In front of the soldiers, was a wide stairway that led to the lower basement levels.


Both teams descended hurriedly,and eventually splitter up.

The team from exit C, stayed at the 2nd basement floor which was just below ground level..... and Landon and his squad headed towards the 1st basement floor.

Of course some men from both teams all stayed at ground floor to keep watch..... as well as create more distractions for those there.


Now was time for battle!

No more decisiveness!

Thanks to the system's detailed info, they had known how many people were currently standing guard on each basement level.

And so far, the amount was something that they could handle easily.

Hence, they could just pull out their guns and deal with them quickly.


Clovis and his team speedily moved along the hallway, until they heard several voices.

\"Damn!.... do you think that the enemy has succeeded?\"

\"Not a chance!

My guess is that they're still outside the gates!\"



12 guards were currently seating at the front of the dungeon-like slave residence.

They sat around a massive desk, and kept on gisting..... even when they saw Clovis' team approach them.

\"Ahh!.... people from above!

Tell me, have we already flattened those son of a b**chest yet?\"

\"Yeah!... yeah!.... what's happening up there\"



The knights continued to bombard their 'comrades' with numerous questions.... as they wanted to know the situation above ground level.

But before any of their questions were answered..... their so called comrades, had swiftly pulled out a black stick from under their clothes, and pointed it towards them.


'Pui! Pui! Pui! Pui!'

Several shots had been fired.

And soon, the guards felt everything turn black

as they quickly lost consciousness.

Their throats felt constricted, as they could hardly breath in anything at all.


Needless to say, within the next 5 seconds.... they had all dropped dead.


\"Follow the plan!

Private Ewing, lead your group to free up the captives on the left side

While Private Tang and his team will focus on the right side.

Alright!... move out\"

Everyone nodded and went ahead with their assigned duties.

As for Clovis.... he was still in charge of taking care of all the guards on the hallway, so he still had a long way to go.


Private Ewing and his team ran forward until they came across the first rows of captives.

Immediately as the captives spotted them..... some of them looked away in fear, others sneered at them in hate and disgust, while didn't show any reaction at all.

Of courses, there were still those who were still asleep after all the commotion from before.


Private Ewing, Private Tang and their teams came closer to the prison-like bars..... and first spoke to the captives, before freeing them.

\"We mean no harm!!!

We are here to rescue you all\"



When the captives heard this, their ears instantly perked up a bit... and their forehands furrowed a bit.

Should they really trust these people?

What made them different from the saints that paraded themselves in front of their families, and forced them into slavery.

They decided to first escape, before thinking things through.


The soldiers knew that they had a ton of questions to ask them..... but now wasn't the time for this.

They were working against time, and every second counted toward the success of this mission.

\"If you want your freedom.... stick with us and we'll all get out of here alive.\"


As the soldiers briefly spoke, they hurriedly removed the massive iron bar that was placed in front of each cell.

The iron bar was ridiculously heavy, and needed at least 5 people to lift it up.

'Huhhhh!!!' Huuhhhh!'

'Bamm!! Bamm!''

Several iron bars had been removed, some of the slaves had been freed.


Many of the captives felt their hearts quiver with joy.... as they felt that their salvation was at hand.


That word which was somewhat distant to them..... now felt seemingly close within their reach.


They quickly joined the soldiers in freeing up the other captives, as they moved more iron bars on the prison-like cells on the left and right.

As Private Tang and Private Ewing did their duties in releasing the slaves..... Clovis on the other hand, continued 'taking care' of the guards in advance.


\"You there!.... stop!!

What are you doing down here?\"


Standing before Clovis, were 30 broad shouldered knights who had just gotten up from their seats vigilantly.


Unlike the other guards that they had met so far... these ones seemed like veterans in battle.

The guards held the sheath of their swords, as they felt that it was too suspicious for regular guards to be here at such a time.



Without waiting for a reply, all 30 guards quickly rushed towards Clovis' team.

For them, anyone who can't even answer such an obvious question.... was definitely an enemy.

But of course, they had utterly underestimated their enemies.


'Pui! Pui! Pui! Pui!'

Several bullets were sent flying towards all the guards at the forefront.


The men who were shot, screamed out in pain... as they felt an invisible force rip them apart from within.


Those who weren't hit..... were so shocked that they didn't know whether to proceed further with their attacks or not.

How could a metal stick cause their comrades to die?

It didn't make sense to them.

The enemy was clearly standing there, and had not even moved an inch.

So how did it turn into them dying instead?


The leader of the pact was currently using the body of one of his comrades as a shield.

His right arm had been shot... and right now, even wielding a sword would be a blessing to him.

He didn't know if his bone was broken or not..... but when he had previously ran up to his enemies, he had heard something within him crack.


And since then.... he couldn't even rotate his arm properly, talk less of swinging a sword.

Right now, he was thinking of how to escape instead.

But sadly, the only exit point had been completely blocked off by these demons.


With only 6 enemies left out of 30.... Clovis and his team of 11, quickly approached the injured men.

Previously, they couldn't get a clear shot, as there were too many enemies in number.

Plus some had just been hiding behind others all along.... so they could only shoot their arms and so on.


But now, with so many down.... It was time for them to end this!