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 While everyone was busy preparing for Landon's birthday, (which was on November 3rd).... he on the other hand, went over to the city wall... to aid the construction workers in clearing the trees, and building the walls.

Early in the morning, he and the men took several heavy machines and towards the outer forest.

Half of the men were to focus on building the walls, while the other half would focus on uprooting the trees.

Landon was in the mood for driving, so he chose to uproot the trees for today.


The machines moved towards the city gate in an orderly fashion.

Some of the workers drove machines that would clear the trees.... while others drove machines that would transport these trees back to the wood cutting department, where they would be cut down into several planks.

Some also stood around the cleared fields, and measured the field dimensions.. according to his Majesty's request.

They had to cut 1 mile worth of trees.

So ever since they started, they had been marking and measuring the already cut fields... so that they would be able to estimate how much more deeper, they needed to clear into the forest region.

As the men worked, the soldiers who were supposed to guard them....stayed close by, watching them and their surroundings attentively.

After all, the men had already began clearing regions.... that were considered to be the 'deep zones'of the forest.

As they worked, 2 pairs of golden colored eyes..... peered out from the forest, and looked at 3 of the men close by.

One of them was a worker, who was busy marking and measuring up the land...  while the other 2 were soldiers who stood by, guarding him at all times.

Of course those within the machines, didn't have any guards around them... since they were already protected by the thick glass walls and doors of the machines.

Very slowly and quietly, the animals unhurriedly approach the men....  who were currently standing 15 meters away from the forest region.

Of course the men couldn't go any closer, because their king had forbidden them to do so.

His majesty had said that they should always work a certain distance away from the forest.

He had told them to picture 8 Lucius' lying down on the ground simultaneously.....and take that as the minimum distance that they were to keep away from the forest.

Once the animals were at the edge of the forest, they reversed a little, lowered their backs even more... and leaned back, so as to build up momentum for their run.


In a flash, they immediately ran out towards the 2 soldiers... who were presently standing in front of the worker.

One of the soldiers spotted them, and instantly reached for his weapon.

"Get your gun!!!', the first soldier yelled.

"Thpiew! Thpiew! Thpiew!!" The first soldier had shot the animal 6 times.

The first 2 shots were on its head, another  2 around its shoulders.... and the last 2 on its front left leg.

The animal immediately dropped to the ground,  and panting heavily.

It was dying slowly.

The soldier was stunned.... This was definitely a 'Hangol'.

Hangols looked like a crossbreed between cougars and lions.

Their fur was purplish in color, and they were about twice the size of an average full grown lion back on earth.

As for the other soldier, he was a little late to react... so he had only fired one bullet, before the Hangol violently pounced on him.

"Ahhh!!!!" He yelled, while holding the Hangol's mouth wide with his bare hands.

He looked as heroic as Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), holding open a lion's mouth in the movie 'Hercules'.

As the Hangol was about to hit him with its claws.... the soldier, Moby, immediately used his right leg to hit the Hangol's belly.

'Groahhhhh', the animal whimpered in pain.

"Rico!!... shoot its back!!" Moby yelled out, as he continued to wrestle the ferocious Hangol... who was spitting on him like crazy.

At this point, he had already received several claw strikes from the Hangol.

And Rico who had just killed the other Hangol, was conflicted on what he should do.

The Hangol and his friend were wrestling so hard, that he was afraid that while shooting the bullet, the animal might turn around.. making the bullet accidentally injure his friend.

Everyone had around, had already noticed the commotion... and had immediately stopped working, so as to help their fellow Baymardian.

Although the sounds of the machines had drowned out the sounds of their battle, the other guards around the work site... had immediately noticed the battle.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

From there, they signalled everyone else who was working within the machines.

Truth be told, they had been wrestling for more than 5 minutes now.

Man vs Beast.

Everyone was completely shocked, at how Moby could hold off for so long under such a gigantic beast.

The soldiers knew that this was because of all the close combat classes that they had undergone.


Rico had been holding the gun for a while now, and was still conflicted on what he should do.

His hands trembled slightly.. as he was afraid that he might accidentally kill his friend.

What if the bullet passed through the animal and killed instantly his friend?

He had no problem shooting at all.... but for some reason, when he pointed the gun towards his comrade, he felt like a newbie soldier.

"Rico you can do it!!!"

"Rico!!.. remember what his highness had said!!.. believe in yourself"

Everyone else encouraged him.

Finally, Moby yelled out

"Rico, I have no more strength to continue on... shoot this motherf***er now!!!"


The bullet had hit the Hangol's head.


The men at the side took advantage of this, and yanked Moby away from the Hangol.

Once Moby was out of the picture, every other guard took out their gun and shot the animal several times.

'Thpiew! Thpiew! Thpiew!'

How dare this beast touch their comrade?

Die motherf***!!!

Landon looked at the Hangol, that had probably received over 50 bullets by now... and couldn't help but say a short prayer for it.

R.I.P Mr. Hangol!!

Bruhhh!!!... this was definitely overkill...not that he was complaining.

Instantly.... several men who were holding a first aid kit, ran over from the gate.

They had seen the whole incident through their binoculars... as well as the many large telescopes, that were mounted on the city wall.

Once they saw the battle, they immediately knew that their comrade was injured... so they prepared the first aid kit for him.

"Quickly.. give room!!!"

They rushed over to Moby, and tore open his military shirt.

The medic team quickly soaked a clean cloth with hydrogen peroxide, and gently cleaned his wounds.

Everyone stood by watching, as the hydrogen peroxide immediately turned white when it came in contact with Moby's skin.

And while they were busy cleaning his injuries, someone went to get a truck A.S.A.P.

There were always 3 loading trucks, stationed around the City gate posts... just in case information about visitors needed to travel fast to their king or any important military personnels.

Information about needing backup or help, would also be delivered fast in this way.

After cleaning the blood, dirt and debris off his wounds, they bandaged him up neatly.

Since there were no real bandages available, they used ordinary fabric as their bandages.

Bandages were made from cotton... and presently, it was too cold for cotton to survive.

Moreover, Cotton takes 5 to 7 months to fully grow.

Hence although they presently had enough cotton seeds, Landon knew that he could only plant them by spring time.

Anyway... by the time Moby's wounds were completely dressed, the truck had finally arrived.

The patient was gently carried in, and immediately sent over to the hospital for further treatment.

Of course, they also took the dead Hangols as well..... Landon had ordered that it should be given to the cooks within the barracks..

Those who were on duty today, would have a share of the meat once they went back to the barracks.

Landon accessed everything that had happened today, and decided to head on over to Lucius' office.

Rico's hesitation, had showed him that his men could shoot confidently only when their comrades weren't within their shooting range.

But what happens when they had to decisively shoot someone who was holding their comrades hostage?

No joke, he wanted his men to be as smooth and sharp as '007'.

In fact.... if even the women could be as efficient as 'Black Widow' from the Avengers.. then he would gladly promote all of them A.S.A.P.

He wanted everyone to be as sharp as any other secret agent or spy back on earth.

Judging from the fact that Rico killed the first Hangol so swiftly, Landon knew that if it were only their enemies standing in front of them....then for sure, they would act as secret agents.

But when their enemy gets entangled with their comrades, they seem to revert into 5 year old children.

The way they are now, sending them on missions would be completely useless.

This was definitely a problem.