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The season was soon coming to an end, and the late Autumn breeze.... gently carried the brownish colored leaves into the air, as it spiralled them about playfully.

It was the magic of the hour!

The sun's golden rays, warmly peeked out through the somewhat golden colored trees.

Most of the trees were bald, as many of their leaves had been blown away by the season.


It was 10 A.M, and 2 men on horseback could be seen making their way towards Baymard.

And as they rode, the cold crisp air blew past them..... and rustled up their hair, as well as left tiny leaves on them while they journeyed on.

Today, these men would begin their Rescue mission.


'Gallop! Gallop!'

The men rode undeterred, and soon..... they saw Baymard's massive walls.

And Instantly.... their state of cautiousness, seemed to have multiplied to an enormous degree.

This was enemy territory after all.


But upon entering through the city gates, they were immediately taken aback!

In essence... they had been prepared to have several arguments with the enemy's guards about access into the city.

But who knew that the people would even welcome them with open arms?

Something wasn't right here!

Were these people enemies or not!


Didn't the reports say that Eli and his team had taken over Baymard?

Please!!!..... they knew Eli, and all these sort of people couldn't have come from him.

To know one's leader, is to know how his army would be under him.

Or was this a new diversion tactic?

Tyrants typically had crazed subordinates, and vice versa.


Just by looking at the strange unique clothes of these 'enemy' knights, the men were even sure that it couldn't have been Eli.

So the question was, who were these people?

And what did they want in Arcadina?

More specifically, what did they do to Landon?


Of course, the people's attitudes weren't the only things that struck them numb.

\"Brock!.... is this real?\" Tyler asked.

\"Y.... yeah... I think it is!\" Brock replied, while looking at the tall magnificent glass building before him.


It took them a few seconds, for their brains to register what they were seeing..... as even though it was right before their eyes, something kept telling them that it was a mirage.

It had to be God-Dammit!!

Just how rich were the enemies?


Even someone like Alec Barn, could only afford 12 glass doors with all his wealth..... but these people could?

Looking at how wealthy their enemies were, they couldn't help but break out in cold sweat.

This could definitely be bad for their master!



The magic doors opened all by itself.... and out of reflex, they quickly backed away from the door and drew out their swords.


They were taking no chances!



The door closed again like magic, as the men had already backed away from it.

Staring at this shocking new portal, the men's hearts raced profoundly..... as if it would fly out of their chests any moment from now.


\"Brock!.... how did the door open on it's own?

I think that this might be sorcery.\"

\"Yeah.... It's definitely a trap!

But if we back it now, wouldn't we look even more suspicious?\"

\"You're right!.....

\"Do you think that we'll make it out alive again?\"

\"No matter what brother, we have just one choice right now.\"

\"Hmhm..... Ready when you are!\"


Both men braced themselves for a full minute, before running in through the portal at full speed.


The doors opened and closed again..... and soon, the men were in!

But their initial battle Stance, quickly died down as soon as they stepped through the portal.

\"Welcome to Baymard!\"



Looking at the polite staff before them, the men began to feel a little shameful.

Just kill them now!

How embarrassing!!

Luckily, the workers didn't laugh or looked down on them.... and continued the conversation as if nothing happened at all.


\"Please follow me, and I'll get your Visa application started.\"

'Visa application?

What was that?' The men inwardly asked, as they had never heard of such a thing before.


For sure, 2 separate staff members could've separately handled the procedures for each of them.

But of course... since they wanted to stick together, they chose to stay at the same place.

So Tyler went forward first, while Brock sat on the waiting seats.


They were questioned on their purpose for coming here, as well as asked to sign and agree to all of Baymard's rules and regulations.

The staff members did their best to explain the punishments for a majority of the crimes.... lest someone dares to claim that they had no idea about those.


\"Excuse me..... but who is your master?\" Tyler asked curiously.

\"Master?... you mean leader?\"

\"Yes!... yes!.... that's exactly who I meant!!!\"

\"Ahhh!!!.... well  our leader is his Majesty Landon Barn.\"



\"Excuse me... but could you repeat that again, I think I misheard you for a moment.\" Tyler said, as he realized that he must've surely had wax in his ears.

