7:00 A.M

'Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!'

The alarm clock went off, and Levi quickly rose to his feet.


Levi was a fireman in training.

He had arrived at Baymard during July, alongside those other slaves and knights that came from Nopline's Carona camps.

And so far, he was truly like his time here!


How could he not?

2 years ago, he and his entire family had been thrown into that never ending nightmare of slavery.

He was just 13 at the time.

Their parents were killed while trying to protect them.

And he, along with his 7 year old brother, his 10 year old sister, and his 16 year old sister... had been taken forcefully by Nopline's men.


While in captivity, he had prayed to the goddess Serena for his and his family's rescue....  and finally, she had heard his cries.

Yes, as a person from Deiferus.... Goddess Serena was the one who created the stars, the moon, the land, and life itself.

Hence he worshipped and prayed steadfastly to her.


For the past 2 years, not a day would go by without him praying to her.

And now, he and his family were free.

It was just too unfortunate, that his youngest sister had died just 3 months after entering those underground sex camps.

He felt pain and anger, as his older sister retold what she went through.

It took him an entire month to finally let go of his pain.....  with the help of the church here.


At first, he didn't go to church, as he knew that he didn't believe in Arcadina's ancestors.

But when he finally did, he was so shocked at how healing the experience was.

In a way, it was like therapy.


The church rarely even mentioned the ancestors, but mostly gave parables, and moral stories... that gave the people a sense of justice, love, freedom and purpose.

It spoke of the heavens, which everyone could relate to, as well as someplace called HELL where all bad people go to.

And more importantly, it never really focused on which God or belief was better.

So everyone felt like they could relate with the church.


The stories from the Baymardian bible here, were so touching that even he had secretly cried once in church.

This whole experience gave him time to heal his heart..... and hope that his younger sister and his parents had indeed gone to heaven.

Now, his heart was at peace, and he had thoroughly accepted Baymard as his new home.


Who wouldn't?

The food, the people, the pay, the work... in short, everything was a dream come true to peasants and people who used to be slaves.


In his heart, he would always say a short prayer for Landon.

He couldn't give diamonds and gold to him.... but he could give his solemn prayer and loyalty to the king.

'May you remain blessed and live long, My king'



'Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!'

\"Bro, wake up!

You're going to be late!\"

As the first to usually wake up, his new found friends had always tasked him with waking them up as well.

Because very quickly, they had realised that even when their alarm clocks rang.... they would always end up snoozing it for another 5 minutes or so.

Oh, trust them.

They had gone very late to class because of that damn snooze option.

So now, Levi was their new alarm clock.


\"Hmm?..... I'm up.... I'm up!\" Said several whispery voices.

Levi didn't stop banging their rooms until they opened up.

Every one soon cleaned up and headed towards the cafeteria.

Breakfast was from 7:30 to 8:45 A.M.

So if they missed it.... that was it!

They would have to buy wrapped up food and snacks like sandwiches and cupcakes.... from all the small cafeterias within the non-residential buildings.


\"Bro... what's your schedule like today?\" Asked Dex.

\"I have classes till 3:30 P.M.... and after that, I have a 6 hour shift at the Alchemy industry.\" Levi replied while eating his bowl of ice cream.

Don't judge him!

He loved it too much, and they happened to have several flavors of them here at the residential meal hall.

(*Levi: all of you are just haters... Hmmp!!)


\"Me too!... I have classes now, and an overnight shift later.\"

\"Nope!... not for me, I just have classes today.\"


After eating, they quickly hurried along to their classes.

Levi looked at his watch and sighed from relief.

He had made it on time for his first class.

Confined Space Rescue 2!!


Confined space rescues had 2 classes: The first class taught theory... and the second one (this one), was for practicals.

Very quickly, he wore his red and yellow-striped safety wear.... as well as his helmet, safety goggles, and gloves, and quickly joined the gathering crowd before him.


\"Today, you'll be saving 2 workers who are trapped within a confined space.

Specifically, the workers were working on some sewage pipes underground.... and an accident occurred.

There was a gas leakage....  and Hydrogen Sulfide from the decaying sewage, quickly knocked those workers out.

As you all know from your other classes.... low concentrations of Hydrogen Sulfide aren't particularly harmful to humans.

But if the concentration this too high... who can tell me what would happen?\" The lecturer asked.


Instantly, several hands were raised up at once.

\"Yes... Vivian!\"

\"Sir, if the Hydrogen Sulphide concentration were too high.... then it will displace oxygen in the air.

And from that, the victim could have vision problems, respiratory paralysis, black out, nauseate, seizures, tremors... and most of all, they would struggle to breathe and later die.

Without oxygen around, we humans cannot survive sir.\"


Good!... it looks like you all are indeed paying attention during your other lessons.

So, how fast can high concentrations kill its victims?...

Yes... claire!\"

\"Sir, within 1 to 4 hours of exposure.\"

\"Hmhm..... and who can tell me what code name alert is reported to us when there is a high concentration of Hydrogen sulfide gas?\" The lecturer asked.

Again, several hands were raised up at once.


Code names were a must in all institutions.

Even the hospitals had them.

Code red was for fires and explosions, code white is for evacuation, yellow for hazardous spills, silver for an active shooter and so on.

It typically aided the workers in identifying whether there was a terrorist, severe weather or something.


\"Yes Levi!!\"

\"Sir, for high concentrations of Hydrogen Sulfide... that will be Code G-HS3.

G for 'Gases'....  HS for Hydrogen Sulfide, and 3 for it's toxicity level.\"


The lecturer asked several other questions, and once they were done..... he quickly placed them in groups of 8, and led them to the simulation building.

\"Alright!... all teams should get suited up and ready to go when we call.\"


Presently, the students were all standing outside the massive simulation complex.

It was extremely wide, and was 4 stories tall as well.

Within this building, only 4 rooms on the first floor had chairs, couches or any furniture. For that matter.

In short, the building was just like a giant hamster playhouse.... with several tunnels, holes, pipes and so on.

All 4 stories were designed to aid in simulating real life experiences.


For example, one might have to drop down 4 stories tall from a burning building.

So within the complex, there was a massive empty region from the 4th to the 1st floor....where the students could jump off from, at each level, with their harnesses of course.


Of course for safety, several aces doors had been stationed within each stimulation course within the building.

This way, one could only come here with a lecturer and never alone... lest they fall 3 feet down without any safety gear on.

Anyway, today... they would be doing their simulation on the West wing of the 1st to 3rd floor.


This Wing had several massive 3 meter pipes that was connected to one another.... and extended all the way up to the 3rd floor.

Sometimes, the pipes would spiral in a loop... and other times, the pipes would be straight.

These pipes had different sizes as well.


Some were 2 meter pipes, others were 1 meter piles and so on.

And in addition to the pipes, there were several large tanks, drums and small shipping containers around as well.

In short, this whole room was for underground confinement space rescues.


The rescue simulation began, and several teams went forward one at a time.

And soon, it was Levi's turn too.


\"Team 8, Your up!\"