 60% of these raw goods to the market, while the other 40% will be used to make these packaged goods.

And if the market needs more or less than what is given to them... then well increase or decrease the percentage depending on their demands.\"

\"Brilliant your majesty!

Oh right!.... we also have the....\"



Landon's meeting continued for another 35 minutes... and when he was done, he had decided to head towards the Food Industry.

With the statistics he had just received, it was better for them to start making these goods immediately.

After all, aside from all the missions the system gave him..... his main priority, was always to advance this place to at least earth's standard.

And this included food as well.

So he might as well hop to it!


Landon and Lyore discussed their plans moving forward..... and 2 days later, there were several 'ads' in the newspapers, about all the jobs they were offering concerning these new industry departments.

It also detailed all the positions they wanted, what the pay would be for each position, and so on.


A week and a half later, interviews were held at one of the halls within a multipurpose building in the upper region.

As this was already December, school had already ended during late November..... so of course, a lot of graduates applied immediately.

And even the refugees who had previously been hospitalized for 1-2 months, due to their injuries at the estates... had also applied for the positions as well, as they were now free and jobless.


The interviews continued on for another 1 and a half weeks.... and by January 5th, several letters were sent out to those who made it..... telling them to come to work on the 12th, 16th, 19th, 23rd, 27th and 31st of the month..... depending on what their assigned departments were.

Essentially, Landon wanted to make 6 main goods: Canned Tuna, Canned Sardines, Canned Tomato Paste, Canned Crushed Tomatoes, Ketchup and Canned Beef stew.


Thinking about it up to here, these products would also be good for those out of Baymard as well.

If someone was really hungry, they could just take out a can of beef soup, sardines and tomatoes.... and come up with a proper meal.

Plus, even back on earth, these cans were like 99 Cents.... so of course in Baymard, they would also have to be ridiculously cheap as well.


Maybe 2 cans for 1 copper coin.... depending on the can's size and product quantity inside.

This way, even the peasants out of Baymard, could afford to eat a proper meal.... rather than paying 3 to 5 copper coins for bread.

With that same amount, they could get 6 to 10 cans of food, which wouldn't expire anytime soon..... as most of the canned goods would expire in a year or more.


As for how Healthy these canned foods were, Landon had paid the system a ton of points, just to get a proper modified version of how the goods were supposed to be made..... as opposed to how earth made them.

Hence, they were perfectly healthy now.


Time flew by fast, and the letters of appointment were sent out.

And soon.... the D-Day had come.

It was January 15th, 1026.

Today, the new employees would begin training for Tuna Manufacturing!