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The night's wind could be heard softly russling against the trees and bushes.

And in the dead of night, several men were secretly moving through the luscious ancient forest.


Soon, the men all halted.... and the leader of the pact quickly signalled for them to go leftwards from the City's gate.

Of course, for a mission such as this one... there was no way that they would pass through the front gate.

So they had decided to form a human ladder along one of the City's side walls.


One should know that the city had more than 33 walls surrounding it.

And some of these walls were as wide as 5 meters... while others were 100 meters wide.

In essence, the property wasn't rectangular... and had several bends and sides to it.

Hence the many walls.


Anyway, the wall that they had chosen to bank on..... was the one that no knight wanted to guard.

And this was all due to the fact that the area behind the wall had shit on it.

So in essence, there were more than 12 deep pits of shit placed behind the wall.


Landon and his men had trekked, climbed on trees....  and even crawled their way undetected for an additional 43 minutes, before finally reaching the wall.

Soon, some of them formed a human ladder, while others kept a look out instead.


'Chinn! Chinn! Chinn!'

Very swiftly, several men hurriedly lined up against the wall.... while others climbed on top of them.

They very much looked like a pyramid at this point..... with 4 rows of men at the bottom, 3 rows on top of those ones, 2  rows on the next, and then 1.


And when the first group got to the top, they quickly tied one end of a rope to their waist..... and sent the other end to their comrades.

Currently, for every person at the top... at least 2 soldiers at each pyramid level, would tightly hold onto the rope.


Beri tied the rope firmly around his waist, and hastily sent the other end of the rope to his comrades.

And while waiting for them to secure the rope..... he quickly glanced around the other side of the wall, just in case there was a guard around.

'All clear', he thought.


Soon, one of the soldiers confirmed that his rope was secured.

And not even a second later, he was off.

Infact, all those at the top took off in a flash.


They placed their legs against the walls, like Tom Cruise in 'Mission Impossible'.

But rather than jumping down step by step, they quickly walked downwards instead.... ... as the ropes were slowly lowered by the men on the other side of the wall.


Essentially, as they got lowered, those at all 4 pyramid levels, would slowly raise the ropes upwards instead.

And soon, those at the 4th pyramid floor had no more rope to raise..... and later, those at the 3rd and 2nd floors were done as well.



Beri and more than 30 men quickly landed on the floor at the same time and untied ... as well as gathered the ropes around their waists.

Then, they immediately formed another human ladder against the wall as well.

And 15 minutes later, all 800 men had safely entered into Ivonty city.

Needless to say, at this point.... everyone splitted up into several groups, and rushed towards their targeted secret zones.


1:28 A.M.

Landon and 200 others, had stealthily made their way towards the main entrance of the training estate.

Right now, the captured slave boys were currently asleep.... as they had to wake up early in the morning and train for an entire day.

For these boys, sleep and food was everything to them.


The entire estate was like a fortress, that had massive walls with several watches on it as well.

Those steadfast walls were built for guarding and ensuring that these slaves didn't dream about breaking free from the estate.


Patrolling the front entrance of the estate, were 40 enemy guards on duty.

And as for how many archers stood above the front wall, 150 to be exact.

One shouldn't be fooled by the numbers.

Sure, there were only a few outside..... but inside the fortress, there were over 4000 in total.


Normally, breaking in would've been in problem for many.

But for Landon and his men.... not so much.

They had technology on their side.

And luckily for them, this fortress was placed in one of the restricted and deserted areas within the city.

It was one of Nopline's army reserves..... so of course it would be away from nosy civilians.


Looking at those 150 guards patrolling the gate, Landon did several hand gestures to the people besides him... and they in turn sent the message along.

[Top: From left to right.

Last 50, Bottom: From left to right.]

Translation: the last person on the left end should shoot the enemy on the nearest left end as well.

This way, everyone would have a target.

As for the last 50 soldiers left, they were to shoot those 40 knights standing guard at the bottom.


Message received!

Everyone brought out several viles, and quickly loaded up their guns.

'Thup! Thup! Thup!'


Standing, or rather... slanting on the city walls, were several guards who were either snoring away while leaning, or standing 1 meter away from each other while gisting away.

Like the case in the previous scenarios, this estate had never been attacked for the past 12 years..... and in their minds, no one would have the balls to attack Nopline.

Hence, they became lax and free while on duty.


For them, most of the work was done by the other thousands who were guarding those slaves inside the estate.

So in their minds, there was absolutely nothing for them to worry about.



I heard that Solomon branded another slave again?\"

\"Hmmp!... serves them right!!

Who asked them to be lazy?\"

\"That's right!.... how hard could it be to train daily?\"

\"Hehehehe.... don't forget that they have to fight dangerous animals daily, unlike us.

Just yesterday, Luis said that 400 of them had died this week alone from fighting those ferocious fiends.\"

\"But so what?.... Who asked them to be slaves?

If they want to blame someone, then they can only blame their wretched parents.\"



The guards continued gisting.... and soon, they all felt strange.

Or rather, Sleepy!