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They had been shot with tranquilizers.

And the drug doses were indeed heavy enough to make them fall asleep after 4 minutes max.


'Thup! Thup! Thup!'


Jerry felt a light sting on his neck..... and suddenly, his entire body felt heavy and tired.

He started rambling about heaven knows what... and soon, his vision became blurry as well.


As sleep slowly creeped in..... he felt his brain turn numb, as it became very hard for him to come up with any sentences at all.

This was too weird!!



He moaned, while rambling.

'What sort of annoying mosquito is this?'

Previously, he had felt a light but sharp tingly sensation on his neck.

So he had just assumed that it was a mosquito.


He tried placing his right hand on the 'bitten' spot, so as to slap that darn mosquito away.

But of course, he had thoroughly underestimated his 'tiredness' .

Because no matter how hard he tried, his arms didn't lift up at all.

It was like there was no connection between his brain and them.

F***..... let the mosquito have it's way!!


But of course, some of the guards quickly touched their necks and other body parts... and found very tiny weird need-like objects on those bitten spots.

And even though they felt a sense of crises run through their minds.... their eyes, mouth and body, had given up on reporting the matter.

In short, the dose was so strong...  that all they could think of right, now was sleep!!!!!


\"Aii!... let's talk later, I'm too tired right now.\" Said one of the guards, while quickly planted his face on the wall's edge.

At this point, he didn't even care about the fact that he could accidentally sleep and push himself over the wall.... falling straight to his doom.


\"Yeah... me... too...(snore)\"


Some of the victims snored loudly, while others just slept silently.


Those on the other walls saw this, but didn't feel anything was out of the ordinary... as some of them could hear those at the front say that they were too tired and so on.

So.... everything went undetected.

After all, it wasn't strange for them to sleep on the job here in Nopline's camp.


\"Hahahah.... look at them?

What the heck did they do today to be so tired?\"

\"Beats me!... all I know is that the snores from some of them could wake up an entire village.\"

'Snore!!!!!..... Snore!!!!!!.... Snore!!!'


The sounds of the men's snores, further confirmed that they were alright.

And those on the other walls shook their heads wryly.... while others did their best to stay awake as well.


One could say that sleep was a subconscious contagious disease.

Sometimes, one could feel sleepy simply because others were fast asleep as well.


5 minutes later, Landon and his team had finally decided to make a move.

They first wore their thermal goggles, and observed the gates.

If they walked straight there, would anyone be able to see them?

If they could see anyone's heat readings from the goggles, then that means that the person in question might be able to see them within this darkness.


Nope!!.... it was all clear.

Nothing came up on their goggles, except those that were sound asleep.

Landon did several other gestures again.

And soon..... 120 soldiers quickly made their way to the front.


They stealthily carried those 40 sleepy guards at the bottom...  . and immediately brought them back to where they were hiding.

And 5 minutes later, all 40 guards were completely naked, gagged, and tied to multiple trees.

Soon, 40 soldiers in disguise went back to the front gates again.... and Landon was amongst them.


Looking at the group of guards at the front gate, no one would believe that they were imposters.

And since the guards shifts usually ended at 6 P.M.... and hopefully, no one would find out about their identities till then.


No matter how one saw it, even though they had the weapons to take down thousands of men.

After all, one shouldn't forget that they were still small in number compared to their enemies.

So even though they had other teams currently trying to break into the estate from the back entrances..... one false move, and that was it!

Hence, strategy was always essential.


Landon signalled for everyone to get prepared, and soon..... he, Private Adam, Private Wonbi, and 5 others, quickly stepped into the estate.

Now, it was time for them to do their part.


'Boom! Boom! Boom!'

Walking into the fortress, Adam's heart raced in anticipation, fear and excitement.

He was undercover!!

Damn, it felt good.!!


Ever since he read one of Baymard's new books, titled 'James Bond: 007'.... Adam had felt like being undercover would be the coolest thing ever.

In his mind, the enemy would always be tight on security, well trained and hard to kill.

And that's how his fantasy about this mission was.

But after entering the fortress, disappointment couldn't even describe his current feelings.

What the hell were they doing?


The enemy's men were sitting around bonfires, drinking booze, joking around and so on.

It looked like they really believed that no one would dare to cross their master.

Adam looked at them and truly felt like they deserve to be attacked.

What happened to meeting villains that would scrutinize everything?



And that's how I killed old Mathius of the North\"

\"You liar!

You? kill old Mathy?


\"I did it, I tell yah!\"

\"Yeah... you did alright!\"

\"See?, someone who knows the truth.\"

\"You did it in your dreams.\"



'Sigh... reality is such a downer', Adam thought as he listened to these rambling men.


Soon, all 8 men who had just entered the estate.... quickly spread themselves at different positions along the left and right walls.

Of course, they stood a little distance from the walls as well... as what they wanted to do next, would definitely leave a nasty piece of work behind.


Coming into the estate, their main focus had always been on the archers.

Those guys would shoot them dead if the others just came running in.

So first things first..... it was time to grenade their asses!!