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 \"Boss!... Boss!..... Boss!

What do we do now?\" Asked another injured knight, who was also using his dead comrade's body as a shield..... while slowly backing away.

\"Fool!!.... why in heaven's name are you asking me?

Cant you see that I'm that I'm also confused as well?\"

\"S...sorry boss\"



As they watched Clovis and his men hastily approach them, their hands subconsciously tightened around their swords anxiously.

'Din! Din! Din!'

For these knights..... those approaching footsteps, were like the sounds of a caged demon trying to break free.


As for their leader, even though he was scared silly..... he still refused to give up without a fight.

More specifically.... he wanted to stall for time, and create an opportunity for his escape.


\"Wait!!\" He yelled.

Clovis knitted his brows, and raised his hands for his team to stop.

Hearing the footsteps halt.... the leader and his men were secretly rejoicing within their hearts.


\"You all are doing this for the money right?

What if we paid you double?

No... scratch that!.... we'll pay you triple.

If you let us go, I promise to give you anything you want.... money, women, fortresses, and anything else that you all desire....\"


As Clovin and the soldiers listened on, they couldn't help but think it funny.

If these men had all these things, why weren't they managing their so-called fortresses instead?

As for money, Please!!!

In their eyes, they were already rich and well off... compared to a large population of Arcadinians.


\"Yes Yes Yes..... we can give you anything you need!\" Said another enemy guard.

\"Women, servants or even slaves... it will be all yours.\"


The leader looked at Clovis and smiled as if he had already won.

\"See, we can make this work!

So... what do you say?\" The leader said, while flashing a charming smile at the group.

Who can resist such temptations?

Clovis smiled back, and swiftly pointed his gun at the men.

\"Sorry... but we'll have to reject your offer.\"

\"Pui! Pui! Pui! Pui! Pui! Pui!'



Before the leader could even even his sentence, the bullet had already cracked his skull.

Alongside him, all his other comrades were also left with a bullet deeply embedded into their skulls.

And now..... the supposedly rich guards, had all died with glaring expressions on their faces.


\"Alright!... these were the last guards within this basement level.

With them dead, I need you all to quickly aid the rest in freeing up the captives.\"

\"Yes sir!\"


Time passed by, and shortly after that.... they quickly regrouped with Landon and led everyone back to ground level.

They had used up 45 minutes, just for freeing the captives and killing the guards.


Landon and 4 others walked out calmly... while observing the situation.

Sure enough, everything was still in disarray.... as the soldiers who stayed at ground level, kept causing chaos by throwing one or 2 grenades here and there.


Of course, they had thrown just 1 grenade every after 5 minutes... as they were just supposed to let everyone think that the enemy was still around.

Plus, Landon didn't want them to run out of grenades.

So, only 2 people out of the 20 at ground level, were supposed to throw the grenades.


\"The enemy had already infiltrated the first courtyard men... so stay on guard!

They're probably trying to break through these piles of stones to get to us!\" Yelled one of the commanding knights, who was currently standing before the rubble of rocks.


Suddenly, heard several deafening sounds again.

And this time, they were more ferocious than they were.... within the past 45 minutes.

'Boom! Boom! Boom!'


\"My leg!\"



All 20 soldiers who were at ground level... had thrown several grenades at the gathering of knights.

Smoke filled the air, and the ground was raised up as well.


\"Now!!!\" Landon yelled... and immediately, everyone ran out like mad.

And as they ran, those other soldiers kept creating numerous diversions.... until they were sure that everyone had left the second courtyard.

Then they ran towards the 3rd courtyard and threw multiple grenades at the tunnel-like gate.



Now that most of the guards had been trapped within the 1st and 2nd courtyards..... only a handful were left in the 3rd one.

So, the soldiers took out their guns and shot their way through.

'Pui! Pui! Pui! Pui!'


Cries of agony could be heard everywhere they went.

And soon, they found the underground tunnel (exit B), escaped, destroyed the entire underground exit..... and fled into the night.


At 5:16 A.M... they met with Beri and the others who rescued the women from the underground sex camp, and left the city.

They travelled nonstop for a week and a half while alternating driving shifts for the wagons and so on.

And after journeying for so long, they had finally made it to the Coastal city.


While Landon went on to buy more ships, the slaves from both camps reunited with each other for the first time since they left.

Some people found their sisters, brothers, and even fiancee's amongst the group.


But of course, with how massive they were in number.... not everyone was lucky enough to see their family members now.

Hence, the men had promised that on the way to Baymard.... they would record everyone's name down and post a list on several general lists and newspapers as well.

This way  even if they didn't find their families now..... they would still feel hope in knowing that they had indeed gone to Baymard with them.


Tears of joy and cries of happiness..... could be heard from all corners of the ships, as they sailed out into the open waters.

Landon smiled as he looked at the scene before him.

Mission Accomplished!


--WhiteWood City, Arcadina--


Eli tapped his desk with his fingers in confusion.

Why wasn't there any news yet?

They were already in the month of September, and no word yet from his men at Baymard.


Something wasn't right!

How could an army of over a thousand die or all at the hands of 300?

Well, he personally didn't believe that this basted brother of his would have enough power to destroy his men.

But nonetheless... he needed to investigate everything immediately.


Eli was sure that his men had reached Riverdale city, because they had sent him a letter to which arrived early August... saying that they were in Riverdale city.

But the follow up letter never came through.


Was someone helping that bastard brother of his from the shadows?

Did his men fall victim towards someone else's assault?

Or did his brother suddenly become start enough to start learning how to strategize against him?

Something was off about the matter, Eli was sure about one thing.

This brother of his, seemed to be holding onto a lot of secrets.


'My dear little brother, it seems like I would have to personally pay you a visit one of these days.'

like your hiding something from me.