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 \"Warrant officer Grey Millie!\"

\"Present sir!\"

\"Private Blake Glover!\"

\"Present sir!\"


As the soldier's names were being called out, they quickly boarded their ships accordingly.

And while that was going on, Landon went towards another group of men.


Standing before him, were 16 other soldiers.

These men were his new spies for the next upcoming missions.

In essence, Landon wanted to send them to the other empires.

Specifically, he wanted to send them into the cities where those other camps were.


Like Landon had said, Nopline had: 9 bases in Terique, 5 in Arcadina, 7 in Deiferus, 4 in Yodan, & 3 in Carona.

So in total, there were 28 bases.... and the system had only required him to assimilate at least 60% of them.

Hence, Landon chose to leave Terique out of this.


One should know that Terique was Nopline's real headquarters..... and Nopline had 9 training camps, as well as 9 underground slave camps there as well.

The place was his sanctuary.

It was like infiltrating the 'Marine Headquarters' in 'One Piece'.

Sure, Luffy did it... but sometimes, moves like that would lead to a colossal loss.

And other times, nothing would change (Ace's death in One Piece.)


Ohh!..... Landon had seen these camps from the system's monitors, and they were like fortresses on their own.

This alone, showed how firmly rooted Nopline was, within Terique.

In short.... Landon's men weren't prepared to take on such a heavy feat with just tiny groups.


If Landon were to attack Terique...  then he would send at least 5000 to 7000 men towards each camp, and not a measly 800.

Yes... EACH camp!!

In future if he wanted to uproot Nolpine completely, he would need to take out at least 50% of his entire army to do so.

One could never be too careful when dealing with such a powerful man.


And worst of all, such men normally have their alliances and backup armies.

Like Nopline's sister, who was currently controlling the entire Teriquen Army

Landon had looked into the situation there, and was thoroughly stunned.

That woman poisoned her husband, placed her son on the throne..... and even controlled everything in Terique.

So how could he think of sending his men there now?

There was nothing more he could say, Terique was out!!


So with the exception of that empire, Landon realised that if he focused on the rest... then he would've successfully secured 64% of Nopline's forces within those training camps.

Which was a passing grade, and that was more than enough for now.


And while these spies were there, they would gather information and wait for the soldiers to arrive... before joining in and attacking the camps.

As for how both groups would meet up with each other, Landon had come up with a simple solution.


Basically.... from the maps he had provided, he had circled one spot within everyone's map.

And it was a public area... specifically, it was a bar.

The bar was borderline average, as it wasn't overly popular as compared to other bars.... and at the same time, it wasn't unpopular either.

It wasn't great, it wasn't bad or terrible either.... it was just alright!


Plus staying in a bar was also a great way for them to collect information and know who was new in town..... so of course it was a must.

During spy missions, when trying to meet up with comrades.... sometimes, hiding in plain site was the most effective method of all, compared to sneaking around in the bushes.


The plan was simple!

When these spies reached their targeted cities... they were to get jobs and go to these bars daily to drink.

And them staying in there ....  was so as that the soldiers who came in future, could contact them easily.

For now, the spies could visit those bars once or twice a week... since Landon was sure that the soldiers who were supposed to fight, wouldn't arrive in those empires anytime soon.


So the spies could go to the bars less than often during this time frame.

But from February, please!... they had to be there every evening at 9 P.M.

Well..... even February was a bit early as too.


One had to know that some of those places, took 3 to 5 months to sail from Baymard to their targeted Coastal ports.

Not to talk of riding from those seaside cities and moving towards their final destination.

By the time some of the spies settled down, it would definitely be around December.

And for other, it could be November.


By then, Landon and some of the squads should've already been back from their own missions as well.

And if they set sail again... they might probably arrive in these empires in late winter or early spring.

So February was a little too early for those spies to expect them.

But even still, they were required to go to the bars frequently and keep a look out on things.


Ahh..... Safety, time and distance was the biggest issue here!

Landon could've sent more men to the other empires.

But it wasn't smart to send out many of his forces all at once.

This mission needed to be finished in 1 and a half years..... so Landon would definitely take his time in doing so, while considering the safety of his men of course.


Anyway, while at the bar...  the spies were obligated to spend at least 2 hours daily (9-11 P.M).

These were medieval times..... Meat and booze go hand in hand.

So all drinking spots offered food, hence if they didn't want to drink..... they could just eat instead.

Anything to pass the time in those bars.

And when the soldiers arrived, one or two of them would come into the pub in disguise.


These soldiers would then drink a little, and also pretend to be drunk.

And after a few minutes, they would yell out one or 2 secret words out... so that the spies would know that they were here.

Needless to say, the rest would be history.


As for how they would get to all these empires, Landon had requested for one ship to carry all of them... and drop them off at one neutral location and return back.

From there, even if they have to get on another ship or ride through several plains on horseback...  these spies would have to do that on their own.

For this trip, the army has given them enough money to take care of all their needs.

So hopefully, they don't get robbed.


\"Alright..... it's almost time for you all to board.

There are 16 of you going to the empires Yodan and Deiferus.

Even though your missions are very important for the success of the upcoming missions.... nothing is more important than your lives.

If you feel like you have to abort the mission, do it and flee!

After that, send us a letter immediately.

Even if the letter takes 5 months or even 6 months to get to us.... make sure that you alert us of your situation.

Am I clear!!\"

\"Yes your majesty!!\"

\"Good!.... you may board now!\"



Time passed by swiftly, and very soon..... the ships were all boarded, and ready to set sail out into the open waters.

The soldiers all felt very thrilled, as for most of them..... this would be their first mission ever.

They felt pumped and exhilarated, as their hearts pounded loudly from sheer delight.

How exciting!!