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 --Profus City, Arcadina--


\"You Fools!

You idiots!

You... you.....Ahhhh!!!!\"

'Pah pah pah pah!'

A series of thunderous slaps, could be heard raining on their poor victims from outside a massive closed door.

And within the room, 3 men could be seen kneeling before their master pitifully.


Their faces had been smacked so hard, that one could see several palm imprints on them.... as well as small trails of blood here and there.

One had to know that their master liked to wear a ton of golden rings... so for sure, their faces had all swelled up as if they were infected with some unknown virus.


\"You imbeciles!

I gave you all one simple job.... Find Shannon or the person who killed him.

But what did you do, you went about lazying around!!

If not for those 3 knight Capatains who informed me on their way back to the capital...  how would I have known that Shannon was dead?\"

'Pah pah! pah! pah! pah!'



Brain Cain was furious.

Do you know how long he had been waiting for news on Shannon?

It's been over a year now for crying out loud!

If he had known that Shannon had died earlier, wouldn't he have made his moves to conquer the entire western region already?



Just like Shannon..... he too wanted to divide Arcadina, by splitting the western region away from rest.

That was exactly why Shannon was his nemesis.... because both of them were too alike.


They had been fighting secretly for more than 13 years now.

And for him to find out about his nemesis death through Alec's people..... meant that Alec would definitely keep an eye on him.


He wasn't stupid!

With the death of Shannon, there weren't too many people who would be ballsy enough to go against him within this region... and Alec knew this!!

If his guess was right, then Alec would soon send him a letter.

And even though he didn't know what would be written there, he knew that it wouldn't be too good for him.


For one, Alec might send an even stronger power to help that useless City lord rule the city.

And since that person would be Alec's spy, that would mean that he wouldn't be able to do most of his activities anymore.


One had to know that Cain was the law within this Profus city... as well as the law within all neighbouring villages and towns.

There was a young 24 year old city lord, who took after his late father's duty.

But what could he do against Cain?


It was because this assumption, that Cain had left the boy to live after secretly killing the boy's father.

He felt like the boy was an insect that could never be used against him.

But if Alec wanted to give a helping hand to that boy, then for sure... his power within the city would diminish thoroughly.


After all.... Cain had been taking 60% of the boys monthly salary sent by tAlec.

As well as controlling most of the city lord's army here.

All this could still be charged under the crime of deceiving the king..... since he had told Alec on countless occasions that he didn't control more than what he shouldn't.

Lying about growing an army on it's own was too suspicious.


And now, if Alec's officials (spies) came to stay permanently... wouldn't he be charged, stripped from his powers, exiled or executed?

There was so much to consider here.

And to make matters worse, he wasn't prepared for such news at all!


All this time, he too had assumed that Shannon was in hiding.

So even at this moment, it was still too unbelievable to him.

This was his arch enemy he was talking about, so how could he be dead just like that?

Damn!!.... this was bad.


The reason why he left Shannon and him alive for so long, was so that they could fight with each other and keep the balance of power even.

But now, with him being the victor.... how could Alec allow him win just like that?


Make no mistakes, even when he fought with Shannon.... both of them were careful enough to not kill each other yet.

To put it simply, they just wanted to cripple or Assimilate each other's forces.

In short..... so far as Alec was still alive, it would be stupid for them to kill each other.


At the start of their careers, they had thought about working together to put Alec down.

But they were too distrustful towards each other.

What if one of them betrayed the other?


One could say that Cain hated Shannon more than he hated Alec... and Shannon knew this.

Hence their only choice was for them to go back to the drawing board.

Assimilate or cripple each other.


But with Shannon dead now.... Cain knew that as of now, his peaceful life would suddenly become chaotic.

He balled his fists in anger, as he cursed the son of a b**ch.

'Shannon you bastard!!

Even in death, you still found a way to drag him down.


As he looked at the men kneeling before him, he felt like beating them to death.

Had they found out that Shannon died before the king did.... wouldn't he have already conquered a massive chunk of the western region by now?

By then.... wouldn't he be prepared for any sudden attacks from Alec?

It was all their fault!


'Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!'

Shannon had soon turned his slaps into fierce punches.

\"Do you know how much trouble you've put me in?\"

You worthless dogs!\"


Anyone's face who he didn't like, he would punch.

Cain was just punching in any direction.


As he began his WBA career, the men tried their best to hold in their screams.

Their lower jaw, cheeks, and entire face.... had suddenly turned into punching bags

He had broken one's nose, as well as made one's tooth fly out too.

Right now.....  these people looked like Alec and Shannon to Cain.



30 minutes later, the men had all fainted.

\"All of you there!!

Drag these baffoons out Now!\" Cain said, as he pointed at all the guards standing around his audience room.

\"Yes my lord!!\"


The guards worked fast, and very soon..... only 3 people were now left within the room.


Now that Cain had vented all his anger out, his mind quickly went to work again.

\"Woxan!... Zeditus!'

\"You called my lord!\"

\"I have new assignments for you.\"