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 \"Rescue team here!... Team leader John on channel.\"

\"Copy that\"

\"We've got 2 men down in the underground sewage piping system here.

From their colleagues, we were told that they, along with several others.... were working down there.

When suddenly, the air became almost impossible to breath.

Sir, I've already scanned and evacuated the area of all civilians/workers.

And from the gas sensor detectors, we have high toxicities of Hydrogen sulfide gas down here... OVER!\"

\"COPY that!

Please stand by, and we'll send a team there immediately.... as well as an ambulance.... OVER!\"

The lecturer and his assistant said, while simulating a 'report' conversation, through their Walkie-talkies.


\"Team 8!.... you're up!\"

Instantly, Levi and his team ran off to their entry point, while carrying several bags filled with ropes and harnesses on them.

They were also ready suited up..... so these ones were what the victims would wear later on.


Before the class started, they knew who would be doing what for the session.

Hence Levi knew that out of his team of 8, 4 would be going in.... while the other 4 would be in charge of pulling them out of the underground pipes.


As the moved, the instructor began grading their performance on a white sheet of paper.

One should know that the pipes and large units, were all made out of see-through plastics..... so everyone could see what they were doing from the outside.


'Thun! Thun! Thun!'

The team quickly set up a massive Tripod stand over the tunnel-like hole on the 3rd floor.... and quickly connected several ropes around it.

Basically, they would lower the men, as well as haul the victims up using this device.


Levi quickly connected 2 of the ropes to his harness.... and sat at the edge of the hole.

\"Are you ready?\"


'Tri! Tri! Tri!'

2 of his team mates began rotating a massive roller, which was similar to rollers that were placed on fishing rods.... only this one was  about the same size as a basketball.


'Tri! Tri! Tri! Tri! Tri!'

1 of his comrades started unwinding the metal string ropes from the rollers...while another was holding onto the ropes with his bare hands, just in case the machine breaks or something.

Slowly, Levi began to descend into the hole.


And as he descended.....  his heart rate quickened, and he subconsciously held onto the ropes on his harness tightly.

His chest began to rise and fall heavily, as his breathing became more and more rapid.

Everytime he was about to descend from such heights, a moment of fear would always hit him.

One should know that he was still being lowered from the 3rd to the 1st floor..... so that height alone was extremely terrifying to many.


But like Landon had said, Firefighters had to get used to heights.

Because whether they had to jump out of a window with a victim and be caught on an inflatable float below or not.... hesitation would not only kill both of them.

Hence Firefighters had to master their fear of heights.

And if they couldn't, then they could always choose another profession.


Levi looked down, and soon.... his legs had finally touched the ground.

He quickly sighed form relief and hurriedly removed the ropes from his harness.

And soon, the same ropes were hauled back and used to lower his other teammates... as well as 2 'blanket drags', that'll be used to place the unconscious victims on.


\"This tunnel splits into 2 directions.... so both of you should go forward, while well go the other way.\"

\"I agree!\"


After splitting up, Levi and his comrade hurriedly moved through the pipes... which seemed to be changing in size as well.

In some areas, it was large... but in others, it seemed to have drastically narrowed down.


\"Look! Look!.... there are 2 bodies over there!\" Said his comrade, as he pointed at 2 plastic dummies who were dressed in worker uniforms.

\"Let's contact our other comrades fast.\"


\"This is team 8, Lower squad 2.... we've just found both bodies at the left tunnel.


\"Copy that.... we'll make a U-turn and meet you guys there... Over!\"



One blanket drag was with the other team, so they could only strap on one victim for now..... while waiting for the others to arrive.

In essence, the blanket drag was like a plastic carpet that had straps on it.

When the patient got placed on it, they would strap the patient in so as to secure him/her properly.


One could imagine the patients to resemble a rolled up person in a blanket.

And after the thin plastic blanket has covered them up like a rolled up chicken sandwich..... they would get strapped up like Psychiatric patients at several points.

And the straps would be placed at places that didn't hinder their breathing, or make them uncomfortable.


Soon, the other 2 who went in the other direction.... had arrived with the other blanket drag.

And very quickly, they strapped the other victim in as well..... and carried them back using the ropes on the plastic blanket towards their initial entry point.

The patients got reeled up like fish.... and later, they too were reeled up as well.


\"18 minutes!

Not bad.... but you need to be quicker!

Next time, I want this same procedure done in at most 12 minutes.

Here's where you all made mistakes...\"

The session was finally over.... and Levi headed toward his next classes.


In truth, he loved being a firefighter.

It was always so exciting and thrilling.... and very rewarding as well.

But of course, initially... he didn't know what firefighters did.

However, after studying for close to 2 months.... he had soon gotten a quick run down of the job.

And he freak** loved it!!


For one, firefighters responded to medical calls.

This one was what truly shocked him the most!

He thought that only doctors would do that.... but who would've thought it was his duty as well?

From what he studied, they were supposed to work closely with the paramedics during any medical emergencies.


From CPR, to giving oxygen, bandaging, and even assisting in childbirth.... they had to help at all times.

(**That's why back on earth, one would always find firefighters around the scene and aging people up and so on.)

And they were also in charge of cleaning up the blood or dangerous toxic fluids around the place.


Apart from that, Levi had also found out that in future... he would also respond to vehicle accidents.

He was to quickly help trapped or injured victims, check the area around the accident to see if it's safe.... and work with the emergency team as well.

And again, he would be in charge of cleaning the vehicle wreckage, broken glasses, blood, gas and so on.


Oh... but his duties didn't stop there at all.

From dealing with all fires, and also doing rescues on water, land and underground..... one could say that he would be everywhere.


So even if it were saving people within poisonous gas situations, he had to do the job no matter what.

That's why they also studied the toxicity of gases and so on.

And lastly, once a month.... he and his team had to inspect all fire alarm systems within all commercial buildings in Baymard.


With all this said, he had been given a 3 year outline of all courses that he would be taking if he wanted to graduate properly.

Be it how to use a medical responder, chemistry, or how to rescue people from a heavy water current.

He had to learn it all.... both practical and theory.


But for him, apart from the thrill of the job..... the most rewarding part of the job, was also the main reason why he worked so hard in graduating.

Saving lives made him feel very accomplished, and proud to do his job daily.

It made him feel like a hero!!


And in a nutshell, this was his life as a Baymardian firefighter.


--Zeenah Coastal City, Arcadina--


On the musty harbor, several men could be seen blending in with the crowd.... and currently making their way into the city on horseback.

Landon looked at the road before him and smiled.

He had finally arrived!