Standing a little distance from the tall wide walls, each of the undercover soldiers tightly gripped the grenades in their hands.

In total, they had 11 more within their inner vests... and 1 in their hands.


'Hooohhhh! Hooohhhh! Hooohhhh!'

They steadied their breathing, and looked around vigilantly..... as they watched the enemies have their fun.

The entire place was so packed and Chaotic.... that no one was really paying attention to any one.

With a record of zero attacks for the past 12 years... the enemy's men went about the merry lives, as they had played and relaxed during working hours.


Landon was currently pretending to sleep, while leaning against a nearby pillar.

He observed for 3 minutes more, and when he saw that no one was watching him or his men.

He quickly stretched his hands as if he were yourning.

But really, he was just relaying several messages to his team.


'Snore!.... Snore!'


'Huh! Huh!'

The entire place was filled with liveliness .... as the enemy's slept, laughed, spoke, ate and wrestled with each other happily.


Suddenly, the sky thundered... and several loud sounds could be heard from the walls, followed by screams from the archers.




Agony wants even enough to describe what sort of pain those on the walls were facing.


The pain throbbed in their guts, as a deep and spine-chilling feeling completely washed over them.

Some of them felt like their organs were literally being squeezed violently by someone's hands.

While others immediately blacked oout, or died from taking a direct hit or shock.


Below, several legs, arms and body parts, could be seen raining down from the walls.

A thick cloud of smoke covered the perimeter around the walls..... and soon, all the knights at ground level, became alert.


But with how thick the smoke was..... no one really saw the body parts fly around the walls.

They just felt several objects hit them hard.


\"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

We are under attack!!\"


Several knights went about shaking those who were still asleep..... while others hurriedly rushed towards the wall to see what was going on.


The entire place had been plunged into a state of utter chaos and confusion.

Everyone was running left and right with their swords..... while others were running into the estate, to tell their boss.

And in those moments of uncertainty and indecisiveness..... the other soldiers outside the estate, all stealthily moved in together.


Previously, one of the men had shot a grenade toward the gates.... creating a large thick cloud of smoke.

And those outside, had taken advantage of it.

They had rushed in, dropped to the ground, crawled, and rolled to the pillars at the sides.


The estate was all fenced up, with the front area being a large courtyard.

For the walls .... one could imagine it like a house that was built rectangular, with several empty courtyards at its center.


So in essence, around the walls, one would find numerous carved doors, and pillars..... all around the gates, walls and inner courtyards.

And from the map that Landon had given the soldiers... ..... if they should take a few more steps, they would be able to reach one of these open courtyard doors.



As Landon and the other 7 soldiers strategically bombed several other spots....  the rest of the soldiers hurriedly stepped into front wall building, and quickly made their way towards one of the rooms there.


Their plan was simple!

Those who were already dressed as the enemy.... were to lure others into the room, take their clothes, and give to those who didn't have.

Landon had given them 15 minutes at most for this task.


And while all the chaos was going on, the enemy knights decided to get in formation and wait for the enemy to advance in.

They wanted to see who was so bold enough to attack their Master's property.


\"Men!... Men!.... it's snow powder!\"

\"The enemy has snow powder?\"

\"Isn't that ridiculously expensive?\"

\"The enemy's archers had snow powder..... raise your shields up and be careful!!\"



'Din! Din! Din!'

More knights hastily made their formations within the courtyard.

And now, they had more than 2,000 guards outside on formation.

One could describe this scenario as Perfect!..... for Landon of course.


At this point, many men were afraid to go above the city walls..... as they thought that this enemy was only attacking those there.

And of course they didn't have the balls to go out at all.... as the walls and even the front gate was filled with smoke.

No one wanted to go out blindly and die just like that

Better safe than sorry.

But what they didn't know, was that all this was within Landon's expectations.


Currently, the rest of the soldiers had successfully disguised themselves.

And now, they were heading towards the main gate room.

This room had a rolling mechanism that could close the massive 4 meter iron gate permanently.... or open it up completely.


'Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!'

\"Bro... open up, the enemy is around!!\"

Private Gavern yelled out, as he continuously banged the door loudly.

Soon, a guard opened the door.... and quickly went back in.

From the looks of it, he was looking for something.


\"Blasted!... where did I keep my shield?

You there!

Don't just stand there, help me look for it already.

We are at war God-dammit!\"



Within the room, Gavern and a few others at the door..... could see several dusty carts, as well as several empty ale barrels, a pile of rotten apples and foods, 4 chairs and 2 desks.

The place smelled awful, and reeks of alcohol.

Also, apart from the guard who had just opened the door..... Gavern could also see 3 more guards as well.


16 of them went into the room, and pretended to look for the shields.

But as soon as they got close to the men, they immediately tackled them, sealed their mouths and stabbed them swiftly.



The men mumbled and struggled to break free, as they all felt their life slowly slip away within every passing second.

Their eyes were red and filled with rage, as they shook like fishes out of water.


But of course, no matter what they did..... they could never break free from the men before them.

And soon, their struggles grew weaker and weaker..... until, their bodies finally have in.

They had all died, with hatred, and a lot of regret in their hearts.


Gavern and the men quickly hid their lifeless bodies at the back of several massive crates.... and speedily lowered the gate.

And of course after lowering it, they bombed the gate control room.... as well as the other rooms on that same floor, and fled.


\"Do you know who our enemy is?\" Asked one of the guards, who was standing in the courtyard in formation.

\"NO!..... but from the looks of it, their archers are pretty skilled!\"



Thousands of soldiers readied themselves below, in anticipation for the enemy's attack.

But suddenly, they heard another set of loud deafening sounds from above.




Just what was going on?