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 Time passed by fast, and in a blink of an eye..... December had arrived, and a lot had changed.


Santa had come, brought the treaty and left with the gang.

Right at this moment, some parts of Carona had received the goods, like mattresses and so on... while others had not.

So Santa had brought 12 of his Caronian merchant friends along with him.

And each of them had brought at least 3 ships for the trip.


They had planned to make numerous trips starting from now, until all goods were properly circulated around every corner within their empire.

As for the people around the Capital, they had already begun hearing about Baymard.... as the first goods that Santa had previously taken, were all sent there.


Every Baymardian item had the words: 'Made in Baymard' on them, so it was pretty hard for them to not know where the goods came from.

They had their winter jackets, socks, scarfs and so on with them..... as well as warm blankets and bedding materials as well.


Santa's plan was to take care of Carona first, before sending out goods to his other stores within other empires.

And with the way things were going, slowly but surely... Baymards excellence would soon spread out of Carona as well.


Now, since the children were staying here for school.... Carmelo and his gang had gotten one of the largest luxury villas within District H.

That district was closer to King's Landing,and used to be for Visa approvals and Check-ins.

But now, it was converted into a residential area for foreigners.


Carmelo had decided that this villa would be their official residence within Baymard.

And due to the fact that the children had 6 to 8 more years before reaching 15 and completing their education..... their request to own the property for that period if time was approved.

But it was done step by step.


Typically, leases woud be signed based on how long one's Visa permits them to be here.

But if one wanted to keep any home for a longer period of time, they would need proof.


So in Carmelo's case, every year..... once they paid the children's fees, they would have to bring the receipts before they could renew the lease for the Villa.

And the good thing was that the lease had the option of paying for services.... like cleaning, gardening, and even hiring guards from Baymard, to look after the property.

So of course, Carmelo chose that option..... and paid a hefty price for it.


Now, since the children would be staying in that huge villa while studying..... Carmelo had left 10 other royal guards with his nieces and nephews for the meantime.

And as a legal guardian, His other Niece... Regina, who was his brother's 17 year old daughter... had opted to stay behind as well.

Scratch that!.... she had wrestled with her own siblings, just for the position.

And with that, Santa and his gang had left Baymard for good.


And with the treaty in his hands, Landon had now completed 2 out of 4 side missions.

He notarized the documents and placed them away.

And to commemorate the treaty, Landon had requested for an embassy building to be built for Carona.

He had also decided to build a statue of himself and Penelope shaking hands in future... so as to symbolize their treaty.


But for now, since Carona didn't have any Visa system yet... the embassy would be there for the Caronians.

There, they would receive and confirm any news about their empire.

If a war broke out there, and they wanted to confirm anything...the embassy was the right place for them to visit.


Also, the ambassadors in the embassy were also there to discuss all political and economical concerns or requests between Carona and Arcadina.

So if Carona ever needed help, the Ambassador could seek an audience with Landon and state his request.


The list went on for what could be done there, as even criminal transfers would be discussed too.... since it was in the treaty.

And for the ambassadors....  of course, they would arrive when the Caronian knights arrived as well.

Which was sometime around late Winter to early Spring.

And when they arrived..... they would be coming with her Majesty, Queen Penelope.


As for those who previously went out on missions, the last group had just arrived with  the new refugees.

That meant that Landon had successfully dealt with Nopline's camps in Arcadina.

So of course....  he gave those who returned a well deserved break with, 1 month off military duties.

But while they were resting, he sent several new groups out to Deiferus and Yodan.

And this time, Lucius and Trey were amongst.


In short.... Lucius had practically stated that he was going, and that was that!

He wanted to test out the weapons on real enemies... as well as get back on the field once again.

So with Lucius out, that meant that Landon was grounded in Baymard till further notice.

Well, for now.... they would have to push his wedding date for Summer of next year.


Lucius and Mother Kim were already engaged, and their wedding had previously been arranged for Spring of next year.

But with the mission, Lucius might only come back in summer.

In Landon's mind, Mother Kim had to be married before him... and fast.


With the way Alex Barn was....  if he found out about Baymard's success, who knew if the fool would shamefully claim that Mother Kim was still his concubine?

Yes, they did end everything, and had even annulled their marriage.

Everyone knew that.


But someone as shameless as Alec, would probably use devious means to acquire Baymard's fortune and power.

Hence thinking up till here, his mother had to marry fast.

At least with a new husband, Alec wouldn't even dream of using that approach.


As for the new refugees who had just been rescued, Landon had truly reaped a massive number of them this time around.

He had gained: hundreds of bags filled with seeds, 357 caged animals, 820 stallion horses, and a ton of coins that could fill up 7 wagons.

And all this came from all 5 underground pleasure camps.


As for how many refugees he had acquired from all 5 training camps, and all 5 underground pleasure camps.... they were 34,091 new refugees to be exact.

Needless to say, Landon started working on several new projects at once.


With the Zoo being completed, he had placed all animals in their new homes.... as well as trained the new slaves on how to take care of each animal.

And once their training was completed, the Zoo would finally be opened for business..... which would be around late winter as well.


Aside from that, Landon had also opened up a Law school and court system.

Just because Landon never mentioned it, didn't mean that conflicts didn't happen regularly.

For sure, disagreement was part and part and parcel of human nature.

But it was just that there were certain laws that everyone had to abide on.


Even though Landon had said that killing the innocent was bad, that didn't mean that some of his people wouldn't do it.

Psychos could always emerge, as there was no such thing as a perfect society.

Hence, Landon had to be prepared for the worst.


Plus, a court system was also important in judging foreigners as well.

They would be given a lawyer, and all the rights that one should have while being in custody.

Court cases would be used for anything.... so far as one was suing.

But for now, since there weren't many cases to begin with... only 100 people were trained for these roles.


Adding to all these changes.... Baymard had just welcomed its first Cab Company as well.

And it was booming!!


With the current population of 131,954 people.... even though some of them had their cars, and still used public transport.

A good chunk of them prefered to use cabs, as it was somewhat private and faster than public transportation.

Also, if one was running late to work or missed the bus.... cans were truly a life saver to them.

Hence the business was in high demand ever since it started 3 weeks ago.



All this time, the slaves had been learning how to drive..... as well as getting themselves acquainted with most of the roads within Baymard, while using Baymard's public map.

And now, the company had officially begun business.


In short, Baymard had fallen into a state of busyness.... as the year was finally coming to an end.


--Riverdale City, Arcadina----


\"2 rooms for the night!!\"


Standing within a musty old Inn, were 2 burly men.

They had been travelling for 4 and a half months now, and finally.... they had arrived at Riverdale City.


\"Do you think that he's dead?\"

\"He might be..... but there's a high chance that he was turned into a slave as well.\"

\"Nonetheless, Master wants us to rescue him... so we will do just that.

Tomorrow, we'll head out to Baymard!!\"