Everyone froze, as they saw more than 50 different cars all displayed before them.

Their jaws dropped, and their eyes twinkled in awe.

And for a moment, they had almost forgotten to breathe.


\"Welcome dear guests\"

\"Ah!.... y.. yes welcome to you too.\"

\"Welcome too\"


It took them a minute, before they had finally come back to their senses.

What kind of response was that?

How embarrassing!

The staff worker smiled widely, as she handed them brochures.... which listed down the names of all the cars out on display today.


Looking up, they immediately saw several signboards on the walls.




Instantly.... everyone's eyes beamed, as they looked at the first type of cars.



One should know that ever since they got here, they had been seeing buses, police cars and so on.... and had also been damn curious about driving them as well.

And to make matters worse, all of them had tried go-kart racing before..... even Carmelo and the rest of the men and guards.


To be honest, the feeling was something that was ridiculously hard to describe.

And now looking at the cars before them, how could they not be delighted?


Within that split second of coming face to face with the massive collection cars, their bodies and brains felt like it had been completely electrified with excitement.


\"Good Heavens!!.... what sort of car is this?\" Baton Hamilton exclaimed animatedly.

He was bouncing and jumping around the car, like  a kid dancing around a Christmas tree.

[Jeep Wrangler Trey-1]

Damn!... he had to get this car!


The Wrangler' grayish black color, coupled with its strong striking features.... quickly made Hamilton feel like this car could take on anything.

In short, he thought that if he pushed it over a cliff.... it would still survive unscathed.

(**Baron, please don't do it.)


Funny enough, he thought that it was very similar to the camouflage army cars that he had been seeing around.

And he wasn't wrong... because they were the exact same thing.

Just green camouflage for the soldiers.


The Jeep Wrangler Is excellent for rocky paths, Saharas, and other harsh terrains.

This was a vehicle made for off-road and sporty activities.

And looking at its rugged features, Hamiltin felt like the car would always be ready for action.

'Where do I sign up for driving lessons?'


While Hamilton was literally drooling over the Jeep, the women on the other hand.... immediately fell in love with the pink Range Rover that they had seen.

There were 3 shades of pink available.

And in some of them, the inside of the car was also pink as well.... while in the other shades, the inside was just black.


Duchess Mina (Carmelo's sister), Duchess Megara (Carmelo's 1st wife), Duchess Othena (Carmelo's 2nd wife) and Santa's 3 sisters... immediately turned to their husbands at once.

\"Dear.... isn't this the most amazing car of them all?\"

\"Dear.... I want this one.\"

\"Honey.... wouldn't this be a nice family car for us?\"



The men all felt headaches coming along, as they listened to their wives.

They wouldn't be caught dead in those cars.

\"Erm... why don't you both try getting the black, white or even blue ones behind you?\" Carmelo asked helplessly.

\"No!!.. those ones are too ugly\" replied Megara stubbornly.

\"Exactly!... they're ugly.\" Othena added, while pouting.

\"But they're the same kind!

The only difference is their color, so why don't you change it?

After all... it's only a color.\"

\"Well... since you put it like that, it's indeed only a color.

So the pink stays!!\"

\"And besides, what do you have against pink?\"

What did the color ever do to you?\"



Carmelo shook his head wryly, as he looked at his cute wives.

What happened to his always supportive team of wives.

Why were they acting like 5 year old kids.

He had to admit, it did find them cute.... but could they not be so unreasonable?

Sigh... Forget it!

Let them be happy.

Carmelo gave up trying to talk sense into his wives, and the same could be said for the other men.



After coaxing the women.... the entire gang quickly stumbled upon the longest vehicles in the room.

What were these?

And why did they all look so fancy?

[Ford Mark-50 (Limousines)]


This entire time through their viewing..... they had been listening to the staff talk about the cars before them.

In front of each car model type, one would find at least one staff member currently standing there.


So for example, even though there were 11 different colored Range Rovers (pink, green, etc)... there would only be 1-2 staffs besides those cars, as they all represented one model only (Range Rover LindX-1).

And seeing the staff before them, everyone quickly rushed up to the worker with tons of questions.


\"Miss..... is this still a car?\"

\"Why is it longer than the rest?\"

\"Can it curve on the roads?\"

\"Can one cook inside it?\"


Very calmly, the worker swiftly answered them.

And after understanding more about the car, they quickly realised that this car was meant for Luxury.


\"Can we take a look inside?\"

\"Of course you may.\"

With the other cars, they were okay peeking into them..... as those ones were just regular looking.

But this one was a different matter altogether.

It was so long and classy, that they didn't know if they were supposed to look into it or not.

In short, even touching the car felt like they were touching gold.


Everyone poked their heads through the car doors, and were immediately taken aback.

\"Mummy!... there's a tiny house inside\"

\"Look! Look!.... it has cabinets as well.\"

\"You're talking about that? What about the lights and the mirror there?\"

\"Ahh!... and look, the floor is carpeted as well!\"

\"How fancy!!\"

This was definitely Luxurious.


After admiring the SUVs for a while, they quickly went towards the other car types as well.

They saw pick-up trucks, which the men fell in love with again..... as well as sedans, hatchbacks, coupes and vans.


All through their entire car viewing journey, they had been surprised, thrilled, excited and motivated.

All of them left the place with one thought in mind.... and that was to get their driver's license.


Landon on the other hand, had already gone to the car show ages before Carmelo and his gang.

Of course by the end of his own trip down there, Lucy and Grace had gotten pink & pale green Range Rovers, Mother Kim had gotten a cute purple coupe.... and mother Winnie had gotten an orange pick-up truck.


Landon smiled a little, as he thought about the people's exuberant expressions when he went to the Car company earlier today.

One could say that this whole show was an absolute success!

And now, with the whole thing over..... it was finally time for him to leave.