In the blinding rays of the sun's woven brilliance, the birds chirped, the bees buzzed..... and the people walked around merrily, as the hot summer wind gently caressed their cheeks.

What a Fine Day!!



On this marvelous day..... a large crowd of overly excited people could be seen making their way towards 'Baymard's Car Sales & Rental Company'.


\"Hurry hurry!

If we're late, then we won't get the Chevrolet BY-2 Volt \"

\"Do you think that's the only car they have there?\"

\"Since we haven't seen any other one yet, then I think that should be the only one!\"

\"Ahhh!.... I cant wait to drive mine to work!!\"


Nahh!.... I want to carry my fiance in it!!\"

\"Me too!!\"

\"Me too!\"



Presently, except for those who made the cars.... most of the Baymardians only knew about 1 type and model of car.

The Chevrolet BY-2 Volt, which is a Hatchback car type.

Sure, they had seen the military cars, police cars... and so on.

But those ones weren't civilian cars.... or so they thought.


One should know that most of them had been learning how to drive for over a year now.

Of course they had started learning how to drive the trucks.

But when the car manufacturing company got created..... they had begun practicing with ordinary cars.


Well, Landon had given the Car testing company hundreds of the same car.... for the people to practice with.

The car was all plastered and covered up by driving test logos, and several words that showed that the car belonged to the company.

Hence the beauty of the car was completely covered up.


In fact, if they saw the same car type and brand in the stores.... they would be shocked and doubtful.

Typically.... most company cars usually got painted on, so that people would know what company they belonged to.

That was part of advertisement.


The same could be said for police cars..... those cars were ordinary Chevrolet Impalas, which regular citizens could drive.

But when painted and plastered on with logos and so on, it becomes government property... basically.


Bottom line, the people only thought that the car show would have just that car.

But today, they would soon realize how wrong they were.... because Landon had indeed provided variety.


For car types, Landon had decided to make 6 types.... and each type would have at least 3 different car models within them.


[List of cars

•Pick-up Trucks:

▪Toyota KimLuc  BY-1

▪GarMic Ford Ranger 100

▪Nissan TimWell Frontier X-3

•Coupe ( type of car with no back door.... one has to use front door to get to the back seat):

▪Mercedes Momo C2

▪BMW LyoRis F-1

▪Ford Wiggins Mustang A-1

•Sedan (best example would be the police cars):

▪Honda Cervic 1025

▪BY-Lan 1 Chevrolet Impala

▪Honda Accord Lan-1

▪Lincoln Hydo Limousine


▪Jeep Wrangler Trey-1 (usually used for military or outdoors)

▪Range Rover LindX-1

▪Ford Explorer 1025

▪Ford Mark-50 (Limousine)


▪BY-2 Chevrolet Volt

▪Toyotal Prius 1025

▪Nissan Soph Sonic



▪Ford Transit W2 (car driven Vans, for small deliveries businesses like florists and so on.)

▪4x4 Grace-100 (usually looks like ambulance vans)

▪Box Beri-X1 (looks like parcel mail vans)

▪Platform Khi (looks like large moving Van's like U-Hauls)

▪Toyota Vianna 1025 (Minivan)

▪Dodge Grand Caravan (Minivan)

That was it!]


Looking at the long list, Landon felt like he had successfully provided the people with a large range of options to choose from.

Be it family people, single folks... everything was provided for them.

There were minivans, 2 seater cars, ordinary cars... and even limousines.

Sure, the list was missing hundreds of cars.... but for now, that'll have to do.


As for commercial Vans like those used for moving, each type had different sizes as well.

From 12 feet to 24 feet long Vans, that were either high roof or low roof ones.

And the same could be said for the limousines.

Those ones ranged from 30 feet long to 40 feet long..... and would be used by hotels, other V.I.P services, future Prom activities, and for sure, the Royal family.


And just to add to the variety matter.... he had also worked with a large color shape as well.

Some cars only provided 4 main color shades... while others provided 11.

He had ranged them from black, white, red, pink, purple, grey/silver, green, blue, yellow, orange and brown.

And within each color pallet, one could find light shades as well... light pale blue or deep dark blue.

In short, variety was not an issue for now.


When looking at the names of the cars  Landon had kept the original names from earth..... as well as added names of the people as well.

I'm truth, he didn't want to forget about earth..... and doing these little things kept him happy, as well as reminded him of his purpose here.


As for the prices, some of the cars costed 4500 BAYS... while others aimed at 20,000 BAYS.

And of course, Landon had come up with car payment plans as well.

Some people could pay in installment for 5 years, or pay up front right now.... depending what car they wanted.

And added to that, they also had the option of getting car insurance and so on.

It was all up to them.


These car plans would take into account everything.

From payment extensions, car changes, switches and so on.

Landon hoped that by the end of the day..... everyone would leave happily after purchasing their cars.


As for driving the cars, since the system had permitted treaty-signed nations to drive within Baymard.... they would also have to take driving lessons before they could purchase any vehicles.

As for the rest of the world..... Sorry, they would just have to take the public transport.



The crowd was buzzing, as the people moved like packed sardines.

Carmelo and his gang had quickly joined the merry crowd, after leaving the bus stop.

Of course Adrian didn't come with them, as he was still recuperating at the hospital.


Everyone held hands, as they didn't want to get separated in this sea of madness.

And very quickly, the gang soon arrived at the front of the massive company.

Oh It was HUGE!!

It looked like the first floor of a mall.... and had the parking lot of one too.

Well, this was the only car rental & sales company here.... so Landon was sure as hell going to build it large.


'Dum! Dum! Dum! Dum!'

As they walked closer, their steps seemed to have unintentionally increased... as they reached the massive front door before them.


'Welcome dear guests!'