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 --Xymo City, The Empire Of Terique--


Within a massive estate which could rival that of any royal palace..... several slaves were currently carrying a massive golden carriage, that had beautiful bluish silk curtains all around it.

As the hand carried carriage passed by, all the slaves within the estate gave way, stopped what they were doing, and knelt down.... as if a king was passing by.

And even though no one could see who was inside it.... everyone still had a vague idea about the owner of that massive shadow.


\"What the hell are you all doing?

Go faster you worthless pigs!!\" The voice from inside bellowed.... and those that carried the box-like carriage, tried their best to hurry along, while overcoming their tiredness.

Their master was indeed on the heavy side. .... and they had been carrying him for more than 3 hours now.

Their shoulders were almost collapsing at this point.


\"Bloody fool, fan me faster!!

And you, where are my fruits?\" The voice yelled out again.

\"It's here master!\" Said another servant, who had been carrying a massive tray of fruits on his head.

He walked closer to the silky blue curtains, and soon... a meaty hand that was covered with golden rings, quickly popped out from the curtains, and grabbed onto the apples on the tray.

And after a while, all the servants could hear, where a series of chewing noises.

But no matter how their bellies grumbled, they knew better than to expect anything from their master.


As they continued the usual stroll, they saw a group of knights hastily approach them.

\"What is it?

Is there any reason why you should be disturbing my afternoon stroll?\" The man within the carriage yelled.

The healer had said that he should walk about from time to time..... and he was doing just that.

So why in heaven's name were they bothering him now?


As if used to their master's screams, the guards bent their heads and waited for their master to let out steam..... before relaying their message.

\"Well, what Is it?\"

\"Master... we just received a letter from our men in Carona.

Here they are Master.\"

\"Is that all?

Don't we receive messages all the time, why are you bothering me for this one?\" Noplilne screamed, while rudely taking the letters from the knight.

\"Master... even though we don't know what was written there, the person who delivered them said that it was urgent.\"


Nopline opened up the first one letter... and writing it, he immediately went Berserk.

'Din! Din! Din! Din!'

Needless to say, he had caused the hand held carriage to fall with him inside it as well.

And because the slaves had a duty to ease their master's fall, they swiftly placed themselves under the entire metal carriage just before it landed on the ground.


Woe betide them, if they came out with no injuries when their master did.

The guards quickly got their master out, and literally carried him back.

This master of theirs was so lazy, that even walking seemed like a bother to him.


Nopline drew in a deep breath, as he tried hard to calm himself down while skimping over the letters for the second time.

The first letter came from the city lord of that city, and the second one was the message that Landon Obley had left for him.


[Master, both camps in Reginal city have been destroyed by someone with the name of Landon Obley.

And from his note, thhis humble one had surmised that he was a peasant who had almost been brought into slavery by our men.

So he had done this for revenge.]

The letter from his subordinate was long, as it detaily covered all the damages that had occurred, as well as how many knights and slaves that they had lost to this abominable fellow.


\"Landon Obley... Landon Obley....\" Nopline muttered to himself.

Indeed, the last name, and even the fact that the person had almost been forced into slavery.... all shouted 'Peasant'.

And even when he thought of all the wealthy people within the continent, no one with such a name popped into his head.


With how many people tried to curry favours with him daily..... it was safe to say that he knew almost everyone who had the capabilities to make big moves within the Pyno continent.

So..... who the hell was Landon Obley?


Just thinking about it made his blood boil.


He felt like crushing the person to death was his massive body.

How dare a Peasant attack him?


The guards waited patiently for their master to calm down in silence.

Whatever was written in that letter, was definitely bad news for them.

Nopline placed his hand across his chest, and took in several deep breaths.

No matter how strong this Landon Obley fellow thought he was, there was no way that he would be able to deal with him.


Who was he?

He was one of the most established business men in the entire Pyno continent.

And what did he sell?

People, desires and entertainment.

His business had been thriving for more than a decade now..... and there's no way that a newbie would be able to take him down anytime soon.

Not to mention that he had inherited this same business from his father and expanded it.

He was a well rooted individual within the continent.


Nopline passed the letter on for his trusted aids to read it, while he massaged his temples.

\"Is this the only letter that arrived?\"

\"Yes Master..... this is the only one.\"

\"Then that's good.!!!

This means that the other camps within Carona, are still safe for now.\" Nopline assumed.

But unbeknownst to them, within the next few weeks.... they would receive 2 other letters, which will counter their assumptions.


\"For now, send someone to investigate this Landon Obley fellow.

I want to know what empire he came from, his entire family history, what his favorite food is..... as well as what or who his weaknesses are.

Even if he hoes out to poop or drink, I want to know everything about him.

Dyou hear me?!!!\"

\"Yes master!\"



And so, the search for a certain Landon Obley had begun.