Or had he just been thinking about the mission so much, so that he was hearing Landon's name everywhere he went?

\"Yes.... our King's name is his Majesty Landon Barn.

Any problem?\"



After finding out that the leader was the same person they were here to save, both men turned completely silent for a while.

How was that even possible?

How could someone who left with 330 knights and a few gold coins, own all of these?

No!!.... they had to confirm it for themselves.

After all, seeing is believing.


They completed their check-in process in shock, as they kept receiving numerous surprises altogether.

\"Tyler!.... taste this!!\"

\"Hmm!!!..... So tasty!

Here, taste mine.... this one is called Frutopia!!\"

\"Look!, they call this a pen, and it even has the City's name printed on it!

Just how did they do it?\"



The men waited for their bus in excitement, as they went about all the stores within the Landport.

They acted like Tourists, who had just arrived in Greece for the first time.

One could hear several Ahhh's and Ouhhh's from them every now and then.

It was like they were watching some sort of show, as they excitedly passed through the shops.


\"Wait! Wait!.... the mission!

This could be their way of distracting us!!\"

\"You're right... we have to stay strong and complete....\"

The men hadn't even finished talking yet, when they saw the bus arriving.

Forget it!... they ran out towards it like 5 year old children.

No one they knew was here, so why not let loose?

Those were the thoughts of people who had almost promised to stay in control.


\"Good morning!

May I have your tickets please?\"

The men quickly shoved it into the conductor's hands and walked into the moving carriage with their mouths wide open.

They continued to walk in a daze, until they finally took their seats.

And when their butts touched the soft cushions, they felt like they could melt away at any moment.

Nothing was softer!


Horses were hard..... and so were carriage seats that used cloth.

But this one felt so soft, as it cushioned their butts ever so gently.

And even though they had previously sat on cushioned seats at the Landport, they still expected the carriage to have hard seats.

So this was definitely a pleasant surprise to them.


As the bus left King's Landing, they had been given several documents like brochures, entertainment map, and so on.

And by the time they had reached their hotel and checked in, they had gotten somewhat of a rundown of Baymard's history.


Apparently, all these came from the brain of this Landon Barn?

If that were true, then Alec Barn was the biggest fool ever!!

Having Landon was like having a national treasure.

This sort of person could improve and develop any empire's economy and power.


Within their hotel, they had jumped on the soft mattress beds like 5 times already, as well as stared at the lights for more than 4 minutes too.

And one wouldn't be able to imagine how many times they had turned the tap on and off.

How could running water flow just like that?

And it could even turn hot on it's own?

At this point, they had immense respect towards Landon... that is, if he were truly the king here.


\"What do you think?\" Tyler asked, while eating the most delicious meal ever.


\"Do you even need to ask?

This place is heaven!!\"

\"I agree!.... but how do we confirm the identity of their king?

It's not like well just see him around just like that right?\"

\"Wait!.... it says here that they'll be holding something called Christmas on December 7th.

That's only 3 days from now, so let's wait till then.\"


The men visited the mall, the go-kart racing track, Skating Ring and so many other entertainment sites.

And soon, they had experienced their first Christmas holiday as well.

It was truly touching and breathtaking to say the least.


Looking at the happy people that came around and sang Christmas Carol's, they couldn't help but feel the holiday spirit as well.

The people exchanged gifts under the biggest decorated tree that they had ever seen..... and some even did something called a 'proposal', to their new fiance's too.


They clapped and cheered, alongside everyone else..... and just like that, they had ended up spending an entire week in Baymard.

Their mission was somewhat completed, as they had seen and verified that Landon was indeed the king of Baymard.


At the end of their stay, they bought several pens, books and other small items, before heading out.

They had to quickly tell their master all that they had seen here.

And buying some of these goods, would only support their claims even more.


More importantly, they had to let their master know that the reports were wrong!!

The supposedly weak bastard prince, was definitely a tiger pretending to be a lamb.

And to think that they had come here to rescue him.

What a joke!!!


But even though they didn't think that Landon was a foe, that decision would be left for their Master to figure out.

For now, they had to get to their master quickly!!