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 --Prisdon City, Arcadina----


An enraged roar could be heard from within a massive hall.

\"It's true my lord!..... it's true!!!\"

\"My lord..... please believe us!\"


Several men could be seen yelling out frantically, as they tried to resist the surrounding guards.... who were struggling to drag them away.


Those within the room looked at the men with pity.

They had fallen from heaven to hell in such a short amount of time..... sigh.

These men were previously well respected and had a certain amount of power within their grasps.

But after going to Baymard, it seemed that they had become mad instead.



Those men were the same ones who got electrocuted in Baymard a while back.

The guards dragged, pulled and even had to hit them several times..... before they could successfully haul them out of the room.


Holding onto the doors as if their lives depended on it..... they still tried their best to narrate their story, while kicking the annoying guards that are trying to pin then down.

\"My lord!... we speak nothing but the truth!\"

\"Please believe us my lord!\"

City Lord Sanders raised his right hand up, and gestured for the men to be taken away from his sight immediately.


Believe them?

Only a toddler would believe that redicolous tale.

If it were true, how come he had never heard of it?

He had several men close to Riverdale city.... so for sure, if such a weapon truly existed...  then they would likely find a way to get it to him first.


Sanders looked at the buffoons before him in disgust.

From their magical story.... everyone in the room had naturally assumed that they had branched off somewhere else, instead of completing their mission.

This crime alone, was more than enough to sentence them to death.

But thinking that there were high ranking knights within the group..... Slanders chose to torture them for 30 days as punishment.

The next time they lied straight to his face again, he would for sure kill them.



The door had been firmly shut, and those insane men had all been taken to the dungeons.


The hall fell into a state of quietness, and time seemed to slow down immensely.

\"What do you all think of their tales?\"

\"My lord, I think that it's absurd!\"

\"Unbelievable my lord!

We haven't heard of such a thing before.

The entire thing is nonsensical.\"



Standing before Sanders, were 5 of his most trusted knights.

\"My lord... I think that they had been forced to say those things.

And if so, then Baron Rodgers was most likely the one who told them to do so.\"

Everyone else furrowed their brows, as even if that were true.... what could Baron Rodgers offer, for their men to betray them like this?


Slanders fell deep in thought, as he recalled what Baroness Cynthia had told him in private a while back.

Everyone thought that Baymard had nothing to offer.... but from what she had said, the place had several valuable rocks and ores that could make anyone extremely rich.

Were his men tempted by all that, or was there something more to it.


\"My lord..... I personally don't think that they would willingly betray us.

I think it could be the work of a powerful potion master.\" One of the knights said.


In the entire Pyno continent, only 4 renowned Apothecaries.... knew how to make Maddening potions.

First, they would insert several needles on one's head.... and force the victim to drink some sort of potion.

Such Apothecaries were typically known as Dark Apothecaries ..... and were naturally viewed as taboo apothecaries.


But even at that, they were extremely valued by men of higher birth.

To hire such apothecaries, would cost a fortune.

But since they assumed that Baron Rodgers was in Baymard, and had access to the mineral ores..... then without a doubt, he would have the means to sustain such apothecaries.


\"That could be true... but my Lord, what if they really did see what they had just described?\" Another knight asked.

\"Then we must get those weapons no matter what!

Regardless, whether their stories are plausible or not.....  I need people I can trust, to personally go down there and confirm things for themself.

For this trip, I will only permit 2 people to go.

Benolio!..... Herbert!.... both of you will leave in 4 days time.\"

\"Yes my lord!\"

\"Now, based on what those buffoons said... the place would have certain rules for everything to agree on, so follow their rules and do just that!

You are to stay there for at most 5 days.

While there, find out how many knights they have there... as well as the exact location where Baron Rodgers is.

I also need you all to find out who is backing him up, as well as what other secrets Baymard is hiding .\"

\"Yes my lord!\" Both men replied in unison, while kneeling in respect before their master.


Sanders nodded back, and turned to his other trusted knights.

\"As for you 3, I need you all to ready 2500 men for battle..... just in case we need to take over Baymard for ourselves.\"

\"Yes my lord!\"



After rounding up his plans with his men, he immediately cloaked himself.... and headed out to see his new Mistress, Baroness Cynthia.

\"Darling!..... you were right to punish them.

Even when I was at Baymard with that good-for-nothing ex-husband of mine, we had never heard or seen such a weapon before.

So how could it be true?\" Cynthia said, while massaging Sanders' shoulders.

If such a thing really existed, then why would her ex-husband's forces be weak when compared to others?

Listening to Sanders, she felt like everything he had said was a complete joke.


\"Darling... forget about all that!

What we should focus on, is killing that scum  and keeping those mineral ores to ourselves.\" Cynthia said, while gently kissing the back of Sanders' neck.


Of course he wanted the ores.

Who wouldn't?

Ever since he had found out about them, he had begun to fantasize about having all those mineral ores for himself.

And if the city really did have those magical weapons, then he had to get his hands on them too.

The more he thought things through, the more determined he was in getting Baymard within his grasps.


He rested on the massive bed, with his little seductress in his hands, while dreaming of all the wealth he would soon acquire.

His dreams had never been so sweet.