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 \"You there!



Everyone tensed up, as they watched the crooked toothed guard slowly approach them.

Who could he be talking to?

The guard walked arrogantly, and finally stopped in front of a beautiful girl beside Landon.

The spies secretly let out a sigh of relief, but couldn't help but worry about the girl.


\"You!.... come with me!\"

The frightened 13 year old girl stood rooted on the spot, and finally..... she began to wail and cry loudly, while following behind the guard like a zombie.


'System..... can I buy a maddening spell?'

'Yes host!!

But the system will charge the host on an hourly basis.

So how long does the host want it to last?' The system said without any hint of emotions.

'1 hour'

'Host, that will cost you either: 8 Bonus Points, 140 Technology Points or 44 Development Points.\"

'Use my Bonus points!'

'As you wish host.'



'Poor girl.'

'What a pitiful child.'

'Hmpp!.... Serves her right!

So young, yet already knows how to seduce people.'

Several people's thoughts continuously ran wild.... as they watched the 13 year old girl walk towards the lion's den.


'Woo..... woo.... sniff sniff...'

The victim in question....  was currently crying her eyes out, as she followed the beast towards the guard post.

But suddenly, the guard stopped.

Everyone who was previously looking at the scene.... was utterly confused as well.

Was he going to lash out at the girl for crying?... or was he going to hit her!

Worst still, did he see another girl that he liked?

Even the other guards were confused as well.


The guard in question, swiftly turned around and smiled at them creepily.

Everyone quickly diverted their eyes, as they were literally freaked out from the guys smile.

But then.... they heard his maddening laughter, and their faces slowly began loosing color.




The other guards around the gate, slowly inched away from their friend.

This wasn't like him at all!!



Soon, the guard began taking off his clothes one by one..... and every completely lost it!.


\"Bro... w..what are you doing?\" One of the guards asked.

\"Elder bro..... this isn't funny anymore.

So Please stop!\" Another bellowed.

As for the little girl in front of the guard, she quickly ran toward the rear of the crowd in fear.


Series of gasps could be heard from the crowd, as they were utterly shocked by how audacious the guard was.

Did he plan to do it in front of all of them?

Those with children quickly covered their eyes in shame, and the other men did the same as well... as they too felt uncomfortable looking at a naked man.

How shameful!!


\"La la la la la!... \"

The guard slowly began singing and humming..... as he quickly swung his clothes up in the air like a fan.

He was butt naked at the point.

\"Hahahhaha!.... you all are my bros!

Come, give me a hug!\"




The guards had all drawn their swords.

\"Bro!..... this isn't funny anymore.\" Said one of the guards awkwardly, as he tried to look straight at his bro's face.

But it was so hard, as the other parts of his bro.... kept making him feel uneasy.

\"Bro, please... stop this madness\" another said.

\"Elder bro..... if you come any closer, I can't guarantee that I won't kill you!\"



As they begged, they slowly inched away... as they saw their bro step closer and closer towards them.

And in the next 3 seconds, the entire area became chaotic.


'Dun! Dun! Dun! Dun!'

The guard ran towards his friends happily, while butt naked.... instantly causing his friends to run for their lives.

It was like seeing children play a game of tag.

\"You go and pin him down, and then I'll join in later!\"

\"Are you crazy, do you think that I would wrestle a naked man?

What the F*** do you take me for?\"



As the guards scrambled around, all the peasants also ran into the city in fear as well.

Some of them swore to never stay close or catch the eyes of these perverted knights.

As for the little girl, she was just glad that she had been saved.

Will she ever step out again all alone?

Very unlikely!


Landon nodded his head in amazement, at how effective this madness spell was.

The guard had danced, eaten dirt, chased his friends merrily... and who knows what more he would do within the next 55 minutes.


Stepping into the city, all teams instantly splitted up and went their separate ways.

They acted like total strangers.

No eye contact, no hand gestures, nothing!

Now, it was time for them to get to work!!


Landon and his team walked for another 42 minutes within the city..... before reaching their targeted vicinity.

And very quickly, they went into one of the city's bushy zones.


In essence..... this place was similar to a park, as it didn't have any wild animals within it.

But, it wasn't as leveled and clean as a park.

It was still like a jungle, with several trees clustered together.... as well as some streams that flowed through the place.


They walked into the forest park-like zone, with several iron buckets which they had just bought from the markets.

Anyone who saw them, would instantly think that they were heading towards the streams to fetch water.


And when they were well hidden, they quickly took out their thermal sensor goggles from their hiding places.

Well, some of them had bandaged the goggles to their backs..... as if it were a baby who they were piggyback riding.

While others wrapped them on their waists.


For this mission they had all brought in very large peasant clothings just for this reason.

It wasn't uncommon for extremely poor peasants to wear such large garments..... so they blended in quite well with the crowd.

And with such loose clothes, no one could tell that they had anything packing underneath.


\"Brother.... there are 3 little birds in a wooden pot.... .\" Said one of the soldiers.

\"Ohh?.... I like that story, but what about the story of the 4 little bears who stayed West, 10 trees back?\"

\"Yes yes brother.... that one is the best.\"


Even if there was no one was around them, they still had to talk codedly at all times.


Time passed by, and soon.... it was 10 P.M.

Time to head back and prepare.... because tonight, it's going down for real!